Thousands walk out of Western University amid sexual assault allegations 1

Thousands walk out of Western University amid sexual assault allegations


Thousands of students walked out of class today at Western University over the handling of recent sexual assault allegations.

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    1. @Pixie Madness It doesn’t solve the problem, but it’s one way to avoid the assaults. Do you have a recommendation?

  1. Is Trudeau doing a recruitment drive at Western, since questionable ethics and morals don’t apply to him or his party.

  2. What exact happened during orientation week? Would have appreciated if the video spent a little more time on that…

    1. Guys and girls got wasted. Next day, women don’t want to take accountability for their actions, and need to blame someone. Exactly, why I would never send a son to a western university. Minefield for life ruining false allegations.

    2. @JoJo Or Else i went there for 5 years 2013-18 and not one of my male friends wqs falsely accused of anything. The only person charged with assault was literally bragging about assaulting soneone.

    3. @Arman Oroomchi and yes, I doubt Western is unique, one way or another. Universities are Universities, I don’t think it matters much between them

  3. *Wants perpetrators held fully accountable for their actions and to end victim blaming
    *Blames school, “&@$e culture”, “toxic masculinity” and everything but the perps who apparently just weren’t TAUGHT not to be sociopathic, criminal sex predators.

  4. I’m all for bringing whoever is resonsible for these allegations to justice if found guilty. Investigate the situation for sure. But there’s not enough to this story just yet. Like what’s the time frame of all these druggings? Is it a one night thing, a week long thing? How any suspects are we talking about here? Is it one, or a group of 5 or 10 guys or girls? If at least 30 of these instances are happening, should they not lockdown the entire campus? More info please

  5. Since meetoo, I have ZERO trust in allegations by women.
    These are adults. Go to the police if you need to report an assult.

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