1. @svetozar milosevic you have to admit that Putin wouldn’t have attacked the Ukraine if Trump was still president. Putin had the perfect opportunity to do it when the world was in lockdown, but he didn’t. You should’ve voted for Trump. Fact!

    2. @Chaos Djerdje Soros + John McCain + Zbigniev Bzezinski + M Albright + W Cohen + imf (THE IMF) + Michel Camdessus + US trade negotiator Micke Cantor (Gatt WTO ) + senators all of them Warner , Dodd , Lot , Daschle , Hutch , Domenici , etc ….

    3. @Chaos Tennet and all US intel community … Wooley James … Panneta Leo … Gates Bob … Powelll … Rhumsfeld …. Perry …. Rice …. Berger …. all are against Russia because They know Russia is a huge nation Historically ! Russia shrank out Napoleon and Hitler and others …. History Tells us (Istoria est Maguistra Vitae) .

    4. Yes. The World and Putin knew that the US has weak leadership. Putin isn’t stupid. Thanks Joe 🤡👍

  1. Condolences to all the mothers on women day, who lost their loved ones in Ukraine.
    RIP to all those innocent and brave people who lost their lives in Ukraine.

    1. If you want to stabilize the economy, stop the war, then oppose the supply of weapons to Ukraine. You are being painted a picture of a victim. Peace for everyone.

  2. Two things you will never be prepared for are, losing a loved one and war!!! Both are horrific experiences!

    1. @AmericaFirstMaga🇺🇸 ScotuS voided relief sentence for the Tchetchen bombman … is it a “sin” to “cheer” on that news ????

    2. @AmericaFirstMaga🇺🇸 Please make sure that i in my Moscow never lack of water coca cola since yesterday Coke ended its business in Russia i seek exemption for Towarish Miloshevich …. please …

    3. @AmericaFirstMaga🇺🇸 wheter Pepsi (Blue) or Coca – Cola (Classic ) doesn t matter much to me …. though Coca – Cola has a nicer taste in our opinion … more gentlle one … please …. thanks …

  3. “When I look 👀 into Putin’s eyes 👀 I see the KGB.” Senator John McCain/ American Patriot and Hero/R.I.P.

    1. @Ehrgeiz
      Sry Ehrgeiz your Hero is actually a villain in real life.
      Where is that little weasel anyway?

    2. @L!beral Moonbat You do have a redundant name. Did you not just randomly assume I was for him because I mocked your comment? How can one not be?

    1. Sweatie 😓 : Are you from Russia or perhaps from the Balkans because there’s a war Criminal from the Balkans that has your exact same last name “Milosevic.”

    2. @Joe ROGAIN Bitterie! You can either be a Zionist, or uneducated, not to know (or pretend) about who is running Ukraine!
      If you can read, my new report will tell you facts.

  4. I just wanted to get your thoughts on the whole Russia and Ukraine situation…

    “You know, here’s my first thought, I’m not going nowhere to fight. None of these wars for these politicians. I’m staying at home and when the war comes to Arkansas, I will dig my boots in the ground and I will die for everything I love and I will not retreat. If this country is invaded and everybody is saying, well we got to evacuate, we got to leave, I will not. I will dig my boots into Arkansas soil and I will fight for the people that I love, for the land that I love and the way of life that I love, but I’m not going overseas to fight.

    I don’t know what’s going on, to be honest, brother, I really don’t. There’s so much stuff and I don’t think nobody knows what’s going on, fully. There’s been so much political corruption in that area.” – Bryce Mitchell

    1. I’ve been investigating these wars for decades. Please read my new report on Ukraine.
      (CA/CFE/LLB/BSc – auditor, investigator, and fraud detector, since 1996.)

  5. Girl your English is FANTASTIC, don’t be afraid to speak it, our language combined with your accent is beautiful, be proud!

    1. @Bella Apple I was too but I guess she doesn’t realize how many cultures and accents we have here.

  6. “В чем Сила, Брат?”
    “Сила в ПРАВДЕ: у кого правда, тот и Сильней!”

    1. Silla vo Nikithie Sergueyevichie Mihalkovie ! “Dunya Smirnova yesth PLANIETA sa vsemi PRO i KONTRA …” Mihalkov citat 2008

  7. I am very proud of the woman fighting for their people, we had the same in Mexico, they were called the adelitas God bless you woman

    1. If you are fan of reading also, please read my new report on Ukraine to know facts that media hides!

  8. Actually this is a very tough situation is going in Ukraine and Russia. War is all tyme terrible for all others countries..
    So everyone should make a relationship each others..

  9. So much for a young married couple to bare.. At least they are together, and some of their her family. My heart aches for her and all the people there. Knowing Putin, they will forever be refugees as there’s not much to return to.

  10. 8:00 This poor soul, she is doing her best to not break down. Slava Ukraini from Germany with love and peace.

    1. @vamosotracito yeah because people posting on YouTube now we’re around in World War II. What a great display of ignorance by you.

      When did being from Germany mean I am only of German heritage? Again your ignorance.

  11. As a Canadian citizen, who is disabled and living on a fixed income. I can say I am happy, healthy and safe. Thats alot more than the people of Ukraine can say……I’m more than happy to pay increased prices on things if it means stopping Puttin.

    1. Im also disabled but work full time in the UK where lots of disabled people dony get help.
      Ive got relatives in Ukraine. One has a wooden stump like a pirate peg leg on his lower leg from an injury in the afghan war. Ukrainian health care is very bad quality. There will be so many disabled that die in ukraine during this war as they are unable to walk to safety like the able bodied people. The selection of elderly crossing the destroyed bridge is only a small percentage. Ones with major mobility problems are trapped in their homes and bomb shelters.
      Able bodied people never appreciate how much easier it is for them or how vulnerable disabled people are in these physically demanding scenarios. Also many ppl with learning disabilities and anxiety will be trapped inside. 😭

    2. If i was in ukraine now i would not be able to walk to safety. If no bus or train was available i would be stuck. Also have problem regulating my temperature so could easily get hypothermia or frostbite. Really worried about people with diabetes epilepsy and heart disease not being able to get their medicines.
      Terrible situation

  12. Depressing!
    At the end when she said “I don’t know.. can you help me..”. The thought has been playing on her mind constantly. “Can someone help us!”.

    1. “Slava” Kuskinnoi Matheri … Nikithi sergeyevichu … Slava Seljshomu Hazyaistvu kotoroe ON stimulirovall …

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