Thousands Of U.S. Afghan Allies Frantic For Way Out Ahead Of Deadly Taliban Advance 1

Thousands Of U.S. Afghan Allies Frantic For Way Out Ahead Of Deadly Taliban Advance

Matt Zeller, co-founder of No One Left Behind, talks with Rachel Maddow about the many unanswered questions Afghan allies are struggling to negotiate with dwindling time ahead of a deadly Taliban advance as the U.S. withdraws from Afghanistan. 
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  1. Sure…they saw what happened to the Kurds in Syria…
    Get them out and to the US. The very least that can be done.

    1. @Michael Bray It’s buy design to justify going back lots of MIC contracts to Fulfill. remember a few months back they threatened to sue the government if they pulled out of Afghanistan. F@$k both parties!

    2. @kyRee Elain Prohm sorry but he was the President, so you have to accept for four years, he represented ALL Americans.
      Sad but true…

  2. I’m so old I remember people hanging off helicopter skids as they left the US embassy in Saigon, er, Ho Chi Minh City…

  3. Omg we need to get them out of there! I don’t think they can wait until the end of the month. The county is being taken over more daily

  4. He is completely right. My grandson served in Afghanistan with a man who was injured with him in an IED. He and his family are shut in now. Food has been cut off. They are begging for help. He put in his Visa application in 2018 with SIV and has heard nothing.

    1. @SIMPLY MARVELOUS expidite the process and make me stop breathing. Post your address, phone number, and full name.

    2. @SIMPLY MARVELOUS * You´re, not your. You are the one who looks stupid lol. You would write you’re breathing not your breathing.

    1. Here’s the problem with waiting on the U.S government, you will die waiting for the U.S to do the right thing. We can’t even provide all of the citizens the right to VOTE!

    2. I’m with you on this. As much as the media would like to spell out an itennerarry for our translators escape plans- it’s not for us to know.

    3. Details? The USA lost, and ran in the middle of the night. They abandoned all of their “allies” there, and didn’t give them a warning. Now they are at threat also, as the Taliban don’t want foreigner influence. They chose evil, and are now panicking.

    1. @Bryan Biden is not a disgrace, he’s doing good. I disagree with his decision to leave. We’re turning our backs on our brothers and sisters. Maybe one day thier family grows up and they hate us foe this and now we have enemies. We have to give them support and have a plan for them to be safe if we pull out.

    2. They don’t want you there. The only people freaking out were the people working with the USA . The other 99% are celebrating.

  5. The interpreters should of been pulled out months ago, we need to take care of our allies and not use them like “One night stands” they protected our troops and should of had priority, first out or at least filtered to Kabal for protection .

  6. Why are we still talking about this, its ridiculous. THEY should have been lifted with the with our TROOPS. They did the time too.

    1. Why don’t the other countries step up and rub it America’s face that they saved these translators

  7. They should’ve been taken out at the same time the soldiers left. So now they’re gonna get themselves and their families- murdered (beheaded on Al Jazeera TV)

  8. they should have been in those departing flights in the last days of leaving…some planning by US intelligence, huh

  9. There are still Trump appointed officials at the Pentagon and Homeland Security. Pres Biden should have fired every Trump appointed official at every level of the government.

  10. Keep the pressure on Defense Department: invite The general who signed off on leaving Baghram airport without having everyone on board.

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