1. @Sandra Stone Oh please you have no idea what is going on in America. Trump wanted to overthrow the government by going to court not physically overthrow the government. You are very delusional I don’t even like Trump I do not like Joe Biden but you seem biased. You’re not even from America are you Trump never gave money to other countries. Joe Biden does he gives millions of dollars to other countries. Where have you been living in a cave? You seem to not know what is going on.

  1. Presidents who dominate their Party are more likely to seek to concentrate power, undermine horizontal accountability, and trample the rule of law. Republicans regime obviously crosses the line into treacherous behaviors that We the people should be extremely concerned about. ‬

  2. Funny thing , Putin ran the coup that brought the USSR down.
    So it’s coincidence that Trump tried it.
    They talk of the Soviet Cyber Spying, and Trump follows the internet.
    Interesting 🤔

  3. Was Barr successful at bringing back the firing squad? This seems an appropriate punishment for treason/coup!

    1. If that were the case it would certainly be some sort of irony if Barr himself were the first one lined up.

    2. @James P. Crown They got the electric chair. Traitors who sold us out to the Russians. And they didn’t even attempt to overthrow the government. I’m not even kidding here, it’s still on the books. The idiots who incited that mob on Jan 6th could all swing yet. Why do you think the Oath Keepers flipped so quickly? I’m sure they were made aware by DOJ.

    1. A criminal he certainly is. How many times is Trump going to slip out of the hangman’s noose? Trump needs to be brought to justice and soon.

    2. I’m believing the more they look the bigger it is, and corralling it all is just taking time, don’t want anything slipping out! You know something has got to be coming, and a whole lot of work was already done. It wasn’t until just recently that there was anyone around to take the next steps, hold someone accountable.

    3. @Guy North At this point I’m starting to think they may as well throw together whatever indictment is easiest, get him in prison where he belongs and then keep working… let him spend the rest of his miserable life watching crime after crime exposed. I look forward to the day when Trumpo’s umteenth conviction isn’t even news anymore and just adds another consecutive life sentence.

  4. Would you expect anything different from TRUMP? He’s getting closer to the CHOPPING BLOCK more everyday….🎱

    1. That one portion of English law I’m certain he’s glad we didn’t adopt. Treason => headsman.

  5. The My Pillow Guy showed Trump his list but Trump said “I already tried all this stuff, Mike.” 😦

  6. Get everyone you know registered to vote. And recheck before any election to make sure the all-american republicans haven’t knocked them off the rolls.

    1. You are totally right! America does not play Russian games, and allow sick cults to have there sick, emotional ways!

    2. @Joshua Everett No halfwit Judicial Watch attained statistics and information in court documents showing Biden received 98% of the popular vote, NOW if you weren’t so blinded by irrational Trump hatred you would recognize how that isn’t mathematically possible.

    3. @Guy North says the side that dabbled in Russian conspiracy theories for 4 year lol

    4. @TH; They would be wiped out. It’s Actually America’s fault that the country is in this fix, each off-presidential voting year the non-Republicans do not show up to vote, thus allowing a VERY SMALL minority of Republicans to control the country, usually by obstruction. It is maddening, and every one points fingers but you can’t persuade people to take a few moments and realize what is really important in the bigger picture.

    5. V good advice. Now is the time to prepare, not the day before an election.Especially with GOP legislation making voting more difficult everywhere

    1. @Yvonne Plant yeah he did as matter of fact. Who would the DOJ reporti it too ? The president ?? No…!!! ..maybe congress?

    2. Nixon’s AG did go to prison for a couple of years because of his role in the Watergate breakin and coverup.

    3. This is worse than Watergate. Isn’t it treason? What’s the penalty for treason? Doesn’t trump believe strongly in capital punishment!

    4. @mj333 Barr quit December 23 to give himself a very short period of what he hoped would be plausible deniability. I suspect he will lose that as more info is gathered. If had any morality and wanted to prevent the insurrection at the Capitol, he could certainly could have at least warned members of Congree, both sides, or could have gone public. However, everything I’ve ever “seen” re Barr indicated that he was acting as T’s personal attorney and he has always believed the president should be above the law. He was AG for one of the Bush’s but has never spent time in a courtroom his entire life.

  7. All this because Goul-li-anny, while’s plastered tells Trump “Just say the election was stolen.”

    1. The same strategy was planned for 2016, because he never really expected to win.
      That’s probably why he mistakenly thought Comey was on his side at first.

    2. @Sean Patrick Yes, Roger Stone had “Stop the Steal” ready to go in 2016. It was expected to be a good earner.

    3. Do anything say anything…PHONY fake people wearing $5,000.00 custom suits. While the average person hurts

  8. I always knew he was a zero. Pinnochio in chief reinvented himself as a republican to hide his secrets and for his benefit. And then he wanted to stay because his way of life is living through the others who give money and power. Trump has no empathy no integrity no compétence no respect for the country or the people or the constitution. He just cares about himself

    1. The walls are slowing closing in on him. He might just end up being a guest at Bubba’s big house after all 😜😂

  9. IT WAS NEVER A WITCH HUNT. Trump and his cronies called it ” a witch hunt ” to make it sound harmless and it would go away. They did it wilfully to look as a political hack job by the opposition party.

    1. And Trump set it all up before the Election because he KNEW he was going to lose the Election! Remember he kept saying “IF I lose the election it’s because it’s Rigged. There is no way I’m going to lose!l Guess what, he was right, he lost, but not because it was rigged against him!

  10. Americans, we need to vote like never before. We can’t allow the Snake GOP to continue to deflect and lie for this dangerous lunatic. This man tried to burn it all down because he lost. They all are complicit. Power over the people. Unacceptable.

    1. @Kalifornya Kid i thought the thread was about trump….try to stay on topic, that diversion thing doesnt work here.

    2. @Kalifornya Kid that’s bs and you know it, you are just playing follow the leader but, it’s all good it’s no skin off my nose. By the time we’re done with the orange lunatic if he’s not rooming with Bubba at the big house, at the very least he’ll be trying to market his own tanning lotion called Impeach-Me in his two bedroom apartment using your pocket change 😉 ~enjoy you’re day, I know I will…you may have the last word you are dismissed!

    3. Partisan gerrymandering needs to be prohibited by FEDERAL law THIS YEAR … right away before the Republicans start using it to rig the elections for the next decade until at least the next census.

  11. This proves that Trump knows that his supporters will believe ANYTHING he tells them….

    1. I think it’s worth stating this again and again. Trump’s followers are dwelling daily. They are also dying off from the Covid virus. If the presidential elections were held today, I seriously doubt that Donald Dump would get anywhere near the millions that he did in the 2016 or 2020 election. Oh sure, there are always going to be some die hard people following Ex-president Donald Dump, but the good Republicans are deserting him in droves. As an example, look at this last rally. He couldn’t get more than 5,000 to attend. He use to get 20,000 or more.

    2. It’s worse than that Donald Trump showed the Republican Party their base will believe anything they tell them

    3. The actual owners of the Republican party know with certainty that the masses of their rank and file voters are willfully ignorant — THAT is why they are targeted and their hatreds stroked.

    4. @SMS Many more of Donnie’s supporters would abandon him if the DOJ were to move to indict him. They are all swimming against the tide, and they know it but refuse to admit it.

    5. Why because they are idiots, yes, because they are morons, yes, because the are unneducated, yes, because they are Society misfits, definitely a yes.

  12. No justice until Don the Con, his cronies, his accomplices, and the insurrectionists who support him are held accountable

  13. If it was an attemted coup, then call it attempted coup and not riot or insurrection over and over again WORDS MATTERS !!!!!!!!!

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