Ties vote advances Ketanji Brown Jackson to full Senate | USA TODAY

The 22-member Senate Judiciary Committee voted along party lines for an 11-11 tie, rather than offering a "favorable" or "unfavorable" recommendation.
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Though the tie vote adds a procedural step, it won't stop Jackson's nomination from moving to the full Senate for consideration. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., can set the schedule for a full chamber vote, where Jackson is likely to be confirmed before Congress leaves for Easter recess at the end of the week.

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    1. @TheRagingShiba I think he had every right to say that, especially after the last few years we’ve watched police kill black people, but nobody saying anything of any importance, so for him to say that was yeah important for his campaign but it meant alot to alot of people

  1. We’re going to get what we deserve with this absolute cowardly monster. What a circus, and that’s just so far. Congress constantly letting the voters down at wild expense.

    1. I would speak but I’m not an English scholar I would have an opinion but I’m not a philosopher. I would stand for something but I’ve been told my entire life that my opinion doesn’t matter so I’m going to encourage other people not to stand up either!

  2. I’m still googling who this person named Ties is and how they determined the vote. Journalism degree via mail order anyone ?

  3. Just imagine 60 years ago MLK spoke about being judged by the content of your character,
    60 years later we still pick and choose by the color of our skin 🙄 real progress

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    1. Good thing she was voted in based on her intelligence and overqualification. Time to watch the Conservatards cry…

  4. Kamala Harris wasn’t disaster enough of a token hire, so Biden is following it up with this beaut of a hire.

  5. Can anyone in this comment section site me a law that defines what a woman is and why it is even appropriate to ask someone to define it as a member of our judicial system?

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