‘Thug,’ ‘Threat’: Endorsing Impeachment, Top Newspapers Unload On Trump | MSNBC

'Thug,' 'Threat': Endorsing Impeachment, Top Newspapers Unload On Trump | MSNBC 1


    1. Who would have thought? Every other country knows that Trump is an incompetent nutjob (including the majority of the U.S.), and they’re behaving as expected. China, Russia and North Korea will benefit from the dotard’s admiration of dictators. They know that ANY other President would keep them in their place. They also know they can run right over Trump with ease. Use him, then spit him out. That’s why they want him in. Pretty sick when the “President” thinks he’s friends with our enemies and has alienated ALL of our allies.

  1. In dividing Americans, our Russian enemies achieved their goal of destroying our democracy and state our government does not work. -Tecnocraft Lamborghini

  2. What Trump has done to everyone is to show us how fragile Democracy is and how much we took for granted. I see a long game by a group of undemocratic demagogic power mongers finally coming to fruition. It was a sort of perfect storm moment after decades of chipping away from the inside and outside of our assumed goals as a country. Trump in his own way is simply the most honest dishonest president who has kicked a giant hole into our idea of what is actually possible for a president to get away with when the rest of the government has been taken over by greed and partisanship. Sadly the tiebreaker ends up being the side that gets the military’s support. Empire only lasts as long as it can function as a internal protecter for its citizens and work outside as a defensive and opportunistic option for others to emulate and copy. If it fails to do these two things than it begins to collapse. I think Trump is a pivotal figure for the world in general and a sign of deep failure internally. Only time will tell if our country can survive this cancer or not.

    1. Yeah, great post except you might want to quit being so lazy and thick and actually read the transcript because you’re wasting a lot of imagination.

  3. USA: What the heck is wrong with 40% of your residents? If you haven’t noticed, your president is an Orange Pus-Bag and your democracy is being flushed down the toilet into the swamp…

    1. @Bobbie Montgomery Nope, the Truth. If you would rather have Clinton you are just dumb, or love Real Corruption.

  4. I wonder why and how the people, especially Trump supporters and even the Republicans chose to ignore the fact of Trump’s misconduct which were all of criminal nature and corruption… Even McConnel and his wife has been in the corruption, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan have done many illegal conducts…it seems that they became “numb” about what is wrong..that is why they don’t see illegality of Trump’s actions???
    And think of our future…already little kids are imitating such violent and corrupt behaviours, seeing the examples in our congressmen and even President… What kind of a country this USA would become if this “numbness” of what is wrong becomes a “normal” example?? It is really the time to remind ourselves of what is right and what kind of a country the America has to be.

    1. @Mike S hey you don’t have to convince me Trump is corrupt. Every politician in both parties are all equally corrupt

    2. @Coppydoublelopp Kliem Do you know the whistleblower and you’ve talked to her/him? S/he admitted bias and said s/he works for Biden and admitted all s/he heard was hearsay? Wow! That’s awesome. Now you can write a book about this and make some big money./s

    3. @Toni Aguilar I guess you haven’t paid attention the last 3 months on your good buddy Adam Schiff Intelligence Committee. The IG report that took the whistleblower complaint plainly said the person has a bias against Trump due to their political affiliation and past alliances in the CIA and Biden. I hate books and my bank account is just fine. Unlike Hunter Biden I didn’t need my fathers position as Vice President
      to make my money.

  5. What Mr. Friedman points out about news that is skewed to your opinions, this targeting of information is done by artificial intelligence. We see it in what is offered to us on Netflix and Youtube. The system registers our choices, what is perceived as our preferences, and offers more of the same, or “what others watched.” All large companies are using artificial intelligence in a similar way. The major drawback is just what Mr. Friedman points out “there is no Walter Cronkite” giving us the unbiased news.

  6. The system’s key weakness, faced with an outlaw like Trump, has been the unquestioned acceptance of the unconstitutional DOJ policy making a sitting President immune from criminal law. Releasing Trump from responsibilty for his multiple acts of obstructing the Mueller investigation opened the door to tyranny.

    The Constitution did not envision an Imperial DOJ, by which the Executive Branch sets itself above the law.

    1. +JRG2733 It didn’t and that’s why they impeached Trump which will always be on his record no matter what happens now. The evidence clearly shows i.e, “Russia if your listening?” and so much more that Trump thinks he’s above the law and that cannot work in a democratic republic!

  7. The way Fox News is telling their version of the news and the way the GOP is behaving it is only right newspapers give their opinions

  8. Monarchy, as was in the times of the Framers of the constitution… today the term would be ‘Dictatorship’ that one should fear, the title that D. Trump seeks like the Dictators he admires so much: Putin of Russia (who rules with family and close friends) The entire family of monarchs in Russia were murdered, Kim Jong-un supreme leader of North Korea (who didn’t hesitate to have family members murdered) plus other Dictators around the world that he admires. Today’s British monarchy is mild, loyal, respected and has relinquished her rights to tyranny and has put forth in her parliament to pays taxes like everyone else, something that D. Trump would never adhere to.

    1. Difference between an evangelist and an atheist is an atheist doesn’t pretend to follow Jesus.
      Abortion is wrong so is prostitution and drugs why dont we outlaw them and the won’t exist. You could greatly diminish abortion if we had a social net for addicts the poor the uneducated but that is socialism so let us build useless wall give rich tax cuts spend money on bombs instead of healthcare and drug treatment not prisons.

  9. Perhaps the COUNTERFEITS in our government would cease to exist if more voters would 1. value moral integrity 2. value critical thinking (education) 3. value nutrition and fitness 4. Blow more whistles!

    1. @identity7782 I think he had something to do with the culture, I was witnessing at that time…through media, pop culture etc…I could explain this in minutiae….to help you see my conclusion…but because I am currently blue in the face…I won’t. I do see your point. I was exaggerating a bit as well.

  10. Most productive House ever in American history! Democrats passed more bills AND impeached a totally corrupt President…all in less than a year!!! Compare to do-nothing Republican Senate and previous do-nothing Republican Congress.

    1. @Robin Coble on what grounds do you disagree? The republican party has been nothing but obstructionist goons for the last decade, it’s been continuously getting worse and worse.

      Look at arrest records of GOP since 2015. You’ll see lots of campaign finance and extreme election fraud, and a dozens of them have resigned under major scrutiny/scandal.

      Then you have some affairs, and some sexual harassment things from Dems. You have those on the republican side too, but they don’t usually resign from those. The republicans do everything they can to cover things up, for an example look up Roy Moore. When Dems get caught doing something like that they get forced out.

      McConnell blocked hundreds of Obama’s judge nominations, and now he is passing people who have no previous experience for Trump.

      Fox news has really done a number on you guys, tricking people into voting against their best interests. I have little faith that we’ll make it out of this anytime soon. Keeping Trump and the GOP in power just pushes us into more debt and inches us closer and closer to being a fascist oligarchy.

  11. With neither concern, nor care for consequence, rotten Republicans know they are desperately clutching at straws, tilting at imaginary windmills; their unscrupulous purpose to deceive the American people while maintaining an alternate universe delusional bubble for their rabidly partisan cult-created base. But there’s no escaping the point–like a magnet, the bubble is a bad boil inexorably drawn and inevitably bound to burst upon confronting the hard realities it ignored, to its own perilous end.

  12. Pelosi presses pause, perturbed and provoked into power play to pressure Republican Senate and SCOTUS. Fair trial in Senate with relevant, central witnesses; and courts making timely rulings forcing Trump administration to release evidence and witnesses to honor Congressional subpoenas during valid Constitutional exercise of House sole impeachment authority. You go, girl, get these God-awful goofy goons galloping gone!

  13. Tom said, “America is widely respected around the world.”
    With Trump, that should be “America used to be widely respected around the world.”

  14. Why you guys got more fake news who cares about the police were next in Trump’s ratings are go away up Democrats are going to lay down we they are the biggest Hypocrites they are there is no world if they want some real to do why don’t they go get Joe Biden maybe they could do something useful for our country for once

  15. Trying to talk about is Truth and trust. But we have only seen a DOG AND PONY SHOW BY FAKE NEWS ORGANIZATIONS TWISTING THE TRUTH.

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