1. @Jonathan morrison Because it would be illegally modifying a firearm. Fully automatic firearms are illegal in the US

  1. Modifying a firearm to be fully automatic is a felony. State law cannot supercede federal law. So while I understand and share in the concern. What is the point in making an illegal item illegal?

    1. To answer your question, some states have laws that forbid local law enforcement from cooperating with the federal government on certain issues, and firearms laws is the most common example, I think. I’m not sure, but TX may well be one of those states that aims to protect the 2A right of their citizens by prohibiting cooperation with the ATF.

    2. @der Jakob misinterpreting the bill of rights to match what you want to believe does a pretty good job of superseding it

    3. Because by making the illegal item illegal that adds an extra charge to your gun.. So instead of you doing 2 years, first ooffense only, on a gun charge that you illegally possessed you will now do 10, becsuse of the plastic, so thats why they do this..

  2. 😦😦What do you need with this though, for real. Like we dont live in a damn war zone. As a service member,what the hell does civilians need with something that turns your hand weapon into a damn machine gun. My condolences to the family of the fallen officer. Sad as hell. I don’t understand man.

    1. @Steve Stoll FOPA makes any machine gun manufactured after 1986 illegal (unless your a gunsmith or a FFL). The NFA is irrelevant in these cases.

    2. @Walt Duncan not even pointing out manufacturing, simply being in possession of one without a tax stamp is a crime.

  3. Selector switch… I did a function test on a range 20 years back on a C7 rifle.. wasn’t working properly. Called over the range master.. he had a look.. determined someone removed the selector switch.. big deal.. big investigation..

  4. Kinda absurd what the YouTube algorithm will and won’t let you upload. I guess making guns into machine guns just made the cut huh?

  5. Progress has equal potential for good and evil. The smarter we get, the more dangerous we are. Not could be, but are.

  6. Essentially every type of gun requires a different auto-sear. It’s not some universal thing that someone can just stuff into any gun. It’s like saying “tires can be used on any car” but you probably aren’t going to use the same tires on a Hummer and a Smart car.

    1. @Jonathan morrison Hey Friend, this will be a non-stop argument for alot of people that either don’t truly understand what specific gun laws are in DIFFERENT states or are just completely ignorant when it comes to guns, especially when they use the word ” Machine Gun ” and have no clue what that even means. I’m exhausted trying to explain to people that here in Utah, you can literally and LEGALLY own a M2 Browning .50 Cal. Just saw another one being sold at my LGS.. I wouldn’t exhaust yourself in trying to educate these types of people that are just not having any type of conversation about gun(s). Stay Safe and Stay Sane out there guys!

    2. @Strange Deranged Agreed brother. I was confused about people using the word machincegun as if it were one word or a specific rifle. I am not sure they know without Google. But you sparked my memory on 50 cals. Shot them in joint session with R.O.K. soldiers and Brit S.A.S. I was just plain infantry ground. pounder. I learned a lot from ROK SAS. R.O.K. soldiers showed me how it works on the D.M.Z. Those cats are bad news man.

    1. @thisguy41487 “negative. “.

      Look at you, trying to sound all military on the internet. Does it get you off?

    2. @TheGhostOf SleepingWarrior No hes absolutely correct there’s lots of firearms that wont-work on. It also is pretty risky. It can cause the slide or barrel to fail. Hopefully the slide.

  7. all it takes to confront a bad guy with a gun, is +400 heavily geared good guys with a gun(s) and 1.5 hrs wait time.
    Can’t argue those facts

    1. As long as you don’t depend on the police with their “officer safety first “. HIGH paying job to hand out traffic tickets and bully people they don’t like.

  8. Aren’t All weapons “Weapons if War” Although I never heard of a automatic pistol being used in Any war. Non that know of at least.

    1. @Walt Duncan for making a full auto, correct? You can make a weapon that isn’t full auto I know.

  9. The news: “criminals have figured out how to make nuclear bombs from Sprite cans”
    Also the news:”here’s a step by step guide on how to do it “

    1. And don’t forget…. “Republicans block bill to make home usage of nuclear weapons a felony”…… lol!

  10. Having your gun running full auto isn’t always a good thing. More chances to have malfunctions. You blow right through your ammo.

    1. uhm,plus anyone ever look at the spring on a glock lol…it’s a plastic guide rod. I wouldn’t trust that for anything in a glock.
      I’m not sure those are built to handle that. I’d be worried about it exploding in my hands/face. just seems sketchy.

    2. ​@Andrew Byron Loveshire Virginia tech shooter used two regular pistols. glock 19 and Walther p22 that were not modified…he killed 33,including himself.

  11. CNN, are you teaching everybody how to make auto-sears? Also, what kind of scare campaign are you going to go on once you realize that grandpa’s 12 gauge shotgun can be made to unload 10 copper-jacketed 9mm (Actually .36 inch, bigger than 9mm) with each trigger pull? (Federal #P158000).

    The problem isn’t the gun, the switch, the caliber, etc. The problem is that there are disenfranchised people in the world that turn to a life of crime and violence because of a cycle of poverty, gang culture, lack of education and opportunity. And the occasional psychopath whose concern is not the gun but rather simply choose to inflict mass suffering whether it is with a gun, a truckload of fertilizer bomb driven into a preschool, or by flying a plane into a international icon.

    You are trying to conflate gang crime and culture with militant right wing ideology in a way that is either deceitful or willfully ignorant. At the same time, we arm institutionally bigoted police departments with the latest military surplus to LARP around and play Rambo as long as they’re oppressing the poor and minorities.

    If Uvalde taught us anything, it’s that you can’t count on police to put their life on the line even with the tactical advantages of better guns, armor, numbers, and odds stacked in their favor. You can’t have a system based around armed protectors securing an unarmed populace against evil when the armed protectors value themselves over their responsibility to protect the populace.

    Stop criminalizing the possession inanimate objects that are (1) protected under the constitution and (2) don’t hurt anybody unless somebody make a decision to act criminally or irresponsibly. Like alcohol, like marijuana, people can be hurt when these things are abused, or used irresponsibly, often with fatal consequences. However, we live in a free country founded upon the notion that you have rights until you act in an unlawful way, and that you are innocent until proven guilty.

    By issuing a blanket ban criminalizing these devices we’ve created a black market where everybody who is seeking and distributing these items are either non-law-abiding or desperate. This is the same as prohibition, the war on drugs, abortion. We are just creating a class of criminals to fill our prisons with victimless offenders. It is already illegal to murder, so the use of a gun or gun accessory in a violent way is already a felony. Locking up people for non-violent possession is thought-crime policing just because you disagree with an other’s ideology.

    We have a second amendment to the constitution, a document whose purpose is to limit the power of the government on behalf of the people, that plainly states that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Don’t let the explanatory clause confuse you, it is the Framers telling you WHY they adopted the amendment, not a limitation on the right. Until elected legislators edit or redact the 2nd amendment, there is no sound legal basis for restriction of the right to keep and bear arms. Not ‘certain arms’, not ‘edged weapons’, not ‘small arms’, not ‘hunting arms’. It states ‘arms’. If you subscribe to the ideology that not all weapons should be kept and wielded by the people, then your discussion needs to be on how to amend the constitution.

  12. Those switches are already highly illegal under Federal Law and carry substantial time for those charges and the ATF loves to go after people in possession of them and Federal Law is what takes precedent when it comes to weapons that fall under the NFA restricted items. Some NFA items like Registered Machine Guns that are Legal under the Federal Law but highly regulated with paperwork and required tax stamps might then be outlawed by certain states so states can restrict a Legal NFA Item but a State restriction on something that is already highly illegal and will always be highly illegal under Federal Law is a waste of time effort and resources

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