Tiffany Cross Addresses Meghan McCain’s Criticism Of Supposed ‘Identity Politics’ | MSNBC 1

Tiffany Cross Addresses Meghan McCain’s Criticism Of Supposed ‘Identity Politics’ | MSNBC


Meghan McCain’s criticism of so-called ‘identity politics’ is critiqued by Tiffany Cross this week on The Cross Connection on MSNBC.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Tiffany Cross Addresses Meghan McCain’s Criticism Of Supposed ‘Identity Politics’ | MSNBC


    1. Yes I agree. The old Republican party were warmongers like George Bush, and they shipped all the jobs over to China along with other administrations like Clinton and Obama. The new Republican Party actually puts America first, but you communist Democrats hate America and want China first. That’s why you elected a Chinese president in China Joe Biden. Who in 60 days has done more damage to the country than any president in history. Take a look at the southern border, it’s not a crisis it’s an invasion. Say goodbye to America it’s been destroyed

    2. @Facts First No, the “new Republican Party” puts Donald Trump first. Literally everything trails far, far behind, ESPECIALLY America.

    3. @Facts First Why is it that whenever someone has a name like ‘facts first’ facts and reality are totatally absent. Destroyed the country more in 60 days than any president in history made me laugh…like what?


    1. I think you are wrong. She knows exactly what she wants to do with the rest of her life, that is to live off the fact that her father was John McCain and that she is in effect, ‘conservative’ royalty.

    2. @Doug Lowe no she isn’t, she has had one of those as well as being on MSNBC And various radio gigs and political campaigns. Her résumé is pretty extensive despite obvious prominence via her family circumstances

    3. @Tim Marshall Mebbe..but when Judge Gin nane is carted off to rehab, don’t be surprised if Arizona Princess gets that slot, lol

    1. @Tim Marshall Ya, sure, she’s earned everything in her life on her own merit. Right.

      What would be fun is if we could prove that. We could have our own version of Naked&Afraid: Trust fund baby edition. Drop Meghan in Stockton under an alias with no cash, no credit cards and no cell phone, just a lease on a $2000 a month apartment and several blank job applications. Caveat: She can’t walk into the apartment until she can pay the first month’s rent. Let’s see how long she can last.

    2. @Tim Marshall Reality checks are not welcome here. Just hate and making fun of people. This is where the nasty kids in school have fallen.

    1. Uh, Trump isn’t president anymore. You can also change the channel. You are probably just mad that people are FINALLY noticing how racist you all are. I cannot count how many times I’ve heard you guys say blacks are incapable of getting id’s.

    2. That’s a good answer Megan a few shining moments taking jabs at Trump after that yawn they should bump her off the show.

    3. Lincoln Apache, I’m guessing you are posting from or around Ruidoso.
      I’ll take hours and hours of Meghan everyday rather than the 74 year old man-child czar wannabe Typhoid Trumputin.
      Sure Meghan is annoying and I don’t watch the View but Trumputin killed at least 400,000 Americans because he did not want to wear a mask, scared it would smear the makeup he slathers on his face.

  2. “Megan McCanines only talent is finding good black hair stylist and benefiting from nepotism” That’s hilarious

    1. @Bobby S That is your second comment on this thread and I toasted you on the last comment you made to me!!

    2. @Joe Dementia Kid Smell quote my comment lol or even quote your response to it (since you didn’t because I didn’t comment..). Cause I just wanted the video an hour ago and my comment says 56 minutes ago.

    3. @Bobby S lmfao first facts. That is how your comment started and you talk about immigration and saying it’s just seasonal! DERP

    1. @Brian Nave I just saw this on some major Media outlets plural. Don’t believe Fauxnews, but that border is inhumane and our Gov has known for years and done Jack

    2. @HunterBiden’sGun I don’t know who you’re talking to, but if you’re a male or you’re religious beliefs have anything to do with my body. STFU

    3. @HunterBiden’sGun If you don’t have I.D. it can be very expensive, take a long time ,and is a lot of effort. My mother moved and to get a new license in that state had to get a birth cert, and she’d outlived 2 husbands and divorced one so she had to get all of those marriage lic. and death certificates for the 2 and divorce and dead cert. for the other one. It all costs money. Since her first husband died in 1061 in a tiny town it was a long wait and some major deal involved in it.If you don’t have the internet or know how to use it ( like many older folks it’s really hard. The internet still is only in a small part of the county I live in and I was on the waiting list for 10 years. I got it just over a year ago. Cell phones don’t work here.

    1. @RowRedRound Joe Biden voted for the Iraq war. He gave Bush the green light to go to war, called him a bold leader, praised him many times. Bernie Sanders called out Biden on his decision. Shame on Biden, he a moron.

    2. @AT 1984 I didn’t mention Biden at all? The original comment is about Megan hurting her fathers memory. You’re winning an imaginary victory because you’re a moron.

    1. @GiGi B But why…….once she starts talking she never stops! Who cares what she has to say! I would rather that her mother, Cindy be on the show.

    2. @Donna Moore I think her mother would be great too!! The reason Megan, is still on, is because she is good for ratings. Look how many news outlets, podcasts, articles ect cover her, because of her behavior. That makes, more people turn in to watch the View, even if they complain about her, it still causes, the rating numbers to go up…

  3. Who needs talent when everything was given to you. Privileged people like her are the underbelly of this country

    1. @HunterBiden’sGun anyone who says that, I would say, are oxygen thieves, and these people shouldn’t be given a platform or soap box, even if daddy was, arguably, a good person

    2. @Plen122 There action say it. Math is racist etc. It’s an insult to the Black American community.

    1. @Sea Pea Those tantrums were so embarrassing. I’ve babysat 2 year olds who were better behaved on their worst day than MEghan.

      Tim Marshall-Any regular viewer of The View knows that John McCain didn’t have to be in the news for any particular reason nor did MEghan need an excuse to remind the world who her father is. Her identity and whatever merit she thinks she has to be on the show is tied to being John McCain’s daughter. What she knows about politics and the military is because of him, not because she had that lived experience. Now it’s true she has media experience, however, once upon a time when The View was not so political, the only qualifications needed to be on the show was to be female with an opinion. After a while they got complaints that conservatives opinions weren’t represented and so they made sure to have at least one Conservative voice.

      This why MEghan’s remarks were so tone deaf. The reason she got the hosting gig on The View is not because of any special qualifications, but because of *her identity*

    2. ​@Tim Marshall John McCain kicked Meghan off his campaign for spreading conspiracy theories. Her degree is in art history. She is nothing but a commentator (a Faux Spews puppet) and the only reason she got that far is from riding on her father and mother’s names. Her husband publishes lies, propaganda and conspiracies. She has no merit, expertise or relevance. She would be the waitress at the local Pancake House if not for her father’s name and Whoopie’s generosity. The irony of identity politics is lost in her hypocrisy.

    3. A women. Not a Lady. A wealthy, entitled, elite, child of a well regarded congressman.. Using her position to inform the rest of us how difficult it is being a white conservative!! She will so well @ FOX.

  4. Absolutely blistering. The sad part is that she is utterly blind to the fact that she is the walking embodiment of both white and class privilege. But like so many who enjoy those privileges she is usually wrong—-but never without an irrelevant opinion—-as she lectures others about a life experience that she is wholly ignorant of. Gotta love America…..

    1. She isn’t blind to it, she embodies it! That why everything is “my father, my father” instead of “my thoughts, my family’s thoughts”.
      Everything you said is true but you’re missing the fact this is part of the game. She knows she’s privileged and she knows others are not. She’s not dumb.

      She makes her money being the “conservative” on a talk show with a diverse bunch of liberal women. Where else could she make like this? Liberals love to hate her and conservatives (if they really watch) feel bad for her, perfect marketing combo!

  5. I think Princess Arizona found out that her time on the View is getting cut short, and since the obvious new host would be Asian, she’s putting forth the reverse racism excuse for her exit.

    1. I’m black, but i love me some Ana Navarro, so keep all but Meghan and add two more Ana and an Asian??

    2. That makes no sense, Meghan cited that a grand total of one host in 25 years of the view has been Asian, that in no way guarantees the next host will be Asian
      She was showing quite effectively that the program does not adhere to the principles Duckworth was pushing for and it’s arguably more important because cabinet secretaries don’t that often discuss racial issues unless it’s HUD secretary and a couple of others but the View discusses racial issues just about every episode, so about 100 times a year

    1. @Jack Beard ok. Tell me: how is the tyranny of the rich going for you? You enjoy all the kids that starved to death this year because these rich animals control everything?

    2. @tenebrous soul I could say that more vile tyranny happened in socialistic countries than any other. China is one right now. Germany was the National Socialist party (Nazi for short). They literally burned children alive and their workers didn’t care or were not allowed to know about it so that it didn’t impact their vote. Socialism brings about much harsher tyranny than any other as sociopath’s have to work a lot harder to gain control in a capitalistic society than it does in a socialist society.

    3. @R/ S Nazi’s were literally the prime example as to why socialism doesn’t work. Same with the Soviets. No diversity and all information is controlled since your vote is the only thing that counts. It makes it easy for someone to come in and seize control. Instead, a capitalistic society, the only opportunity is to decrease your income so your vote doesn’t count economically. That is what is currently unintentionally happening. Socialism destroys the freedom of the press.

  6. I don’t even want to complain about THAT PRINCESS MY-FATHER….I want to talk about Tiffany’s MAJIC BRAIN! She is eloquent, smart/brilliant, hilarious and sarcastic as h***! I just admire her so so much.

  7. Now THAT’S how u READ a B! Eloquent, calm tone, facts then snatch their soul out of their throat with a smile & just a sprinkle of black girl magic!

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