1. There is no switchback, road is straight & steep there. This is cut out of the side of a morraine – which has a lot of ice in it – subject to movement. The only reported cause so far was rockslide.

    2. @Opie stanborough
      Most likely the driver is a young kid from Australia. Every year the company that operates the Columbia Icefield hires mostly young foreign kids to work there for the summer season, many of those kids have never worked in their life, or no professional driving experience especially not with super large vehicle like the Ice Explorer bus.

      Last year at the same place a regular tour bus killed its driver!

      If that company wants to stay in business it better starts hiring mature Canadians with real professional bus driving experience, not just a bunch of wild kiddies from Australia.

  1. the ice field was up to that highway in 1975
    i tried to climb it ,
    you could park the car on the side of the road get out walk 10ft and touch the glacier it had a small stream flowing from it
    couldnt drink the water. the silt in the water would make your gut ache.

    1. Oh yeah that’s right. There is a big scary deadly virus where you don’t even realize that you have it the majority of the time lol.

    1. There is hardly any ice anyway, it was better for them stay home and watch YouTube videos on COVID scamdemic, and collect CERB.

  2. 5G up and operating in Kelowna BC. The mayor secretly made the town a test site.
    I speak the truth. Telus is running the system.

    1. Well who but a liberal would want to travel during a pandemic to see a big chunk of ice? Now they are cold cases

  3. I’m waiting for the enviable ‘global warming’ excuse as the reason for this unfortunate accident from the peanut gallery. Tourists, especially those on a high end tour like this, never think that they are putting themselves in life-threatening situations … let’s hear about the extenuating circumstances.

    1. Robert Coutts – My! You make it sound so complicated! Crashes happen! What that has to do w/”high end tour” and “putting themselves in danger” is a little much, don’t you think?!

    1. Essene Gnostic . How long have they been operating over the last several months, weeks, days? 20 buses operating the spokesman said on another video. If they shut down for the CCP Virus that’s a lot of lost revenue!! If they’ve been running a long time through the Pandemic the. It’s possible right? But my guess is mechanical failure if the rock slide isn’t the cause, which is something I read last night.

  4. Where are these tourists from? They better not be foreign tourists especially from plague land south of 49.

    1. I guess mostly Canadians because international flights are very limited, and border with USA is closed. Anyone entering Canada must quarantine for 2 weeks.

  5. These buses don’t have seat belts….it doesn’t look like they have roll cages or roll bars…they should.

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