1. Dhanraj Mohan | July 15, 2020 at 9:14 PM | Reply

    Public comments.currant administration need to respect the rules of ccj and resign from government. The whole world is watching and waiting for free and fair elections in Guyana.. currupion practice must stop now before Guyana can move forward in the right direction. Democracy must prevail in Guyana. Mr Granger need to resign from government.

  2. Dhanraj Mohan | July 15, 2020 at 9:25 PM | Reply

    Public comments. Guyanese people choose who they wanted to manage and maintain the country effectively and that is clearly done with transparency and accountability elections process with all parties involved in electoral process. So why trying to rigg the election results. The whole world is watching. Current administration need to respect and comply with the re count. And allowing Democracy to prevail in Guyana. So Guyanese people can move forward in the right direction now. Please accept Mr Granger you loss the election. The laws and Constitution must be respected and fallow by everyone involved in electoral process. Caricom Secretariat and international community and Carter center involved to insure transparency and accountability was done with transparency and accountability. Please let Guyana recovery Mr Granger please talk with others who are trying to rigg the election results to stop playing games with Democracy rights of guyanese people. Guyanese people is struggling since current administration take power. No growth and development only currupion practice by current administration on Durban park and feasibility study for Demerara harbour bridge and drugs bound and 18 millions dollars signing bonus money Guyanese people need to know now,where is the money going. Plus resources sold gold and others buxite timber and managenise rice and sugar. Where is the money going.plus tax payers and other taxes in millions of dollars where is the money going guyanese people need to know now. Currupion practice must stop now


  3. We are witnessing the normal bullyism perpetrated by the United States. These people interfere with every country in the world. Imagine Pompeo of all people is talking about human rights and justice when he is the walking poster for violating it.

    Our court system is still functioning, however, Mr. Pompeo is pronouncing before a decision is made with threats. The latter is an example of strong arm tactics. On top of that, you have a segment of our population who would corroborate with Venezuela to invade their own country if it means deposing the government. These people are traitors.

    Most of you outside islanders speak what Mercury PR has blown up your you know what. Guyana is being sacrificed by special interest because opposition leader made a sweetheart deal with ExxonMobil to give them our oil for free. Just think people. None of these people; including the US cared anything about Guyana five years ago. It’s all about the oil and you Caricom sisters and brothers have also sold your souls to the highest pimp. Our former PM/President, Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham was a founding member of Caricom. These great leaders are all turning over in their graves to the low level Caricom finds itself in.

    I would even go as far as to ask Guyanese citizens if it is even worth having Caricom headquartered on our soil.

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