Three States Still Below 50% Covid Vaccination Rate 1

Three States Still Below 50% Covid Vaccination Rate


The Atlantic staff writer Ed Yong discusses what we can expect to learn this summer in the South given lower vaccination rates. 
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    1. As near as I could tell this clip it doesn’t actually say. I never saw it maybe they just said it so I got to listen more carefully I don’t know. Misleading headline for the clip.

    2. @Athena Nike Well, seeing as how the map of vaccination rates reflects that of the presidential election, I think there’s a 100% chance.

    3. I go by “mayo clinic”.
      For the below 40%, there are 5 : Idaho, Wyoming, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

    4. They don’t mention them because they don’t want you to notice that 2 of the 3 states have falling cases and deaths, and Arkansas has slightly rising cases, but not deaths. Ha ha. How are people still listening to these obvious liars?

    1. @Malcolm X Easy to claim you’re black online. Going to claim you’re a Navy SEAL too?

    2. @Aaron because with every passing day there are fewer and fewer people that are cool with living amongst cousin fu@%in Nazis.

    3. @Insignificant360 oh… Now I’m not Black… Yeah… Y’all are good at telling us “We ain’t Black if…” We don’t agree with you. And you call Republicans racists. Hypocrites…

    4. @Malcolm X A 1 week old account with no detail. Sure, you’re black and Trump is the real President right?

    5. @Saul Teanuts that’s the response I expect, just go with the Nazi racist thing when you have nothing relevant to say.

    1. Very red states that all went for Trump both times. They are following Trump’s example and rejecting science, common sense, and logic. The stats on seniors dying before the vaccines were horrific. Since the vaccines, they’ve fallen back to near normal. This fact alone should tell anyone of the vaccines’ efficacy.

    2. Explain this. Here in Ohio vaccinations have been going down for over almost 2 months. We’re only at 45% fully vaccinated but daily cases have been in the 200’s or less. So the majority of the state with 11.7 million people aren’t vaccinated but yet no spike.

    3. @John Swo seniors mostly died in blue states you dummy! NY and NJ! Trump is encouraging everyone to get the vaccine you dummy! Didn’t Kamala say” she wouldn’t get a vaccine that was rushed under Trump?! You dummy!

    1. @Roger Out The MAGA Cult practically embraces catching, mutating and spreading Covid all for the sole purpose of upsetting as many liberals as possible.

    2. @ruth depew I’ve been watching Trump’s base own the Libs—i.e., cut off their nose to spite their face—for five long years and it never ceases to amaze me.

    3. Maybe there is a plan, not the one they think is in play but maybe a “culling of the herd” sponsored by Mother Nature.

  1. *छत टपकती है*
    *उसके कच्चे मकान की* ,
    *फिर भी बारिश हो जाये*
    *तमन्ना है किसान की* |

    1. @Pohaku Mana quercetin isn’t the only supplement I take for prevention.

    2. @a guy who takes Quercetin for preventionofsarsvirus I don’t “take” anything for “prevention” my lifestyle is organic isolation with a 2450 mile moat. I only wear a mask to get through Home Depot and my Dentist office lobby. I don’t need to interact with the general public. Amazon delivers and have been, so on with the show.

    3. @Pohaku Mana “2450 mile moat”.
      I think you’re trolling me. You’ve been muted. Goodbye.

  2. Difficulty of access? HOW?! My entire family got vaccinated at a walgreens a 5 minute walk from our home.

    1. @LightHawKnight lol oh a sidewalk community Yea I was raised in one of those, sure ain’t Leave it to Beaver no more. But hey all the wage slave need to live somewhere.

    2. that was my first reaction. But i do wonder if in Republican ran states they are not making it easy to get in black and brown areas. For example I remember Texas refusing to prioritize ship to i think Dallas and El Paso as the the CDC guideance was saying these are the places that should get a heavy early push because that is where there is great vulnerability of populations.

      I live in a state where you can walk into any pharmacy, cvs, walgreens, walmart, riteaid and target and more and get a vaccine shot and often without appointment. But I have family in Mississippi and Alabama and i’m not sure Governors who claim it’s a hoax are and are out and out white supremacists are making it easy and especially don’t care about making it easy in non white populations. Remember the Florida Governor after talking all that hoax crap prioritized his elite white donor class districts.

    3. @Roland Lytle I used to live in a Suburb of Chicago. I’m pretty sure it is not hard at all to get a vaccine. It’s mostly rich or well to do and white all around Chicago. And there are pharmacies and stores everywhere. I’m sure there are exceptions of people with zero transportation but most people had some access to transportation that lived in those areas.

  3. The original vanilla infection didn’t provide protection for delta variant for my pod. We had both – the vaccine looked pretty good then and we are glad we are finally vaccinated.

  4. That’s right. The lower-vaccinated states don’t have adequate medical infrastructure (nearby hospitals, clinics) or information infrastructure (cable, internet). Infrastructure bill would help them across the board – but their state and US reps won’t vote for it? Yeah, right? You get what you pay for, folks.

  5. If this was a real health crisis, the news would mention this EVERY DAY: “Vitamin D Insufficiency May Account for Almost Nine of Ten COVID-19 Deaths” – _Nutrients_ Nov. 2020

  6. LinkedIn deletes account of mRNA vaccine pioneer, Dr. Robert Malone, who questioned risks of COVID-19 shots. Why are these tech companies continuing with the censorship?

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