Thousands Gather At Kabul Airport As Pace Of Evacuation Flights Slows 1

Thousands Gather At Kabul Airport As Pace Of Evacuation Flights Slows


NBC News Pentagon correspondent Courtney Kube brings us the latest as large crowds gather and chaos grows at the Kabul airport after the pace of the evacuation flights slows.

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  1. The question everyone should be asking, is why did Trump make a deal with the Taliban, a designated terrorist organization, and why was the Afghan government left out of the negotiations?
    It’s almost as if Trump and the Taliban plotted against the Afghan government and the people.

    Trump was negotiating with the Taliban about whether or not to remove our troops, and NOT with the Afghan government, which was hosting our troops.

    1. @Andru303: Laugh if it fuzzball, It’s true. In case you didn’t notice, the Afghan military SURRENDERED to the Taliban.

    2. @Reason Seems like Trump should’ve made the Afghan government a part of that peace deal. But I agree that Biden should have kept the military in till all the personnel was evacuated, but what difference would it make for the equipment? US also left billions of dollars in weapons and equipment during the fall of Saigon…

    3. Oh please, grow up already! Biden said he was gonna overturn all Trump policies and now hes using Trump as part of his defense. Hahahaha!!! Ya gotta love it man!

    4. The Taliban are the majority of the Afghan people. The Afghan government is a US puppet …

  2. Up next, we will be given billions of dollars to the Taliban and weapons, and now the Biden administration is acting like PR representatives of the Taliban, what an epic disaster

    1. They’ll learn to fly fighter jets and you know what that means, right? Are you scared yet? That’s so scary. Stock up on bullets tomorrow.

  3. “Pace slows” = evacuations have stopped completely as the Taliban gradually realizes what a gold mine it has on its hands.

  4. I tried to buy prevogen. They told me it’s all being shipped to the white house for the whole staff. Where’s wonder women’s magic lasso. Where you can never tell a lie

  5. I don’t understand… is the original plan flawed or is this due to changes in the original plan… we need to hear from the planners what happened.

  6. It’s looking more and more like they are making the evacuation process up as they go along.
    They literally had MONTHS to plan this

  7. So let me get this straight. We spent $2 trillion over 20 years to train the Afghan army so they could fight for themselves. And then within 11 days, they ditched all that and rolled over without a fight.
    Wow. Our military leaders were really on top of this one!

  8. So international joe can’t get anyone else to take in refugee’s? have you seen what the other countries are saying? They are not going to take refugee’s

  9. armchair quarterbacks pointing fingers. over a year ago trump said the USA was leaving. USA governors don’t want the people in their states

    1. Everyone wanted to leave…….that’s not the question…… is the lack of planning and how we are leaving….come on let’s get in the game here

  10. 15000 American’s stranded and can’t get to the airport, people hanging on and falling from aircraft, mothers throwing babies over the wall……..and Biden thinks everything is under control………INSANE!!

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