This Syrian man was tortured and murdered. His brother wants justice 1

This Syrian man was tortured and murdered. His brother wants justice


Russian mercenaries have been accused of grave human rights abuses that experts say could, in some cases, amount to war crimes. CNN has reported extensively on the alleged atrocities committed in Africa. We now bring you another report, this time from Syria, where the horrific torture and murder of a Syrian man in 2017 allegedly at the hands of Russian mercenaries is now a landmark case: the first ever legal effort to hold Russian Wagner mercenaries accountable for these crimes. The victim's brother spoke exclusively to CNN's Jomana Karadsheh about the tragedy that devastated his family and his dangerous quest for justice.

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    1. @Tapinaldo Trump allowed Russian troops to enter Syria by pulling US out, leaving Kurds to die & Biden just took US troops out of Afghanistan, not Trump.
      You have to do a whole lot of lying to make trump seem good.

  1. Dam this guys are demons,to be happy while doing this kind of evil make me sick literally,this is just too sad

    1. This is what happens to traitors turned terrorist in Syria. In other words a hero for ”wokeism” everywhere.

  2. Bloody horrific to see, trembling with extreme fear and can’t dare to imagine his pain while being hit by the sledge hammer🔨 😢😞

  3. This is heartbreaking, but unfortunately not surprising. This should be brought to justice. But how? The regime is still in power and the Russian perpetrators are backed up. Who knows how many they killed and tortured.
    I’m sorry for the young man and his family

    1. No wonders Sleepy joe loves killing the Innocent’s and waging wars.During Trump’s presidency we never engaged in a war if not for him we would still be sacrificing our soldiers in Afghanistan while Biden would’ve been busy making a good fortune along with his crackhead son hunter selling us out to CHYNA and pumping opioid inside the country!!!!!!!!

    2. That’s one point why Authoritarian regime should never progress. Banish them with Heavy sanctions.

  4. As a mother, I absolutely could not imagine how his parents feel, knowing their child experienced that violent of a death and then to have it recorded for all the world to see. How can humanity be so evil? Prayers to him, his family and to the people who are fighting to bring these murderers to justice.

    1. I would also ask how the parents of the perpetrators feel, to have brought into the world individuals capable of such cruelty? Would they be proud? Horrified? indifferent? Surely one of them would recognize these people as their child.

    2. @Chris Albert I did wonder the same thing. Are they shocked by their child’s behavior…did it make them sick, sad and angry? Or, like you said…do they approve

    1. This is the work of Assad regime in Syria and their Russian backers.. Its sick, A Syrian refugee in Lebanon goes to Syria to visit family but gets forcibly conscripted into the army to get thrown in the front lines tries to leave and gets tortured and killed. evil

    1. Because he’s a traitorous terrorist who murdered his own countrymen. Are you not familiar with the crimes committed by his ISIS comrades?

  5. When someone can torture a other human being like this they do not have a soul. No punishment on earth can be enough, they will burn in hell for eternally! I pray that the brother and the rest of the family will find peace.

    1. Are you speaking out about ending US use of Guantanamo Bay and torturing prisoners there. You should follow Democracy Now too

    2. @Albert Grontand yes America should stop torturing too even if people don’t notice or give them credit for ending torture

  6. I pray that justice is done, the Russians get away with to much, about time countries do more to stop this. R. I. P 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  7. Evil. This is just evil. The most vile and wicked things to do to someone and here it is.
    Before any Russian apologists start the rounds of “what about”, I oppose torture and the death penalty entirely and I do not forgive the atrocities committed by my own government (USA, for those who might speculate).
    I hope every one of these cowards are locked up for the rest of their lives for what they did. They do not deserve to die, they deserve to live with this forever.

    1. Russia blame U.S U.S blames Russia
      why don’t Russia and the U.S. work together to help Syrians by giving humanitarian aid and reduce casualties? they need to stop bullying weaker nations

    2. @mohamed said Because the United States arranges “color revolutions” around the world. And yet, not one country that fell under this “American democratic roller” began to prosper, but fell into the Middle Ages.

    1. New to the conflict? The mercenaries are simply giving him a taste of his own medicine.

  8. God bless his soul. What makes human beings turn into savage animals?? This is totally despicable…

  9. I’ve seen some psychotic things in my lifetime but that one right there took the whole cake for me🤔

  10. Pure freaking evil
    There’s no excuse for this. It freaks me out. My heart goes out to the family.

  11. This would definitely qualify as a war crime. Let’s see if these “men” can be identified by the video.

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