1. @Stefan Jakubowski All the more reason to not kill them.
      I doubt your statement, though.

    2. @Michelle Farris sad girl
      Needs to insult people

      Tell me, have you donated a liver and kidney yet, you only need one with modern science

  1. If you don’t want an abortion, then you should not get one.
    However, you also don’t get to choose for everyone else.

    1. @EstimatingONE DiscoveringTHREE no fetus does not mean little child
      Do you try to be this disconnected or is itba family trait
      fetus (n.)

      late 14c., “the young while in the womb or egg” (tending to mean vaguely the embryo in the later stage of development), from Latin fetus (often, incorrectly, foetus) “the bearing or hatching of young, a bringing forth, pregnancy, childbearing, offspring,” from suffixed form of PIE root *dhe(i)- “to suck.”

    2. @EstimatingONE DiscoveringTHREE
      Can we assume you have donated a kidney and lung already

      Anyone who doesnt is willfully allowing a person to die

    1. @ShoNuff IzHere!! yeah, except for those that die, and becoming premanently disabled

  2. A true hero. Stunning and brave. I can’t wrap my mind around the number of lives this woman saved by murdering the unborn. Keep up the great work!!

    1. @Hoof Hearted have you donated a kidney ans lung yet,better yetcan we take it, people are dying and need it

  3. You can’t give a fetus rights that we, as living breathing people, don’t have. We can’t force another person to give their blood, organs, or body to save a life. A fetus is not more important than a living person. This is absurd.

    1. @Michael Blumenreich CNN is though – anyways it was good talking to you, hasta luego ✌️

    2. @Pete Sandov well your name is pete for one. Predominantly a male name hence the fair assumption. Secondly there is nothing illogical about my comment, your are deflecting the issue at hand with petty insults which is fine because mostly everyone on this site lacks the ability to argue without resorting to nonsense and insults; that alone lets me know who I’m dealing with. Third, if you are advocating for more children to be put in the already overcrowded fostering institutions, are you willing to adopt some yourself? Genuinely curious. i have 3 beautiful adopted children and a work part time as a care take in these institutions and its overcrowded. Its madness to advocate for more without helping the cause

    3. @Pete Sandov ill clarify sorry: should all pregnancys be carried out regardless how the woman feels (assuming her life is not in life threatining danger)? Should her thoughts about the birth, current feelings about the pregancy and its affects on her body, or how it makes her feel, be taken into consideration regarding the use of an abortion

  4. Someone else called… and then.. someone else called… and at that time, I realized…. I could make a booooat load of cash taking a commission from el dr. 🔨

  5. There is an article on Yahoo written by Ben Adler about how State laws – like the one in Oklahoma – does not have jurisdiction on Indian reservations. Lots of red states have Native American reservations! What about setting up health clinics on reservations that can give women who need the service safe abortions?

    1. I grew up in New Mexico (Albuquerque, unfortunately) and was heavily around the Native American culture… I 💯 guarantee you that they would not be ok with what you’re suggesting, at all.

    2. @AlphaOmega The one thing you can guarantee is you don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

  6. 對的一方只能對錯的一方的傷害正當防衛


  7. “You must have your baby but I don’t want it” anyone who is against abortion should be legally required to adopt all unwanted pregnancies that are forced to bring to term!

    1. @Bruh Bruh you sound like a guy who doesnt have to deal with childbirth at all. Are you a guy?

    2. You don’t have the right, O you don’t have the right, by the way, you don’t have the right

  8. When I was a boy, my mother had to explain to me what girls in back alleys found dead with a Box of Tide & a Coat-Hanger meant ! – She was Very Religious & even against Abortion, but said Abortion should be Legal because of this Insanity ! – Insanity was Different back then.

  9. Vote for your Rights ! – Democrats are trying to hold them, for you ! – Vote for your Right to Vote ! – The Reich of the Republican Party & the Supreme Court Republicans of the United States (SCROTUS) haven’t taken them yet – When they are gone it ‘s hard to get them back !

    1. @Nil Nil yup. And people who support taking the rights away from someones own body.

  10. I love how proud she seems for being directly responsible for the inhumane murder of 11,000 unborn children (half of them being female). Horrifying.

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