1. When my kids were little I told them to to back to bed or they would have to go to school with the older kids. When they were old enough for school they actually wanted to wake up early because going to school was more fun than watching game shows and soap operas with their mom all day.

  2. “It’s driving me husband and me crazy,” not “my husband and I.” You wouldn’t say, “It’s driving I crazy,” would you?

    Jesus, CNN.

  3. If you ‘boostered’ your child with warper speedest this wint b a problem for long 😂👶😂

  4. 7pm to 5am is 10 hours. putting them to bed at 7pm and expecting them to sleep even longer sounds pretty dumb.

    1. Thank you! I came here to say this. Baffling. If you want your kid to sleep until 7 uhhhh try putting them to bed at 9??? The only reason crazy early bedtimes exist I think is so adults can pretend they don’t have kids for several hours every night. Then they complain when their kids get up at the crack of dawn.

    2. I have to agree so far. Bed time for our little one is around 10PM and she is now waking up around 8AM for a morning bottle, then sometimes is up for the day, other days wants to sleep for another couple hours, works great for us!

    3. I’ve raised 7 kids.
      4 girls 3 boys.
      Before they were 5 years old our routine was 7 pm to 7 am.
      When school started it was 8pm to 7am.
      In the 5th grade they stayed up until 8:30 pm.
      Middle School was 9pm.

      Pediatricians will also recommend 10-12 hours of sleep for children.
      No big deal.

  5. I have never had this issue, not even when I worked 3rd shift. Stop following all the rules and think outside the box.

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  7. my kids had a routine of 8-8:30 bedtime; however i was either home or worked 11a-7:30p, so we slept til 9a. i never had problems with this Thank God!!! but dinner, bath, bedtime was very routine. actually most of our daily lives are routine, i think that is key especially with children. when life is scattered & they never know what’s happening when it creates a chaos like the doctor was saying. we adults have stressful lives but if we can try to keep our kids calmer & regular so they know what to expect it really makes a difference. i’m older now, gma of 5 🤦‍♀️ but my girls followed the same pattern with their children & haven’t had issues either. so either we are extremely lucky or routines are key 😊

    1. Agreed. We have 3 boys, aged 8,5, and 2.
      Routines are key to their sleep, moods, and just general efficiency.

  8. Thank the Lord I don’t have kids and I don’t want any either😂 but it is interesting though that they get up this early I thought only babies do that

  9. Never let your kids around ANY CNN employees!!! UGH!! It’s like a work place for those on Megan’s list!

  10. Soooo you putting the kids to bed at 7 and wanting them to sleep to 7 🤦🏿
    People are really expecting their kids to sleep for 12 hours… And to be honest 7 is way to early imo🤷🏾‍♂️

  11. I think the older boy is going to be mortified later in life to see video of him drinking from a baby bottle at his age.
    Also I’m not sure sleeping half of the day (12 hours) is reasonable. At least not in one stretch. That’s why small kids take naps. Neither are infants.
    Also less screen time for small minds helps..starting with family meals.

  12. Needed to see this.
    Going to look at these concepts, i think qlot of us parents deal with the bedtime struggle.

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