1. @brandon lehmann So first, your bs stats don’t count in rational discussion; and second, there are a lot of reasons for lower vax rates in people of color, like being more likely to be poor so face obstacles getting to a vaccine site, to live in underserved areas, to be aware of the racism in American healthcare so have a good reason to be hesitant. It’s the people who insist on being maliciously ignorant that make responsible people mad.

    2. @King Charles why do you come on your so called fake news channels and comment. Duhhhhhh cnn stays rent free in your head.

    3. @King Charles

      Why don’t you stop wasting time on YouTube and go help your mom she’s working that corner real hard to put food on the table.

    4. Well it factually likes republicans the most because they’re the highest unvaccinated demographic in the country. But yes, covid will not leave you alone just because you voted for Obama.

  2. There is a way to know where or how they may have gotten it, it’s called contact tracing. No worries for them though they will get the best care the US has to offer as Senators.

    1. @Andrew Bobkoski it’s proven that Covid causes long term problems. So taking the vaccine is a very logical decision to make!

    2. @Macguy what do ICU beds do anyhow? Has anyone asked? NY times a year ago had front page article about nurse who “had” covid (whatever that means) and she was saying the last place she wanted to go was the hospital and preferred home treatment. The article went on to say that her thinking was becoming the “new approach” endorsed by the majority of scientists. Now I guess they changed their midn?

      And a few months before that front page article last summer , there was another front page one that cited a peer-reviewed New England Jouranl of Med study that conclusively found that ventillators do more harm than good.

      Google the two articles –both front page NY Times.

      I guess now they have new aticles?
      Similar to Biden a few mnths ago when he said Florida’s decision to drop masks was ‘neanderthal’ and then 3 weeks later when the CDC adopted the same decision to no longer advise masks as require, they said “the science had evolved”–from neanderthal to Fauci in 3 weeks which is a fast-paced evolution scientifically speaking.

      Don’t mind me! Academic snob with multiple grad degrees in the sciences so I can not expect to understand the primitive thought process of a type like Dr fauci who has NO degrees in science. None, he has a shtty MD. SO does my vet in Beverly Hills

    1. I honestly don’t get it? Why are people surprised? Vaccines don’t stop you from catching Covid. They stop you from getting really sick, maybe dying, or just getting scarred lungs or organ failure. They can be grateful they were vaccinated. Most vaccinated people won’t know, unless they get tested, that they have Covid. I just hope people learn how important vaccination is?

    2. there’s only so much a hospital/dr can do for them and it doesnt matter what insurance they have. if its bad enough of a case they can possibly die. its not like just because they have the best insurance in the nation that they will get some miracle cure. if its bad enough they will be put on a respirator and even then they may still die. I’m not saying that’s what will happen but I’m saying that their insurance won’t save them if its a bad enough case. so your comment is pretty damn ridiculous!

    3. @AlexxxPerales i should of read comments before i made my comment. you hit the nail on the head. i just said the exact same thing in my comment above. the best health insurance in the world isn’t going to save you if you get a bad enough case and just like we both said, its not like just because they have the best possible health care that they will get “the cure”. cheers

    4. @Ash Roskell Unfortunately many people don’t understand this. We need someone to replace Fauci who will stress this and who the anti-vaxers might listen to. ALthough many anti-vaxers are so ignorant, they are beyond help

    5. @Hate evil I am absolutely positive, we live in a civilized country that has universal health care and therefore regular check ups, and regular bloodwork is done as to detect and prevent future health risks it’s called preventative health care and it saves people from future health risks, so you implications that there could be genetic underlying conditions is mute.

    1. @Lee C Medical Professional 30 years tell me about monoclonal antibody treatment antibody- dependency and increase risk of reinfection

    2. @rod williams Sorry, no idea! Doesn’t mean I don’t understand the premise behind vaccines. What can you tell me about these new treatments? I’d love to learn.

    3. @Lee C check out research on densi and zika virus vaccines mRNA and monoclonal antibody treatment about 4 years old also papers from 2 years ago

    4. @Douglas Price it means you get mild symptoms and not have to be on a ventilator and risk serious illness. Contraception isn’t 100% effective against pregnancy and seat belts don’t 100% eradicate vehicle deaths. We use th anyway because they reduce the risk of worse results substantially. Hope this simple explanation helps.

    1. Let me know what they’ve accomplished. NOTHING. More like luncheons, parties, vacations – and lies, lies, lies.

  3. Sounds like the start of a joke… “A Democrat, an Independent, and a Republican walked into a room…” Only it isn’t at all funny.

    1. @david cunningham uh yes they are. Ones that dont like being forced fed by fake news and mandates wont take it. Thats not freedom that the same garbage china does.

  4. With all the controversy surrounding the COVID Virus, people don’t know what to believe including these announcements. The pandemic is not COVID but the ignorance and stupidity of many people.

  5. I guess Corona doesn’t discriminate.. How many recesses they are getting. ? I hardly get 2 weeks of vacation and also I am made feel guilty for taking it.. I wish I was a Senator..

    1. @Becks Bolero every thing in the USA that is wrong right now is the fault of the socialist liberal party

    1. @Doug Buse then why the actual f*** is this even a news story? I mean for the love of god can we possibly stop with news stories like this one?

  6. Strange that there seems to be implication of failure of the vaccince. The vaccine is primarily tested against getting severe disease, which is very likely with people this age. The fact that none of them did get very sick is a win.

    1. @Charles Klempner The main functions of vaccines is to prevent death and severe/critical cases and the vaccines are doing just this. Almost everyone dying from Covid is unvaccinated

    2. @a s It’s a guessing game at this point, but the fact that MERS and SARS went away and they are the closest virus’s to Covid that we’ve had; makes me hopeful we can eliminate covid. It’s a real problem the number of really ignorant Americans we have who are believing the untruths of social media. So we’ll see how this goes. India has seen a 90% reduction of new cases this past week compared to 2 months ago, so Delta is running it course there and should do the same here. Unfortunately it might get worse before it gets better

    1. How about “they/them”
      What are you trying to say?

      Wear a mask wash your hands.
      Don’t get complacent.

    1. It would probably help if GOP senators would get the vaccine. Then the whole mask thing would be a mute point.

      But a bunch of white men in diapers + one psycho blonde are crying brown shirts in the face of science. So here we are!

  7. You can still get covid just not as badly as if you weren’t vaccinated. Also maybe the vaccine is wearing off

  8. Instead of the booster, can we get vaccinated by another version of the vaccine (moderna, pyser, J&J)?

  9. it just blows my mind that the senate doesn’t have a mask mandate considering they are all in close proximity to each other for long periods of time.

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