Thousands Of Troops Descend On Washington Ahead Of Inauguration | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Thousands Of Troops Descend On Washington Ahead Of Inauguration | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


There are more U.S. troops in Washington than in Afghanistan and Iraq combined with new threats of extremist violence ahead of the inauguration. NBC’s Ken Dilanian and Tom Costello join Stephanie Ruhle to break down what we can expect in the coming week. Aired on 1/14/2021.
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Thousands Of Troops Descend On Washington Ahead Of Inauguration | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. @Warrior Tactical EX you spoke of allies. Once again. How do you feel about our close ally, Israel? Or Jared Kushner?

    1. @Don Wong the “talkradio” narrative that only BLM and Antifa protesters are using violence completely evaporated last Wednesday with the MAGA mob not only invading the Capitol but killing a police officer, punching out the eye of another, beating up officers with sticks, placing bombs in at the DNC and the RNC – and preparing a noose for Vice President Pence and I have no doubt that the mob would have killed him if they would have caught him. That’s a level of aggression and brutality literally against the constitution of the country that was never reached by anyone else but the 9/11 terrorists. The MAGA folks crossed the line from postering to murder and coup attempt and will now face the consequences. And they will learn quickly that “but they did….” justifications as often peddled by talkradio hosts and friends lead to absolutely nothing in a courtroom. Just as a reminder: many of the attackers will face 20 years in prison and more – because they are simply criminals and not patriots or whatever you might want to claim!

    2. ​@Reedom Annrica “The bigger the lie, the more it is believed.” –Nazi Minister Joseph Goebbels. The lie starts and ends with the person who orchestrated the mob.

    3. @SacTownKing 916 bombs and a noose?? Talk radio??? U mean cnn news??what news you watching?? Do you really think someone is just going to push there way into the capital and get to the floor and offices without that place being locked down? This was premeditated plain and simple… not by Trump either…

    1. How does it feel to become 4years an slv ‘ WTH slv’ because in an way you are one ‘because of harris and her family aprove suply and demand of slv ‘ kapitaal inheritance grandma that Harris used to finance biden

  1. When you need more troops in front of your capitol instead of in countries you’re at war with, guess what you are. A banana republic.

  2. DC just looks devoid of spirit thanks to the new security measures.
    “Thanks MAGA” he said in a Sarcastic, angry and Serious tone

  3. Imagine joining the military out of high school to serve your country and make your family proud, then on insurrection day while you’re at work, you run into your parents who are storming the Capitol.

    1. I’d warn them to go back bcz though I wont someone else will and I don’t want them to get hurt bcz theres nothing I could’ve done.

    2. @sachorna brissett That’d be quite the dramatic scene:
      Man has to choose between in family and his country…

  4. To all of you Trump worshipers saying you would die for your “Dear Leader” this is the place that can accommodate you.

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