1. @UCdaFkSFjHgVyPPdQfCZk28A
      You know the truth even though your statements have been repeatedly debunked. The left are trash.

    2. @Trouble T
      Lol I just debunked your argument. Lol why do leftists like you lie about being in the military?

    1. @Patty Ralston they are coming here, British Germans. we live in a big nation not a small place like England, in 30 years western Europe will be like the middle east some are getting out now. Hispanics who are Catholics are not the same as people from the middle east

    2. @Patty Ralston our immigrants from Latin America do not attack people like in Europe over religion. they come here to work not live off the nice welfare systems in Europe.

    3. @Cahoula ya, that unarmed woman who was well on her way into breaking into the chamber, the last door separating them from the the US Congress with co-conspirators hollering for the head of Nancy and hollering they wanted to hang might Pence, on the day 5 people altogether died. If she had breached the last line of defense the horde of others would have followed. Ya, that unarmed woman who was attempting to stop a constitutional process along with a horde of other people. They could see the Capital police had guns drawn, they could hear the Capital police telling them to stop, yet the violent mob persisted in their advance through the last door separating them, and yes an unarmed woman died as a result. Did she not realize the danger when she went hunting for someone to take their head or to hang someone in the US Capital, a federally protected building with police who have sworn to protect the occupants? What is it the right says when a civilian dies, “if they had only followed orders”.

    4. I am watching from Australia. I would be mortified if I saw this. Just insanity. Lock all the crazies up!

  1. Assault legal definition: intentionally putting another person in reasonable apprehension of an imminent harmful or offensive contact. Physical injury is not legally required. Yet these police just let it happen & did little to help. Somebody needs to do a review of this police department.

  2. The bald dude made several threats why wasn’t he arrested. “We know who you are” “we will find you” “you better watch your back” good grief.

    1. @Matthew Mehmet it’s a good thing that Kamala Harris will bail you out and a Soros bought and paid for judge will drop the charges.

    2. @Thomas Tomoson The problem is that the Freedom of Speech is under attack in this comment section, in the video, and YouTube is busy censoring like fascists too.

  3. WOW! What a good example we are displaying to our kids. These parents are disgusting with their words and actions. “We know who you are,” where have I heard that before. Oh yeah, the little man trump said it earlier today about a capital police officer trying to defend our elected officials. SAD!

  4. For or against, any way you slice it, those were flat-out threats against personal safety while cops just stood there.

    1. True but it would’ve likely devolved into violence if they had taken action. While that may be a crappy way to look at it, gotta pick your battles.

    2. what do u think is going to happen? “you are under arrest for knowing who that person is and intention to find them.”

  5. I find that screaming always helps to reinforce your point. In case you’re on the Right reading that, it’s called sarcasm.

  6. I pity the kids whose parents were part of the anti-mask mob. They definitely inherited some of the stupid genes

  7. I look at these men threatening this gentleman trying to get in his car and think : ‘God help your children because you’re an absolutely disgraceful example of a parent’

    1. @BK VJ “not handing them over to the pharmaceutical corps like you sad…”

      Pot meet kettle. I said it to prove that point. Y’all don’t like the taste of your own medicine.

    2. No study of how Masks are effecting our Children. CDC reported Children were being Hospitalized for the China Virus but the Children were not tested for R. S. P. and were told the Hospital will only test for Covid. The test will be positive for both Sicknesses. The Media is shutting down all Conversation that is not of their Opionion.

  8. My history teacher: The mass hysteria and mob mentality that lead to the Salem Witch trials is hard to imagine nowadays

    This video:

  9. These people are animals. Masks are the last thing their kids have to worry about with parents like that.


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