40 Comments on This NFL player is suspended for betting on league games

  1. Here’s my problem with this. I’m willing to bet players have friends place bets for them and give the person a cut of the winnings.

    • @General Sanders you clearly don’t understand the history of gambling in sports. And yes a trusted friend wouldn’t blackmail when they can profit off the bets you place and place their own beats. Look into the nba ref who did time. The nba shows refs tapes from previous games to show them the fools they missed so they can make sure they call them on the next game and extend the playoffs. That mob guy who wrote a book had a bunch of refs on his payroll. The players would even say to the refs how long is this going to continue and the ref and player would smirk. Only a fucktard would willing know refs were placing bets and the nba was doing illegal things to extend playoffs to generate more money for the nba. It amazes me how foolish you people are. You can’t really be this dumb, i hope your trolling. If not research before you speak because professional sports has a long history of players and refs betting on games. This is common knowledge, well i guess not. Are you millennials?

  2. *”Integrity of the game” translation; NFL needs people to feel they are gambling in good faith.*
    The injury report isn’t for anyone but Vegas.

    • Did not mafia rigged the 1919 season of baseball in USA ? The integrity of all sports was over after that .
      If player aint betting on the games of team they playing for , i dont actually see any problem , but if its in their contract thats different matter .
      Then again there are college players that have been suspended for life in USA , just by accepting help from a major sponsor of NFL , that makes no sense .

    • That is exactly what I was going to say, Pete was white, this clown is a negro thus a permanent ban would have been immediately claimed as racist and the virtue signal kneeling will get worse in future games.

  3. If you’ve ever watched the NFL, NBA and MLB it’s obvious some fixing goes on. Whether it’s corrupt officials or players. Many have been caught and many more will also. Greed is greed

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  4. Lifetime ban is really the only solution for the dying nfl to keep some of what little cred they have left. Poor penalty calls are deciding games. Imo

  5. They shouldn’t let him play a game again. It puts the whole integrity to the game
    And fans already think most games are not even decided on the players

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