Threatened With Arrest, Texas Dems Draw Courage From History's Civil Rights Leaders 1

Threatened With Arrest, Texas Dems Draw Courage From History’s Civil Rights Leaders


Texas State Rep. Jasmine Crockett talks about the illogic that exposes the disingenuousness of the voting restrictions being advanced by Texas Republicans, and expresses her appreciation for the people who sacrificed for voting rights in the past who have inspired her to make a stand. 
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    1. @mj333 I have no problem offering you further insight into my comment. I was calling attention to her repeated use of “what happened was…so we said hey.” Redundancy in speech can often indicate nervousness or lack in confidence. It’s difficult to take her seriously. I also find you difficult to take seriously when you are calling my comment dumb, while using “your” when the correct word is “you’re.” So, there’s *your* answer.

    2. @B C Not necessarily – it could be a talking style or just taking time to think about what to say next; not a concern for those Republican rant-machines

    3. @San Geet These comments are unrelated to political party affiliation. The fact is this is an elected official and there is a certain degree of decorum that comes along with the responsibility. Her communication style does not align with the role.
      Facing scrutiny is part of the territory when you are an elected official. Maybe she is in over her head.

    4. @B C Oooh “decorum” – have you seen much of it anywhere? Every genuine reaction has a personal touch to it; most tat pay attention to impressing with style really has nothing much to contribute in productive action and they don’t mean what they say

    5. @San Geet Yes, you are correct. She did put her personal touch on her opinion, which, is exactly what an opinion is: personal. Nuance does not change the fact that she was unable to express her opinion succinctly. You are also correct to point out the absence of decorum of a broader level. I don’t expect that we will see any until the current administration is gone.

    1. @Jan Van Besouw matter of fact yes I do know what it is.! The real question is do you ? What is the Democrats real goals ?

    2. @Colin Mahoney look what Biden is telling everyone….by time u realize what’s really going on… What his agenda really is…. It will be too late a miracle will be sunk in too Marxism and I believe there they’re leading to Communism… With the Democratic in charge forever and ever….
      What do you think they want to open borders because as the country floods from the south they’re going to vote for Biden because Biden did it for them ? Why do you think they want mail and ballots no voter ID ? It’s easy to cheat !! Why do you think they’d like to pack the supreme Court ? Power !! If it keeps going how it is there will be no no way anybody else could win an election ever again in the United States but the Democratic party !!!

    3. @Roland Martin the real question is will u ? …. Because I will not have to…but truth is we will do what we have to do…. America is the home of the brave ! The civil war had to be fought ? Don’t u think ? United we stand devided we fall…… not our country devided ? The good news is I don’t believe where is divided as you might think are people think ?? I believe our country’s been taken over ! Mainstream news media ! Big tech ! The main Democratic party ! Have a delusion on us that say we’re divided in the middle it’s not true !!! It’s it’s a delusion !!? Wake up America !!


    4. @Roland Martin a price was payed for our freedom ! Was it not ? Our forefathers paid a price….would u not pay that price to see your kids and there kids to have freedom ?

    1. @Allan Pattison As we saw in 2020 so is the Republican Party Latinos voted for trump in droves he got massive support this time from parts of the black community so the idea that the party can’t get new voters is just a lie

    2. @SOMETHING BIG IS COMING! “The new voting laws will ensure that the Democrats lose lose lose.”
      So, how does it feel to know your party is so unpopular you have to rig the rules of the game in order to win?

    3. @Erica Reyna “Fun fact – Texas was very close to turning Blue last election. Trump won Texas by 51% to 46.5%.”
      Yep, I believe it was our dear AG Ken Paxton who said that Trump would have lost Texas if they hadn’t suppressed the vote in the big cities. I live in Harris County, and I’ve never seen such crazy levels of suppression as I did in 2020. Requiring there to be only one voting dropoff location in every county, regardless of size and population! Anyone who’s ever been to Houston would know how completely insane that is. Then Abbott tried to cancel drive-in voting even after many people had already cast their votes that way. And that’s not even getting into the normal difficulties Texans have with voting: registration is not a clear and easy process, and even after you are registered you may get randomly kicked off the voter rolls, and it could take months to get re-registered again. (I always check on my registration status multiple times for months in advance of any election). They close down voting locations and force people to stand in line for hours in the heat and sun. And then it’s all done on those crappy outdated voting machines that could “malfunction” and “accidentally” change your vote, as people were reporting back in 2018. ALL OF THAT ALREADY EXISTS, and yet the Republicans in congress think “Nah, we need to make it even harder!” We already have voter ID laws; we’ve had them for as long as I can remember, so anyone who tries to make it about that is either misinformed or arguing in bad faith. The truth is the GOP knows that Texas is turning blue, and likely would have already turned blue if not for all the ways they’ve rigged the game already. And they also know that once Texas turns blue, they ain’t winning any more national elections again for a LOOOONG time, maybe never. They are peeing their pants in fear, and are willing to do anything to cling to power regardless of what the people actually want.

    4. @Super Scary Russian Bot I went back through Allan Pattison’s terse reply to you and I must say that I believe that you are inferring far more than is justifiable. You are reading a good deal more into the phrase “native Texan” than I am. But given your repetition of the fact that your spouse is a “non-white immigrant,” as are, assumedly, your relatives by marriage, I readily understand how emotional an issue this must be and can only imagine the various injustices, microaggressions and outright racism that your loved ones have endured–and continue to encounter. (Honestly, mate, I don’t intend this to be the least bit condescending and hope that it doesn’t come across as such in this non-verbal form.)

      Please consider re-reading the comments made by the object of your vexation and ask yourself if he explicitly stated what you accuse him of, or even if he implied such things. I feel that if you review his responses objectively you will find that you have extrapolated what you believe is his worldview from meager evidence.

  1. I’m an American (who’s voted absentee in MD for years) living in Spain. Here voter registration is automatic based on local census data. Voting should not be so difficult anywhere. Power to you!

    1. @Abraham Dozer there are ppl in my state, farmers, that dont watch TV dont listen to the radio dont get newspapers
      the provisional ballot thing eliminates a lot of their votes
      cuz any problem with a provisional ballot is thrown out

    2. @Abraham Dozer no u cant have permanent voter lists
      we have ppl migrating in and out of the state constantly thru the year
      thats how every state is
      my state grew by like 84k residents but lost 130k residents
      and thats a huge migration for my state
      thats cuz ppl are moving away from the metropolis to other parts of the country

    3. @Cid Sapient The USA has been running general elections for a long, long time and those farmers have had generations to “get the idea” about voting. Education (in general) seems to be the biggest problem.

    4. @Abraham Dozer theres actually a lot of videos of ppl who left states like mine that dont require ID if ur registered
      being confronted about voting from a different state than they are living
      states dont compare this data with each other either

    5. @Abraham Dozer “The USA has been running general elections for a long, long time and those farmers have had generations to “get the idea” about voting.”
      u have no idea who i am talking about
      dont make assumptions of who i meant or what i said
      and no election laws change every 2 years in this state
      my state alone has almost 1/3 the population of ur entire country

  2. “I’m prepared to do whatever is necessary.”
    This is what it’s going to take from ALL elected Democrats to overcome the desperate Republican white supremacist power-grab happening now.

    1. @Super Scary Russian Bot almost of California’s agricultural counties are democrat. You’re a liar

    2. @Guts, you’re telling on of the following are true:

      1.) Most rural counties vote for Democrats.
      2.) Most food production is in urban areas.

      So which is it?

    3. @Jan Van Besouw, I’m not pro-war. I think the end goal of both parties should be cooperation. I realize that’s probably not going to happen any time soon by the fault of both parties, so I consider our federal government as dysfunctional. Because of that, I think we should delegate all domestic power to the states until the federal government matures.

    4. From Biden on down .. the people are getting weak an feckless “leadership”.. These Dems here literally meeting with traitor Manchin and not ONE of them would bring up the filibuster.. wtf .. I was shocked even this woman Rep Jasmine Crockett literally said :” well we didnt want to “attack” him” like WTF

  3. You have told the Texas legislature that while the “hours” of voting were extended
    they don’t vote everyday of the year right?

  4. America and the president need to find a way around senator Manchin to provide voting rights to the people of America because one man shouldn’t be able to keep the world hostage over simple things as voting rights.

  5. Thank you Representative Jasmin Crocket for your beautiful testimony and courage to fight for equal rights, what any true politicial should strive for. We stand behind you from outside the US, please succeed in this fight for true equal rights for all citizens, for voting rights for black and brown people, for any people whatever color or racial background, so that as you said this little girl one day will look up to you in pride. It is time that racism in the USA and in this case in Texas will find itself cornered and loose any stronghold.
    It was very touching to watch you speak in your determination and your creed to make up for what your fellow brothers, sisters, oncles, aunts had so deerly fought for before you. Be blessed strongly.

  6. Arrested on what charge? What kind of Banana Republic is the United States, anyway? Opposition legislators can be “scooped up” at the whim of a Governor. You are not a Democracy.

    1. @Mike W …and a “constitutional Republic” is missile parades, putting minorities in concentration camps, rounding up the opposition and jailing them. It’s a BIGLIER thing than a mere Democracy!

    2. I’m by far no expert on this, but the Texas constitution allows for congress to “compel” absent members to show up for a special session, but it leaves it pretty vague on how they might do that. So I guess that’s the justification for threatening to arrest them. I don’t think it would be constitutional for them to actually imprison anyone, though; just kidnap them and force them back for the vote. Of course, knowing Abbott and the Texas GOP, I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to imprison them anyway.

    3. @Dachusblot It’s still a symptom of a broken place that a Governor would order the arrest of his opposition.
      North Korea in a ten gallon hat …

    4. @Abraham Dozer Oh yeah, 100% agreed. I live here in Texas, so I could tell you firsthand how broken it is.

  7. all the good people need to get out in Texas and VOTE
    go out of your way
    take the day off work

  8. They need to get Joe Manchin,, the cause of all this ridiculous happening. He needs to get his crap together and help pass the bills that help voting rights. What’s his “problem” MAYBE NOT A PROBLEM FOR HIM.. IT’S CALLED, MONEY!!!!! NOT COUNTRY.

    1. Joe manchin only keeps his seat because trump supporters vote for him so he is worried about keeping his voters happy not other democrats also he is a moderate not a far leftist

    2. i think some big oil lobbyists mentioned manchin as one of the dems in their pocket, and they basically own the republican party

    3. @Thoth Amon Omg is that all you got why is it hard to understand that joe manchin is a moderate who disagrees with a lot of the dem agenda but lucky for him his voters aren’t Democrats so he is catering to wether or not they are happy with him

    4. @Dedrick Suggs just pointing out the fact that some big oil lobbyists mentioned him by name, as some of the dems they have that they can count on, greenpeace had some people acting as a corporation in need of the lobbying services, and recorded the video conversations with them, was pretty interesting, and all the big oil people are fighting against the infrastructure bill, because, you know, the green energy stuff

  9. Jasmine Crockett gives me hope for my home state. I’ve been so ashamed of what Abbott and his ilk are doing lately. I’m so glad to know there are people like Ms. Crockett working hard to keep balance in a seemingly unbalanced system. Thank you!

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