‘Throwing insults’: Fmr. Trump WH Secretary on heated WH meeting

'Throwing insults': Fmr. Trump WH Secretary on heated WH meeting 1


  1. Behind closed doors all these people throw insults and profanities at eachother…..not just Trump….

    1. Lots of politicians have 26 sexual assault accusations.. not just Trump ..

      I heard of a football player with the same amount of accusations… the right says he shouldn’t play football anymore .. so can we hold our politicians to the same standard 😂

    2. @Juan Avila Juan, this has been explained ad nauseum but so many folks just don’t want to hear it. Believe whatever you want in that case. No harm in being wrong.

  2. The one thing that we ALL know for sure and should put an END to ANY discussion about who started this entire thing and ultimately who is to blame, and that is of bunker boy had done what ALL former decent human beings who served as potus and lost re-election and conceded, there would NEVER have been ANY talk about a “rigged election”. Period and of story!!!

    1. @Liberals haveitallbackwards you are right plenty of Americans don’t care. Which is a HUGE badge of shame for the US, of so many not wanting to be an informed voter! I wont repeat myself on why its a shame, if you have a brain you should be able to figure it out. If you dont, then you have bigger problems, like self-care and survival.

  3. He invited
    He incited
    They rioted
    He then denied it
    Even though he implied it
    Now he must be indicted.

    1. @coolramone evidence presented, of text and calls, dates and times, presidents direct staff testifying and giving direct testimony under oath. Thats NOT proof or in this case evidence? …….. crickets

    2. @coolramone evidence presented, of text and calls, dates and times, presidents direct staff testifying and giving direct testimony under oath. So is that NOT proof or in this case evidence?

  4. Question to Gen. Flynn; “Do you believe in the peaceful transfer of power in the U.S.?”
    Answer from Gen. Flynn; “I take the 5TH”
    Me; “WTF!”

    1. Kind of makes sense. They charged him with violating the logan act. Found him not in violation, but said he lied, and threw him in prison.
      While he was in prison John Kerry violated the logan act on live TV. No charges for him……

  5. Does no one remember trump saying during the presidential debates, “Proud Boys, stand down and STAND BY”??? Um…

    1. He said “Stand back and stand by”.
      A huge difference. What he did was put them on hold until the need arose for him to set them loose again on the Capitol.

  6. I can’t believe Trump was stupid enough to try to contact a witness, directly, before their testimony. Then again, yes I can.

    1. @Robert Johnson not just make him think – keep letting him get away with all this. So maybe pretty smart after all.

    2. @Chris Davis OMG probably was. Last time they dropped that info, it was the witness testifying that day.

    1. @Harold Moore It’s a computer ,look under all or most of the comments ,it’s the sane thing .

  7. When Cipollone refused to speak to what the President said and Rep Raskin rephrased the question to Powell’s assertions, which was a brilliant tactic, Cipollone had to suppress a smile!

    1. @S. Z. Yes, he definitely is. I have met him and his integrity is unquestionable. We need more like him in government. Thank goodness he is there.

  8. I guarantee Trump loved ever minute of the meeting. It was like “The Apprentice” all over again as far as he was concerned. Trump’s ego had been so deflated by his loss to “Sleepy Joe” and being told by everyone that he had lost, he regressed to his “safe place” mentally. How many have testified that he was “unhinged”? Trump is lost in his own world of delusion.

  9. Sidney Powel: “Mark Cippalone set a new land-speed record”. What a crass and insulting thing to say. She has no sense that what she did was treasonous and she makes no apology for her actions. Of all the actors, I want to see her sent to jail more than any other – even Trump.

    1. @HOWLING WOLF Age doesn’t matter. The Italian President is 80 years old and is still going strong.

    1. @topgrain they have always done that. And will continue to. The democracy some people are crying about being threatened is actually a democracy that needs to come to an end. They just dont see how their noble politicians are fucking them over harder than their perceived political enemies. This goes for both sides. Its designed this way.

  10. Gee it’s hard to understand why two outstanding members of the bar like Rudy and Powell have been disbarred.lmao.

    1. Like, but NO. NEITHER have been disbarred YET. Rudy’s license was suspended in NY, whereas Powell hasn’t lost anything yet except her sanity…if she HAD any to begin with!😳😐

  11. “General Flynn, can you please tell the committee your full name?” Flynn: “I’m taking the 5th.” The guy wouldn’t answer anything. I hope his pension has been revoked. He doesn’t deserve the title of General.

    1. @Dr Cowan because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s fraudulent, because its your partisan opposite doesn’t mean there is no facts or truth with an investigation unless you can specifically refute each piece of evidence. In this case, lots of evidence is not being refuted, and Trump appointed Judges refuting your claim. I would say, you need to be more critical of what you believe and how you evaluate what’s accurate. Or you will be again, conned by others.

  12. I love Herschmann’s smirk as he recalls the absolutely absurd conspiracy theories they were pushing. Poor guy has PTSD from all the Stoopid 🤪

    1. @Timothy Kozlowski Claims he wrote it, but that is still under dispute. The simple unwinding of this is maybe he dictated it, and she physically wrote it. A possibility is that the underlying truth could be as simple as that. or maybe one or the other is lying, but its a small point and the rest of the testimony of both have been largely coorobrated.

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