Three Suspects Indicted In Killing Of Ahmaud Arbery | MSNBC

A grand jury has indicted all three suspects on murder charges in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery. Aired o 6/24/2020.
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Three Suspects Indicted In Killing Of Ahmaud Arbery | MSNBC


  1. It’s been a terrific week…rally flopped, election wins, and now indictment charges for Ahmaud!

    1. This only means that the prosecution has enough evidence to bring the case to court – it does not mean the suspected individuals has been found guilty.

    2. brooks was a criminal and passed out drunk in a drive through. He assaulted 2 police officers who were beyond courteous to him. He naturally started to run away but decided to fire the taser gun he stole off the police. He made the cumulative stupid decisions and the result was his death. Self responsible people don’t do those things criminals do….

    1. @Puttentane Same Black people who consider voting for democrats, really should do research on Margaret Sanger, who was highly praised by the KKK, but also highly praised by DNC today

    2. @cj p drooled the incoherent bot…bet you have a Nixon tattoo on your right buttcheek, dontcha ?

    3. @tekitron
      A private person may arrest an offender if the offense is committed in his presence or within his immediate knowledge. If the offense is a felony and the offender is escaping or attempting to escape, a private person may arrest him upon reasonable and probable grounds of suspicion.

  2. The two district attorneys in this case the swept this up under the rug should be fired from their jobs

    1. @Jarl Two hands
      Hey! *We got something in common!* who would have thought that! *SO….. why do you hate black people!?*
      I’m not a bigot btw, just a concerned Republican that is voting for Democrat this year.

    2. Kyle Horton did he steal anything when he was being followed by three criminals.and how can you prove me or anyone else that you not a thief your self.justice was served my friend deal with it..

  3. Still can’t celebrate because that doesn’t mean they will get convicted unfortunately.. I’m hoping though!!

    1. @foreigner fan Sad. Guess those degrees don’t mean anything. Basically saying the man got himself killed. Those guys didn’t need to play police. Cheers.

    2. Ferrari Spider you are so smart. Who goes to steal something from a construction site without a vehicle. Clearly if he had stole something the day he was killed shouldn’t it be visible? Just think about it, what could he steal without it being visible, some nails??!! Some paint??!! But whether he stole something or not, which he didn’t, it doesn’t justify his death.

  4. I mean thats cool and all but Im not gonna sit here and clap about yall doing the right thing 4 MONTHS later.

    1. Absolutely no applause for doing the right thing. I’m a trump supporter. These guys need to be put under the prison. They can take they’re good old time so long as they get proper convictions for all of them.

    2. @scentless apprentice Trump will not acknowledge or praise these indictments. And yet you STILL support this racist piece of Trump. WHASSUP?

  5. Now we need Three Convictions. — Also looking to hear of Three Arrests of the Police who Murdered Breonna Taylor.

    1. And do you want convictions for the ones who shot 102, and killed 14 in Chicago over Father’s Day weekend? Or do those black-on-black murders mean less?

    2. @Mcbeezee Wow, you really must enjoy displaying how ignorant you are. — ANYONE that commits a crime, regardless of their skin color, whether or not they are a civilian, police officer, elected official, etc., should be held accountable for their actions. — This includes (Former Detective) Brett Hankison, Officer Jonathan Mattingly, and Officer Miles Cosgrove, who shot and killed Breonna Taylor, while she was sleeping, with a no-knock warrant, at the wrong address, after the perpetrator was already found.

    1. Do I get to say the n word in public… What happens to me if I do?
      Go look up how ceo of pappa John’s lost his company.

    2. When you don’t want to follow the rules or laws and get punished then you call that oppression so the rules and laws apply to you differently because you’re non-White, then that is privilege.

    1. p  dude there is no video evidence of him running out of a house. So how do u figure that? If u watched the video you can see the two roll up on him while he was just jogging. A robber wouldn’t just jog if it just robbed a house. Then he hopes out the truck and pointed the gun at him. Now you tell me what you are gonna do if two guys point a rifle and pistol at you. There were better ways they could of handle it without guns. This man was unarmed and they were armed. They killed a innocent man. They are guilty. No discussion and this case will be easy. They killed him of suspicion and I’ll give you evidence since yours is false

    2. @cj p you don’t know much about this case a neighbor disnt spot them. The shooter did. And he was walking around in a construction building and didnt steal anything. They jumped to conclusions and thought he was suspicious. They could of easily just talked to him instead of chasing him and pulling there weapons out. Stop taking up for them

  6. Mr. Arbery was in the vicinity of the front Right-side truck bumper. Travis McMichael was at the left-side of the truck bumper when the first shot went off. Which struck mr. Arbery in the chest. after hearing the click of that pump-shotgun, Arbery had no chose other than to go on the offence. After receiving two shot to the Body, He still kicked Travis Buttock. It was the third shot from that shotgun that finally brought Mr. Arbery down. Rest in Peace Mr. Arbery

  7. Military Tactics: If your patrol walks into a well-planed Ambush, then, you must charge in the direction of fire.(shooters), That is your only Change to survive. Mr. Arbery reacted correct and BRAVE. Rest in peace Ahmaud.

    1. Thanks man! We’re allowed to disarm a total stranger who is threatening us with a deadly weapon! Arbery was indeed very brave. Charged right into the teeth of firepower.

    2. @cj p he didnt steal anything, the murderers did not have a reason to physically confront Aubry. He wasnt carrying loot, he hadnt hurt anyone. They didnt wait for the cops, they attacked him w no authority, for no lawful reason, and when he resisted they shot him. Then the cops and prosecutor covered up and lied about the killing and the killers until they couldn’t.

    3. @Everblue Freediving Your answer to @cj p is everything. There should never be a reason for any private citizen to shoot a man in the street. This is what the focus needs to be. Yes, as a private citizen you should have every right to shoot someone invading your private property to cause harm IF they are still on your private property. This however is murder or should be going forward.

    4. @Gary Griffin generally speaking, self defense is.. using only the force necessary to defend life or limb of yourself or another. It can happen anywhere but if you are the type to step up then train…. theres enough to it to keep you so busy you wont be anywhere you might need it. This young fella didnt deserve what happened to him and had every reason to fight. Training might have made the difference.

  8. It disgusts me that this is the most obvious act of racism, yet it has received the least amount of media coverage. What a sick and unfocused world we live in.

  9. The police and the prosecutors who tried to cover up the cold blooded murder of Ahmaud Arbery should be charged for Obstruction of Justice.

  10. The DAs and police who tried to cover this up are complicit, and didn’t arrest or file charges until this came under national scrutiny. 
    They should be fired, and charged: dereliction of duty- their ol’ buddy was the one who orchestrated this murder, so they didn’t bother to investigate (at best) or tried to cover it up (at worst) obstruction of justice, filing false reports, and for every other law they violated. 
    Anyone willing to lie and subvert justice should be fired and prosecuted.
    Georgia needs to reexamine its citizen arrest laws, which gave the excuse for this to happen.

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