Three Marines Injured In Attack At Kabul Airport

Military officials report that three U.S. marines have been injured in an explosion near the Abbey Gate at the Kabul airport. NBC's Courtney Kube reports from the Pentagon.
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    1. This is Biden’s fault. American blood on his hands due to sheer incompetence, lack of planning and just plain old stupidity.

    2. fake news from msnbc heres the truth
      Twelve US service members killed – reports
      Twelve US service members – 11 marines and a Navy medic – were killed in the airport attack, officials tell US media.

    3. Elections have consequences. Fraudulent elections have enormous consequences. To anyone that shilled for this administration and the 2020 election the blood is on your hands. Hope you are happy.

    1. @Kelly Cox wrong Trump negotiated the 3 phase deal with China…who lost the trade war in 2019.

      And a few months later, Covid hit.

    2. @William M The withdrawal date is irrelevant. The withdrawal plan is all that matters. Biden’s plan just got over 70 killed and that count will grow once the final numbers come in. But hey, it’s just a bunch of marines and children right Biden voters? Blood is on your hands…..

    3. @Khris Narsimullu how did China lose the trade war? They just slapped tariffs and restrictions on US goods, including machines my company was selling to them .

    4. @Nate List If I have day to move out of a place, it will be a very messy move, vs if I had more time. BTW, why did you join YT (Joined Mar 27, 2018)?

  1. For a group of people who really want the US to leave, they sure do know how to find reasons to make the US stay. Weird.

    1. @Sergeant Hulka – Yes, this a tragedy. Just like the 400,000 Americans who died from COVID under tRumps watch. And now more are dying because the cult still praises him and worships him. Republican governors, senators and Congress people are still killing Americans. You know, COVID isn’t fake either. And you calling MSNBC fake news because have an early report is in fact lying. Because you know they are going to update the report. Covid didn’t go away. 38 times your cut leader said it would disappear like magic and it didn’t. And you cultists planted the seed for its spread. That’s a tragedy.

    2. @ra5928 A germ that came from China when you sneeze in a room people gets it has nothing to do with Donald Trump‘s presidency. But Joe Biden who keeps open borders allowing millions of unvaccinated Illegal and Migrants cross the border and then he puts them on buses in planes and flies them into your communities is directly responsible for infecting millions of Americans with a Delta Variant which wasn’t even around when Donald Trump was president. Nice try though

    3. @ra5928 …lol..If not for Biden abandoning the Bagram Air Base which gave air support to Afghanistan soldiers we probably wouldn’t be in this situation. There also was no where close to 300000 Afgan soldiers .
      To blame America citizens and Afghan interpreters for being stranded in Afghanistan is absolutely crazy . Then you go on a rant about Republican Governors ?
      But I find it funny that Democrats were telling people they didn’t trust the vaccine because it was from Trump .
      But keep blaming Trump for everything for the next couple of years if it makes you feel better.

    4. @toledojeeper – Where did you get that Democrats said they didn’t trust the vaccine? We never believed the orange turd had anything to do with the vaccines. We always believed in Dr fauci. We always believed in the companies creating the vaccines. It is still the cult that is not getting vaccinated. It is still the cult that is dying. God you people love to make up crap.

    5. @Sergeant Hulka – So, 400,000 dead Americans under orange man’s watch didn’t happen? Millions of migrants? Millions? Dumb-de-satan is now polling even with the Dem running against him. 56,000 cases in one day a week ago. Holy cow you people make up crap.

  2. There are more Afghan interpreters than Taliban. Just think of the thousands of Afghans to snuck on board , fake papers, slowed down the process so now our guys are dead. And they do not care.

    1. Exactly. They cut Americans in line and now we are supposed to be happy about them coming here. Biden puts Americans last.

  3. Several Marines have tragically died in Afghanistan and the number continues to increase. What an absolute nightmare this has become. Thoughts and prayers are with the families and the survivors of these young American Marines.

    1. *President Trump’s Exit Plan*
      1) evacuate civilians
      2) dispose of military equipment
      3) pull troops

      *China* Joe “accidentally” did it backwards. 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

  4. If Biden would have taken civilians out first along with USA weapons all of this could have been avoided. This is so shameful.

    1. They could have demiled the weapons by blowing them up, the same with the vehicles by way of thermite grenades on the engines and radios. That’s standard battle doctrine, but none of that happened.

    1. really funny when trump let 5000 Taliban loose and negotiated that the taliban could take over the Afghanistan gov. Trump even bragged at a rally that Biden couldnt stop the deal trump made for the removal of american troupes. Trump dismantled the visa and vetting system so they are having to vet the evacuees on the fly literally there in Kabul .

    2. @December Girl 9/11? ISIS was not even formed till 1999,love the uneducated who think they know American history.😂😂

    3. @Llynnyia and Biden did the exact opposite of Trump’s evacuating plan,like destroying all the equipment and bases first,but hey let us stick to the blame Trump game.That game is just about worn out by Biden’s incompetence.

    4. @Llynnyia wahahahhaha, trumpy wumpy started it mommy. Wahahahhahah
      That agreement was supported by many other of our allies, as well as many afghans who finally wanted peace. He didn’t just release 5,000 Taliban, he did for 1,000 afgahns. Also, Obama let 5 of the worst taliban leaders for just 1 us sergeant. Dis u complain then?

    1. Two U.S. officials put the U.S. death toll at 12 service members killed, making it one of the deadliest incidents for American troops of the entire 20-year war. Joke Biden said:” We need a Commander in Chief”.

  5. Two U.S. officials put the U.S. death toll at 12 service members killed, making it one of the deadliest incidents for American troops of the entire 20-year war. Joke Biden said:” We need a Commander in Chief”.

    1. With all the Terrorist coming across the Democrat open boarders.
      Get ready falks for a 911 style attack….
      Yes…Elections have consequences!

  6. This is a very dangerous time for a weak president I have a sinking feeling another 9-11 is imminent but God i hope I’m wrong

  7. 11 marines and a navy medic confirmed dead per pentagon briefing… this is despicable and the buck stops at biden

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