‘This Was A Concerning Month, I Think December Is Likely To Be Worse’: Jason Furman On Jobs Report 1

‘This Was A Concerning Month, I Think December Is Likely To Be Worse’: Jason Furman On Jobs Report


245,000 jobs were added to the economy in November – the slowest pace of growth yet in the coronavirus recovery. Politico’s Jake Sherman and former Chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisors Jason Furman join Chris Jansing to explain how far away we are from a real economic turnaround. Aired on 12/04/2020.
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‘This Was A Concerning Month, I Think December Is Likely To Be Worse’: Jason Furman On Jobs Report


    1. @Jeff alley Why? But Because Republicans are the one’s who leave recessions & depressions behind going back to Grant’s & Hayes’ “Long Depression” in the 1870s. Hoover gave us the Great depresson. FDR cleaned that up. Reagan left a recession from his trickle down disaster. GHWBs Read My Lips disaster was handed to Bill Clinton who left a balanced budget to GWB who destroyed it with the worst recession in US history by starting a $4B war in Iraq. Then Obama came along and gave us the longest economic growth in US history, saved the auto industry & left a pandemic disaster playbook & Pentagon stockpile of which your buddy DJT sold to China, when we needed it, to save his failed trade deal. He then destroyed our economy with his denial of Covid. So thank God we have an incoming Democratic administration that will, once again, clean up the GOPs mess.

    2. Do you really want our economic situation, for example, to fall into chaos, even worse than it is now? Our World political standing is a joke, many are even less “respectful” than ever, which is a peril to “ALL AMERICANS”. Just a couple examples. Just be real about it. Reeaaally think about your life, and the ones you .

    3. Biggest disgrace in the history of the USA,get your lying,cheating,race baiting, colluding,corrupt worthless scaming carcus outta our White House.

  1. Historians will calculate the hundreds of thousands of deaths that are directly caused by Donald Trump. How many hundreds of thousands is to be determined.

    1. Sarabeth…… That would include the innocent Ukranians who died waiting for vital military aid contingent on fraud.

      As well as the babies (6 that we know about) who died in the cages they were thrown in after being torn from their parent’s arms.

      And there will be many more to add to the Covid19 deaths.

      He’s a murderer.

    2. @Christy Ann Don’t forget all the women given “medical” help that ended up with full hysterectomies or tubes cut etc. by ICE doctors.atrocities. Look up Genocide and connect the dots. It is uglier than I could believe the first time I added it up.

    1. @Jeff alley It’s tRump’s virus now. If everyone were willing to wear a mask, there’s no need to shut down.

  2. There won’t be any stimulus for regular people. 80 million people voted for Biden. The orange dummy will not allow up to $6000 to people who may have voted for someone other than him.

    1. This is him posing to save his position as blocker in chief. This isn’t any kind of adequate help to the people

    1. Yeah, I agree, they should not call any relief at this point “stimulus.” It is now “recovery.” This bill falls short of that also.

  3. 1 in 4 renters with children are not caught up in rent.
    1 in 3 adults had trouble paying household expenses in the last week.
    4 in 10 children living in households having trouble paying rent.
    And these jobs we’re “gaining” are just re-starting jobs we lost this year. We won’t have actual new jobs until 2024 by some estimates.
    We all need to come together to try and curb the corona, or else, the economy will never get any better.

  4. Trump lied as usual. Remember the EO he signed for us to get unemployment and rent differment back in August? Never happened because It’s always been about his reelection since 1/20/17.

  5. trump has done a great job with the unemployment with his family and friends who would hire these people if not him. they are all top notch grifters



    This is the person we need heading up – The United States Justice Department

  7. its great business getting help. but how cant they get any customers if they don’t have money to spend?

  8. Why do they want 2 give Money to 2 Airlines Co. But not 2 Living Live People that don’t have Food and about 2 Lose Shelter.

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