Tiffany Cross On GA Senate Race: 'Nobody Should Operate As Though The Win Is At Their Back’ 1

Tiffany Cross On GA Senate Race: ‘Nobody Should Operate As Though The Win Is At Their Back’


NBC’s Blayne Alexander and MSNBC's newest anchor and author of "Say It Louder! Black Voters, White Narratives, & Saving Our Democracy" join MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt to discuss Georgia’s Senate Runoff. Aired on 12/04/2020.
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Tiffany Cross On GA Senate Race: 'Nobody Should Operate As Though The Win Is At Their Back’


    1. @Vern Miller your confused. McConnell will continue to block much needed and the the American people, people like you who needs it. Don’t understand how you can vote against your own interests just because of your party. Just think foe yourself doe once…

    2. @Vern Miller So here’s a question: Have you read the history of the various revolutions against autocratic rule? Do you know what life was like for the French, and Russians and Chinese and Cubans etc. who finally had enough of being treated like disposable cattle by their owners and masters? Our own revolution against England was in the same vein. Of course every revolution risks being co-opted by the same old psycho worshipers of money and power–we in the U.S. are experiencing that right now. If we want to achieve desirable results, slapping a label on something and then demonizing that label is not a valid procedure.

    3. @Vern Miller Trump and Republicans are commies, we have bread lines everywhere, millions out of jobs and starving. So we are just trying to get the commies out, you should be thanking us.

  1. Which is it REPUBLICANS?? Your leader will be there to say fraud!!! Now..Pence is saying NO FRAUD??!!
    Make up your dam minds!!!

  2. We need to take control of senate away from Mitch!! Georgia u gotta rock the vote BLUE!! America is in ur hands!!

    1. If Mitch looses the Majority Leadership, The Biden Administration can get things done for the American People! Mitch in the Minority will make his next two years a waste of his time!

  3. Republicans cry fraud because they themselves intend to commit voter fraud. Like the cheating husband who accuses his wife of infidelity to distract from the fact that he’s doing it.

  4. Democrats still to get out and vote….this could be a trick for Democrats to become complacent……..


    1. Unless you are white, cuz then despite being the vast majority of Democrats, all i keep hearing is that only the ‘black’ voters matter… the dnc is doing the exact same thing as the gop. They are discouraging their own voters with anti reality propaganda… evert vote matters. Stop being racist msnbc/dnc/ self proclaimed liberal yt channels…

    2. @Terry Fulds Don’t feel that way. All American voters are important no matter which party. I feel they have talked so much about African American and people of color voters; because since we could remember as African American people our votes have always been the vote to suppress.. Be blessed

    3. All Trump voters need to make their protest sound out like a clarion call throughout the land. Don’t trust the Georgia Democrats. Don’t trust the Georgia Republicans. Don’t vote.

    4. @Terry Fulds
      All votes matter! Every single vote matters. Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Indigenous… everyone. The focus may have been lately on black voters because they have not always used their vote and, having been encouraged to do so, have seennthat their votes can effect change.
      The only thing now is to get the grifters out and decent people in, to elect senators who actually care about the citizens and will work on their behalf.

  5. What Pence says is irrelevant, he failed as Task force man in charge.
    So much happening in GA. People being harassed and threatened cuz of the election false rhetoric from Mr. Trump. Scandalous !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Republicans!! Your vote won’t be counted so why Bother?? Don’t bother Republicans,,, there’s NO POINT in voting in GA,, so just stay home.

    1. Yeah listen to ur leader: trump. He knows it, never told a lie, so republican votes will be flipped to democrats, stay home and maybe rep. Senators win

  7. The world is hoping common sense wins in Georgia and every Democrat votes and Republicans put country before party. The world is sick of Trump and his destructive actions.

  8. Dear Georgians: please get out in numbers too big to rig and too real to steal. VOTE BLUE and take back the Senate.


    1. Yes he is looking money to finance him when he get out . He is not entreated in election gust tji o get money forhimselft someone telling him what to do because he not That smart Right.

  9. She said “wind is as their back”, not win. Get out the vote Georgia! The rest of USA is rooting for you. Be safe.

  10. Democrats should simply keep quiet and watch the republicans’ Senate candidates decimated by their own leader Trump.

  11. Georgia, you do not need two more ultra rich senators. You need people who know your circumstances and can fight for you.

    1. A welcomed late Christmas Present!! Fingers crossed that the BLUE WAVE continues in Georgia, January 2021!! Vote for Ossoff and Warnock for the US Senate!

  12. We need to take control of senate away from Mitch!! Georgia u gotta rock the vote BLUE!! America is in ur hands!!

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