Thousands Flee To Kabul With ‘Moment’s Notice’ To Escape Taliban Forces 1

Thousands Flee To Kabul With ‘Moment’s Notice’ To Escape Taliban Forces

Taliban forces gain rapid control of Afghanistan provinces, causing residents to flee to Kabul on a moment's notice. 

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Thousands Flee To Kabul With ‘Moment’s Notice’ To Escape Taliban Forces


  1. All that death all that fighting for nothing in the end. I pray the men fight back. Sad this is a humanitarian disaster right now. Not later but right now. Shame and sad.

    1. It’s not a humanitarian disaster .. these people have been fighting for 1000s of years .. hunters are not the hunted it’s a cycle

  2. Anyone with a brain knows the Afghanistan war was a failure from the start. The British failed, the Russians failed and now the Americans failed. The taliban got stronger with U.S occupation, the whole operation was a grift for the military industrial complex and congress stuffing their pockets

  3. I used to work with a Tajiki guy from Afghanistan. When he was a kid, he and his family (who worked for the Najibullah government) had to flee by helicopter as thr Mujahideen were taking Kabul.

    It was a very “Last Flight out of Saigon” moment, and it looks like its happening again, 30 years later.

    1. Have some courtesy big man! There are kids dying there. 200+ years of independence and they have had less than 20.

  4. 20 years and how many hundreds of billions have we spent there, and how many lives lost? Let them have their culture and their land as long as they keep it there. Of course it has been a huge money maker for “capitalism”, which they promote the mission as spreading “freedom”….lol Spreading they wallets and loading it with money is about what it has been mostly about.

  5. Taliban are Afghans, What are they afraid of? The Taliban who are Afgans having the bomb? They have had the bomb for decades, be honest this is just more of putting the middleeast interests before American people.Come on enough is enough.

  6. I love to get help for 20 years, keeping the Taliban at bay & then just say “oh well. Nothing we can do.”

  7. let’s be honest here, there is not fighting, Afghan army simply defect to Taliban or retreat, it is a snowball effect past the point of no return

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