Tide Of New Medical Demand Arriving As U.S. Resources Are Already Overdrawn | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Tide Of New Medical Demand Arriving As U.S. Resources Are Already Overdrawn | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow looks at the record number of Covid-19 hospitalizations in the United States that has strained the medical system nearly to the breaking point, and then points to the record number of daily new cases that will be generating new hospitalizations in the near future. How will hospitals handle the next wave? Aired on 12/4/2020.
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Tide Of New Medical Demand Arriving As U.S. Resources Are Already Overdrawn | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. Spot on!!!Trump and his Mafia family and Moscow Mitch is guilty of treason, (owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000;) Georgia Republicans -“Don’t vote for the Republicans in Georgia” Republicans Election has already been decided you lost, your top Republican officials are telling you not to vote in the Georgia runoff maybe listen to them ? #stoptrumpCOUP #trumptreason Trump is still president and 100% responsible for these deaths from Covid , stop the trump virus COUP ,all of trumps money comes from Russia , all the proof is in Trumps taxes still not released

  1. Thank the Criminally Insane Donald Trump and those that put him in the White House, supported him after he was in a position to create Chaos, and came in the way of getting rid of him!!!

    1. It will still take a while to get it under control and if the grim reaper gets back in control of the senate it’s going to be hard.

    2. Trump and his Mafia family and Moscow Mitch is guilty of treason, (owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000;) Georgia Republicans -“Don’t vote for the Republicans in Georgia” Republicans Election has already been decided you lost, your top Republican officials are telling you not to vote in the Georgia runoff maybe listen to them ? #stoptrumpCOUP #trumptreason Trump is still president and 100% responsible for these deaths from Covid , stop the trump virus COUP ,all of trumps money comes from Russia , all the proof is in Trumps taxes still not released

    1. @If you don’t vote for Biden, YOU AIN’T BIDEN So, she was born with a $30,000./day salary? Honestly, because you don’t make $30,000./day, you are somehow an expert on poverty? Read a congressional voting record, then try to say that. Sounds like you’re jealous..

    2. @If you don’t vote for Biden, YOU AIN’T BIDEN Democrats and Republicans are not enemies. The enemy is those pitting us against each other.

    3. @Elizabeth Ayres of course Dems and GOP aren’t enemies. In fact, the Dems and GOP in Congress just came together for a bicameral authorization of $740 billion for the Pentagon’s 2021 budget. Amazing how the Dems and GOP hav no problem working together when it comes to the military. $740 billion for one year is more than the next ten countries combined

    4. @Elizabeth Ayres I’m not a Republican. I’m a progressive. As far as I’m concerned both the GOP and corporate Dems are equally repulsive and complicit. And actually being an apologist for someone making 30 grand a day — which is an obscene amount for anyone — is not really flattering for you. My point of her present salary is that she’s out of touch with people and what they’re going through because she’s insulated from it and has been for a long time.
      I don’t suppose you also think Nancy Pelosi early in the shutdown showing off the shelf $12 ice creams she keeps in her $24000 refrigerator was a brilliant way for her to show us she’s just a “regular gal”?

    5. @If you don’t vote for Biden, YOU AIN’T BIDEN Rachel works for a corporation, Pelosi is a public servant, as are all in elected office. I’m an American, and slightly left of center. Big money corrupts…. money is power, power corrupts. I challenge you to find where a so-called fiscally and socially conservative Republican has not run up debt in the last 30-40 years, and where a Democrat didn’t come along and rescue the economy, only to be blamed for defecit spending and socialism, or corporate pandering? Socialism doesn’t have private corporations, and corporations have gotten most of their kickbacks from Republicans, who ruled, essentially, corporations are people, in citizens united.

  2. Should have listened to Osterholm back in August. He knew without a shutdown this was going to happen. Well here we are.

    1. @Me Here absolutely, it’s called survival of the fittest. An error on the side of caution was my personal freedom. The way I see it is people prolonging the suffering, recession and mental degradation. We could have all had our cake and ate it too by now.

    2. ​@Wayne Norris yup, sounds accurate to me, I’m in Australia, which is proof of what you just said, virus is now eliminated from Australia & the “technical recession” we had with 2 quarters of negative growth has now come to an end & everyone’s spending like mad to make up for lost time & give lots of gifts to relatives they avoided seeing for a few months

      & suicide figures for NSW/Sydney have been released & despite the bushfires & covid, there’s been no increase at all in suicides (but note that mental health support services were increased dramatically during the pandemic to make sure that was the result)

      We were paid by the government to stay home to eliminate covid, now it’s done, we’re paying taxes again to pay back that money we were paid. Why has all of this been so hard for Americans in general to grasp? America should be & could have been where Australia & New Zealand & all the countries that accepted our offers of help are right now! Feels like we live on a different planet right now!

    3. @Me Here I think it’s attitude mostly. I had a room mate from New Zealand: down to earth, jovial and certainly an equal. Americans think in terms of entitlement so having “less than” is unacceptable. There’s also an air of anti-establishment simular to Germany pre world war two. A great deal of mistrust and questioning yielding to Qanon. Lots of hipocracy from evangelicals and 1 president to harness that as well as White Supremacy. I’ve long admired your country and your history as a penal colony turning it into one of the greatest countries on earth. Had your country had Sars to aid in your management of Covid?

    4. ​@Wayne Norris no, no sars or mers here, but close enough that the government noticed them & invested in a rapid vaccine development program, but it was sold to the public as being for biological weapons/military spending, cause of the lack of experience with any serious virus actually getting into the country, so no public support for the program (the initial tests on all the vaccines were done in Australia cause we were the only western country with level 4 bio-containment for large scale animal tests apparently, we were also the first outside China to sequence it’s genome & grow it in a lab, all part of that military bio-warfare defence system)

      In terms of management, our approach was to use our strong quarantine system to try to detect all early cases & slow it’s entry/establishment into the country & then watch other countries that got it first deal with it & just copy those that succeeded & avoid repeating the mistakes anyone else made. We still managed to make a sh*t tonne of mistakes, but we did also manage to learn from others really well & because it was defence, we co-ordinated with our brothers in NZ on everything, brought each other’s citizens home, initiated each set of restrictions on the same day etc etc & also worked together to support all our less developed neighbours in the South Pacific.

      We totally had that same conspiracy/anti-government sentiment here though in Melbourne, that’s why it needed such a heavy lockdown, cause when the government tried to go door to door to test 300,000 people in hotspot locations, so as to quarantine all infected people & stop the outbreak, 10% of them refused to be tested, claiming it was to put a tracking chip in their brain (even though they were offered the less accurate but more pleasant spit in a cup test instead of the nasal probe one). That was why the lockdown was needed there, the testing refusals & also the making a point out of breaching the rules & deliberately spreading it. Every other state managed to behave & so even though Sydney, Brisbane & Adelaide have all had the same outbreak as Melbourne, none have had any difficulty containing it with public co-operation & good messaging. Sydney’s currently asking every person on 30 different trains to come forward for testing & self quarantine for 14 days, due to a cleaner at a quarantine hotel becoming infected from an American flight crew there catching those trains to & from work while infected. If those people don’t do the right thing, we’ll be like Melbourne in no time, but we’re going to full restriction removal on Monday because of no other cases for a month & the government being confident everyone exposed will do the right thing & self-isolate as directed, cause we all understand that that’s what we need to do to prevent everyone needing to do it for FAR more than 14 days. Anyway, it’s possible to control though, even with people acting like they were in Melbourne/are in America, in reality though, elimination is the only option in that setting, cause anything less & they’ll find it & deliberately spread it just to make some insane conspiracy point. It CAN be done, even when people are uncooperative!

      & btw, you know the reason our penal colony was started was cause your war of independence meant England could no longer use your country as their penal colony, like they had been doing for 200 years before that right? lol That is kinda one of the key differences between the 2 countries actually, we own & take pleasure in having that as our past, while the US has tried to deny it & wipe it form their history to be “better” than that. We don’t think we’re “better” than anyone or anything, BUT we know we can win anyway, so if we go up against a tough challenge from a virus, we just expect that David’s going to beet Goliath & the thought of failure never even occurs to us & if our government doesn’t respect that, we remove them! Our PM was on his way out! He screwed up the January fires, we’d called for his head! Covid was his saviour, he used it to win back his position & keep his head, without that, he likely wouldn’t have done so well, but he really was searching for something to use for redemption, so covid was perfect for him.

      The people here too have been expressing our desire for genuine political control ever since Julia Gillard showed us it was possible, shown clearly when we decided we wanted rainbow marriages legalised, even though no-one in parliament supported it & we pushed on that & got what we want & put to a national vote, the decision was exactly as had been expressed informally, so everything was set in that way too, to have teh government allow us to make the decisions & just set the rules & laws in line with what we demanded, trusting that what they were hearing was a real representation of the people & also trusting us to act like adults in the decisions (which again we showed on the rainbow marriage issue, when the government had tried to sabotage it & set it up to create hate & division & we overruled & rejected it all, so I guess that helped them trust us on covid decisions too) There’s not been a single policy on covid made by the government that hasn’t had majority public support. If they don’t like our call, they try to educate us & influence us, sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t & they just give us what we want, so that is teh main reason tehre’s not division here, sky news (like fox) tried to stop the Melbourne lockdown & destroy the government, but it was 90% of the people who had demanded the lockdown in the first place, so it failed, cause the people didn’t budge.

      So that’s why we succeeded, no virus experience, but political experience & an environment set up perfectly for everyone to unite against a common enemy. Interestingly that unity has now moved to China as the enemy/threat, so that’s going to be interesting to see play out, cause they might be powerful, but they have NO IDEA what they’ve unleashed & are up against from us & we won’t lose, that’s just a given to us 🙂

      Anyway, thanks for your kind words & we really do wish you all all the best, we really do wish the US would just copy us! Close state borders, so teh state governors have the control they need & it doesn’t matter if not all participate, then the participating governors announce that the lockdown will start Dec 26th (cause the people won’t support it stopping Christmas & no point starting & stopping) & set up payments for people during the lockdown & spend now till Christmas getting that sorted, so come Dec 26th, everything stops! Anyone that doesn’t stay home & isn’t an essential worker loses that weeks payment to stay home, since they didn’t do the job they were paid for & stay home. Watch the resistance drop off with a system like that in place! Especially if only some states are getting paid to stay home, the other states populations will start demanding they get it too & so the flow on will happen through the whole country, just as long as people are paid to stay home! It IS doable over there! It really is! but it does have to come from the government, grass roots won’t work on this unfortunately 🙁 All the best!!!!!!

    5. @Me Here you answered my next question about Murdoch. Do you see his influence around the world like left vs right or hijacking the right? I’m still trying to get a handle on the BBC. I know the Brits are having a hard time too. As far as China, I’d say Joe Biden will be a good partner with good diplomatic directives for more stable relationships in your region.

  3. “It will magically disappear by election day”, and yet, 71 million idiots voted for the orange plague.

    1. Nooo….Trump had such a genius healthcare plan—that would have been presented two weeks after the inauguration. That would surely have fixed all of this.

    1. Pcr test is inaccurate because they use a test created by someone who said his test didnt work. Those things are bs.

    2. @Austin W Yeah throw yourself sand in your eyes. You are of the kind that has to experience it before believing it instead of being mindful and cautious and wear a mask plus… You are only chewing informations second hand. He said she said blablabla

    3. yeh & control is no more than 1 in 100, so basically that graph shows a maxing out of testing capacity, NOT an actual number of cases 🙁

    1. I’m not sure what we expected to happen after signing our money press away to private banks in 1913. Are you surprised that after 100 years of selfish banking we have extreme wealth disparity corrupting the true values of our nation that are not tied to mammon?

    2. Surer, about 1939. Corporations now enjoy the rights of citizens, but can’t be executed, jailed or even fined out odf existence. LLCs do a superb job of isolating the investor class from the consequences of their greed…

    3. Tell that to SCOTUS. With one judgement they gave corporations individual rights when they upheld Citizens United.

  4. Stay safe everyone and look out for your fellow Americans and give some relief to our amazing Health care teams working overtime to save American lives.

  5. And yet the president does not care about all that but saving his own skin for the crimes he committed and uses vote fraud to try to hang on to the white house keys

    1. @Wisconsin Man Omg! You are amazing! You have proof that Trump will NOT present to the courts! Or does he not know of this evidence?? Oh wow. Maybe you should call him! Help him out! Since NONE of his lawyers have any proof! They keep losing every single case. They say they have proof but they show no one.

      So glad I saw this YouTube comment because the fate of democracy was hidden inside the comment section of a MSNBC video.

      -_- This stupid game might be enough for you but the rest of us know how to determine reality.

  6. They also have to find a way to dedicate time and resources to deploying the vaccine, which will be by medical staff. Which is supposed to supply millions of people.

    1. NO ONE should get a vaccine that even the companies who make or made it, has ZERO liability. Why is that? What’s in these vaccines? What are the side effects? Well the Wuhan Vaccine is unclear of what side effects there will be. But yeah, lets get 100’s of millions FORCED to take it.

  7. It is now very dangerous to have any kind of medical emergency: heart attack, traffic accident, cancer. Your treatment at your local hospital may range from poor to nonexistent. It’s not just COVID. It’s any kind of medical emergency, expected or not. Quite literally, Joe Biden cannot become president fast enough.

    1. @Wisconsin Man They are right. I suppose it will have to take most people to learn when it happens to them. Dad has a stroke but can’t be admitted for treatment within the golden hour and dies because the line was just too long. People worked half to death and make simple mistakes from exhaustion and gives the wrong medication that kills someone.

      Doctors and nurses can’t spawn themselves for the demand. It takes 4-8 yrs to educate them we don’t have the time to wait.

  8. I’m from India. I have never talked to any foreigner in my life as I live in a rural area but here I just want to say to you Americans that it pains me to see you guys in pain. I pray that you guys come out of this. Our love and support for all of you. I know you are a far more stronger country than us in all aspects but still let us know if we can help you out in any way

    1. Thanks man most here are pretending this is not happening it’s a scary thing I scared to work on the house if I get hurt there may not be help coming we are in big trouble.

    2. My niece is a respiratory therapist. When this started in March she was very skeptical and believed it was all a hoax, because she wasnʻt seeing any patients at her hospital. Now sheʻs surrounded with the dead and dying, and theyʻre relatives of her friends. It took seeing dead people for her to believe this is real. Now sheʻs exhausted and probably suffering from PTSD from all sheʻs going through.

  9. Wear masks and stay home. Death will be epic and it didn’t have to be this way.
    Let’s call it the republicans wave.

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