This Trump Loyalist ‘Aimed A Nuclear Weapon’ At U.S. Democracy 1

This Trump Loyalist ‘Aimed A Nuclear Weapon’ At U.S. Democracy


Chris Hayes on Trump’s loyalist at DOJ, Jeffrey Clark: “He was willing to be the trigger man for Donald Trump in his attempt to kill off American democracy in its present form—and that is not hyperbole.”
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    1. @Harboni P Not at all. It’s not because he is white, (or orange), it’s because arresting the former President of the USA is a huge issue. Do we want the next President to second guess his own decisions based on trump being arrested? There is a lot of law to take into consideration, and the after effects that such a move would make on the office of the Presidency. trump belongs in prison, of that there can be no doubt. But it has to be done right. And it has to be done soon. Don’t be shy in writing your representative and giving voice to how you feel. We exercise our democracy or we lose it. Get busy.

    2. @MMShaggy Not at all. But we should have no doubt that he will follow his friend Jeffrey Epstein in prison. (He knows all the good Jeffreys.)

    3. @Stefan Schleps What the heck are you talking about, try forming a complete and clear response, kid, you waste my time. I’ve posted multiple times on this thread, what are you referring to?
      Corruption? Show your evidence or toddle off, proved a fake.Same with Trump.
      We’re sick of your ethically BANKRUPT “guilty until proved innocent” crap.
      You’re laughable now, you’ve lost all credibility after four years and you want to go for FIVE?
      Please do, you’re destroying the Democratic party.

    1. @Bigch1ente3 Rojas There’s NEVER been a case of a rich white person, that has been arrested? I find that hard to believe.

      It’s crazy how most of the people that scream sometimes is ‘racist’, want to throw race into everything.

    2. When you’re trying to arrest somebody you have to make sure you have all your facts straight, obviously the lawyers are going overtime right now just give them a moment be patient

    3. @Sharon Durschlag – *Exactly.*
      *So many* GQP-wing ‘Representatives’ *are* going to be seen *on those Capitol CCTV recordings from the days preceding January 6th* …and *in ‘bigly’ questionable company.* 🤔

  1. Jeff Clark — We need to see a Grand Jury investigation here. One that includes the name: William Barr. NOW, before the next test of our electoral system, OUR democracy.

    1. @firestream93 when a group of people go against everything our country stands for. Attacks it in hopes of stopping the rightfull president from taking office. What would you call that? Wikipedia says this act is treason

    2. @firestream93 Time to overturn times v Sullivan that historic supreme court rulling which allows the press to spread lies and conspiracies about Trump without being sued for defamation.

    3. @firestream93 Treason comes into play only during war time. It can certainly be argued that when the terrorists started fighting with U.S. law enforcement and violently breached the Capitol, they in fact, declared war against the United States. Thus, each one, from Trump on down to the co-conspirator in the shaman costume, committed treason and could be lined up and shot. Make an example of these traitors and it will act as an deterrent to future wannabe dictators.

    4. @Mike McIntyre – 💯%.
      *ALL* the MAGAs *had been instructed TO LEAVE the Capitol building BY police* on January 6th…their *VIOLENT refusals to obey DIRECT ORDERS* made them *ALL criminals* after that.👎🏻

  2. Jeffrey Clarke is the embodiment of Hannah Arendt’s Banality of Evil. A “man” who is and was unnoted, with no original thought of his own, shallow and only concerned to do right in the eyes of the powerfull.

    1. we need to make Stephen Miller face justice.
      Let’s not forget about the evil-doer behind the curtain.

    2. We’ll have Miller before a judge before this is over. I guarantee he played some part in the Insurrection. I love how more 💩 gets revealed daily from that rogue administration. Soooo glad it’s coming out.

    3. @Lazarus Jones Shame all of this is coming out now. Too many people watched and stayed quiet in fear of losing position/career. Disgusting

  3. Clever name “New Civil Liberties Alliance” … kinda like “alternative facts” or “Patriot Act” or “Right to Work” … call it by what it seeks to destroy. Gaslighting 101

    1. Exactly. And why isn’t the Koch Foundation being hauled up, or challenged in some way – so what if they gazillions of dollars!

    1. If these guys had the authoritarian government that they were supporting, they would be facing firing squads not judges. I wish the judges would get tougher on these people. They have had their rehearsal, there will be an opening night.

    2. @Legendarywiteout Rioters should be in jail. Most of BLM are not rioters. Just like most Trump supporters didn’t violently invade out capital. But the Trump rioters who did need to be in jail. Do you see the consistency?

    3. It’s probably good that you’re just a YouTube lawyer, right? Everyone you didn’t like or agree with, would be in prison if you had your way.

    4. @Louise Rose – And, after watching MAGAs *beating Capitol cops* with ballbats, fire extinguishers *and* an American flag-still-attached flagpole on January 6th, we *don’t* want to hear their pseudo-pious ‘Blue Lives Matter’ spiels anymore, either. 😒

    5. @Legendarywiteout : Those PROTESTS were 93% peaceful. The 7% that were rioters weren’t enough for you?
      How many BLM PROTESTERS were beating up Cops? How many Cops are dead as a result of those protests?
      How many of my questions will you answer?

  4. Chris Hayes’ barely contained rage is how I feel about what almost happened. Forget the hamburgers; these people are coming for your democracy and they almost succeeded.

    1. Almost? What reason is there to think it’s over?Trump’s a loser but he’s not a quitter, as has been proven for years!

    2. I’m afraid it will likely be a closer call next time they try, and they’ll probably just keep trying at this point.

    3. @Matt Krauss We’re 6 months into the death cry of this country. Even with ‘Democracy’, it’s clear the far-right will take what they want. This is it. This is the end.

    4. @anime dumpster fire No it is not. We will not allow the Trump Republicans to win not when our Democracy is at stake.

  5. Yes, Chris Hayes, we have definitely been feeling how close this disaster has been. Night after night, it was felt. Thank u for ur Work, & care.

  6. If this man was a Democrat willing to overturn a Republican victory, he would be jailed no later than the day after inauguration. But, Democrats will sleep until they lose power instead of holding thugs like Clark accountable!

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