1. As long as Clarence Thomas is still on the court, after all his wife had been involved in, the court always will be compromised!

    1. @There’s gold in these comments I would hope so a smart man listens to his wife and trusts her opinion.

    2. @Matt Russillo Sorry, you may have a point but actually, if you study the Court for last 60 years, it would be a false equivalence to compare THOMAS with the rest. This guy is in class by himself.

  2. The fact that Thomas is still on the Supreme Court after his wife and all that, just shows there’s zero accountability for these people. You can’t decide on the law if you believe to be above it.

  3. I’ve never been able to wrap my head around the lifetime appointment thing. Now, it just infuriates me. Nobody is going to remove Thomas and that is another example of how effed the system is.

    1. @T. Dmytryshyn Again she hasn’t been charged or indicted for any wrong doing much less convicted. Until she is it’s all hearsay. Even if she were, her actions have absolutely nothing to do with her husband. There’s no law that says a Supreme Court justices spouse has to have certain beliefs or act in a certain way. They’re separate individuals, individually responsible for themselves

    2. I mean it’s been like that for hundreds of years. If you don’t like it there’s other countries

    3. @333payaso The answer is: If a judge rules how you like, they are a good solid judge. If they rule how you don’t like, they are abusing their position, lol 😉

    4. @Kyle Ayres About 180, actually, and it is not like that in states. Only federal, where the judges thumbed their noses at Englis common law. But the UK is still better.

      I know; I know. People call this a _post-fact_ era. So never mind.

  4. The fact that Thomas is still a justice at the court, shows you that certain people are truly above the law.

    1. @Jacob Baty He was not personally connected to it, his wife was. Let me ask you this if his daughter was best friends with the daughter of someone that he had a case over should he recuse also himself?

    2. @Armastat By definition, having your wife involved in a case is a personal connection, my friend.

      That aside, I think we are done with this discussion. Have a great weekend.

  5. Roberts knows all too well that the reputation of HIS court is on the line. If Roe is overturned, it will be his legacy.

    1. @Alan aka FANG It most certainly is. By tradition we always refer to the Supreme Court by the name of the Chief Justice. The Taney Court, The Warren Court, now the Roberts Court. Where the hell have you been? No political science major apparently.

      If this court overturns Roe it will always be known through history as the Roberts Court that did that. That is certainly the court’s reputation on the line.

    2. @NJcruiser who cares any decision they make one side or the other will be mad 🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. I saw that interview with Clarence Thomas and the comment about trusting each other was in reference to the leak of the draft. Something along the lines of since the leak, they don’t trust each other. I didn’t get the sense that it was a comment directed to John Roberts.

  7. The quote in Alito’s opinion uses an archaic adjective to describe specifically what fetuses it would be considered murder if a pregnancy was terminated – quick. A quickening refers to the first time a woman feels the fetus moving inside the womb. This typically happens around weeks 16-24. This is coincidentally quite similar to the standard used by Roe.

    In other words, Alito will be using a centuries old opinion that says “it’s only murder after movement can be felt” to justify banning abortion *from the moment of fertilization* in modern times.

    1. Very good point. Actually, _Roe v. Wade_ referred to the old religious view and _quickening._ It’s quite an interesting opinion. But Americans don’t read that lawyer stuff.

  8. I’m a survivor of abuse. I was only 17 when I discovered I was past 6 weeks pregnant by my ex who was addicted to drugs and became abusive to me. I felt trapped by him, belittled, and unwanted. He threatened to kill me if I terminated but after watching him beat his dogs and then myself, I couldn’t bare the thought of my child being abused by him. I found my way out and saved my life by terminating my pregnancy. It was a VERY difficult decision, and even 15 years later, I’m still saddened that I had to terminate. But, I knew that was my only way out and I’m thankful to have been able to terminate. My parents supported my decision, and allowed me to have the termination. I met my husband soon after the procedure and now we have a beautiful family. I THANK GOD, for my family EVERY DAY! My life would’ve been very different, perhaps even nonexistent, had I not had a termination. Abuse is an unpredictable and terrible situation that will always haunt me.

    1. @track aq you stated you have never been in an abusive relationship. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT’S LIKE BEING ABUSED, STALKED BY THE ABUSER ANYTIME I TRIED TO LEAVE HIM, AND BELITTLED/UNWANTED. It’s easy to say leave, but every time I attempted he would stalk and threaten me. There’s too much details to be said here and to be honest it’s hard to revisit the past. I would appreciate it if you would set aside your own personal views to understand the trauma that some women endure and know that situations like mine are many of the reasons terminations are unfortunate but necessary healthcare. It was my choice and I will ALWAYS feel that I made the right decision to finally have the courage to leave him when I did. There’s nothing you or anyone can say will **EVER** change my own personal experience and feelings towards what I felt I had to do to save my own life. Do not respond.

    2. @SP it’s tragic hearing stories of other survivors of abuse. I’m so sorry to read you too went through a very serious and traumatic experience. My ex too knew I was pregnant when he physically abused me, which is what pushed me over the edge to finally leave him and terminate my pregnancy. The sad thing is I tried to poison myself first which ended up causing me to become very ill. It didn’t work. After my termination I fell into a depressive state and didn’t feel like living for a while. It was a dark, dark time in my life. Anytime I hear that Roe V. Wade may be challenged, I cringe and painful memories flood my mind. I also have seen a lot in my career working as a woman’s healthcare professional. I hope you continue to pursue peace in life!

    3. @B. why didn’t you tell your parents? why didn’t you call the cops?, and again you were only 15 you made poor choices when you were younger I hope you learned from that and didn’t get involved with other abusive men, women who dont leave abusive men are part of the problem because the guy sees that he gets rewarded for his bad behavior, so he dosent change and continues to be abusive.

    4. @NicoleM2108 not ignorant Im jus saying the truth and you can’t handle it, men would stop being abusive if the victim would call the cops on them, but most women in abusive relationships dont do this, instead they stay and even continue having sex with the guy, which is disgusting

    1. Only if we the people continue to give the court power. If we wanted tomorrow, we could agree as a nation the court has become political and we no longer honor its federal authority and will revert to states’ rights.

  9. If I have to guess… Sounds like Thomas’s wife is pressuring him so much at home, and he’s taking it out on Roberts.
    If this country truly wants justice… We need to stop lifetime appointments to the courts and unlimited terms in politics.

    1. Yes, I agree this is a “personal resentment of anger” and Thomas is being on the defensive about his wife. I think he KNOWS what he and his (voted no for trump documents to be given to the committee) wife did were WRONG and now he is suddenly yapping publicly and getting personal about his grievances, he is on the defensive because he knows he is guilty and a BIG hypocrite. He needs to shut up because the more he talks, whines, complains the more defensive and guilty he looks.

    1. @Positive Patriot The said that Roe vs Wade was set law by precedent, so yes they did lie.

    2. @Comic Power Should the previous regime be found to be corrupt, then there could be a chance of having their appointments null and void.

  10. Thomas Clarence has some nerve discussing trust when his wife was actively courting insurrectionists and bandying language tantamount encouraging rebellion while he himself failed to recuse himself from the case involving the acquisition of subpoenaed communications which included her own.

    Far as I’m concerned, he’s provided aid and comfort to insurrectionists. So when can we expect the impeachment hearings? 🤪

  11. I am a right-leaning voter, but my support goes to the liberals here. It would be better if any individual is free to choose whether to get an abortion or not. The constitution should include as many freedoms as possible. However, after a certain number of weeks of pregnancy we should discourage people to get an abortion. But fully banning abortions would be against individual freedoms.

  12. I think it high time we place term limits on the Supreme Court justice.At this point based on his own words clearance Thomas is becoming despotic,that what happens when you feel like your job is secured and it will be hard to get you out.

  13. Thomas is a disgrace to the Judiciary!!! He tried to prevent an investigation into his WIFE. FFS, that’s completely unacceptable.

    1. Judge against judge. Red against Blue. These people are really out of line and very unprofessional.

    2. We never thought anything when our first black Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall listened to and made decisions that were brought to the court by the NAACP even though his wife Cecelia worked for that organization and was an activist for the NAACP. There are no legal ethics concerning the actions of a spouse and their political or social involvement. The only reason we are opposed to Justice Thomas is that he supports the constitution. There also might be some despicable racial components because justice Thomas is black and his wife is white. We see racism raising its ugly head once again.

  14. WOWZERS– Thomas has a public conflict of interest and refuses to recuse himself, be the lone dissent AND then passive aggressively attack the Chief Justice publicly .. . . the audacity is astounding. 🙄

  15. Just like a Person running for Governor while attending the picnic to overthrow the Government. How screwed up we’ve become.

  16. How could anyone believe that a court appointed by a sitting president and confirmed by a sitting Congress isn’t political? 😂

  17. You can only put off this sort of judicial mess for so long. The makings of this mess are as old as the day it was decided that the appointment of judges should be left to puny minded politicians. I mean, when judges take up seats, after being sponsored by special interest groups, they do so with at least one clear mission in mind and, no, it’s not justice !

  18. One of the most memorable things I remember learning in history class was how the Supreme court was very secretive & its members avoided publicity, just like the navy seals. But now, this Thomas guy talks behind his colleague’s back..

    1. I think there is more to this than we know, like maybe Thomas is “yapping in public” with “personal resentments and anger” because he is ON THE DEFENSIVE for what he and his wife have been doing? Thomas “Suddenly” being more publicly vocal, when he has been “very quiet” all these years? There is more to it than just Roe. v. Wade, he KNOWS he is a shamed hypocrite and guilty, so he goes out in public making personal comments he should not be making. Yeah he is angry and on the defensive because HE KNOWS what he and his wife have been doing is blatantly WRONG! Those who yell the loudest are on the defensive. GUILTY!

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