Tighter Covid-19 Measures Coming - PM | TVJ Midday News - July 27 2021 1

Tighter Covid-19 Measures Coming – PM | TVJ Midday News – July 27 2021

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  1. Given preferential treatment to some is making it mandatory for the rest who is not taking it mr PM.

    1. Normaline, treating teachers different because of vax, same as star of david sewn to jews clothes. Marks them apart
      Less party party and obey mask and distance. You cant do that dance and drink
      And not think.
      I feel sorry for that industry but out of control parties are all over with no rules or oversite. Ja. Is in trouble. The young need to do mandates for the sake of all of we.

    2. @vgnvz You understand for most this virus has a 99.97% survival rate? The mandates you speak of, masks for 1 don’t do anything but make you more prone to infection, cause bacterial infect & aren’t effective at stopping aerosolized particals more than 30 x smaller than holes in masks, you would need a hazmat suit & oxygen to stop a virus. Social distancing actually weakens your immune system & stops us from interacting & passing benefical germs & bacteria back & forth, something our immune systems are designed to do. Lockdowns are ridiculous & don’t work, they do demoralize, cause depression, anger, pain, lonliness & suicide. You may have lost your business, home, divorced, spent your retirement savings & after more than 18 months you are still being told wether you can earn a living, see family/’friends go to school etc & all for an illness that has a death rate of .03%. The debts govt have racked up will take decades for you & your kids/grandkids to pay off! Did your govt employees lose any $ this last 18 mos? Has their standard of living been negatively impacted? Ask how they know the shots are Safe, b/c they can’t possibly know there are NO long term studies, Hell these wern’t even tested on animals b/c all the animals died after contracting the next corona virus aka flu! They’re pushing them hard before they’re forced to take away the “experimental use authorization” Ask why you can’t get ” I verm e c tin ” a cheap effective treatment that’s been used for decades to treat malaria & can stop this virus in it’s tracks! Ask why they don’t advise to increase your Vitamin D intake, this helps to fight corona virus & most admitted to hosp had low levels. Even dark skin ppl in your climate have low D. Use your common sense & your immune system along with some critical thinking skills & decide do you want a untested substance injected into your body, esp when you can still contract it & pass it on? Do you want to be forced to be injected against your rights & will? Should your kids be forced to get it or not attend school? Do you want to show a vax passport everywhere you go? What does all this lead to? Hundreds more vaccines are waiting to be pushed through under Emergency use, they have them ready, just need to release the new viruses they’ve created! They are making HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS IF NOT TRILLIONS & ALL WITH NO LIABILITY FOR SIDE EFFECTS OR DEATH! Wake up! Do not take the depop shot, wait & see what happens after your flu season at least & fight back against any talk of mandatory vax!

    3. @Jake Filmore yes you are the most who will be ok. I am ever so happy for you and your strength. There are those on the other side of this who would like to live longer. Being safe in mandates allows everyone to live longer. That is my opinion only of course

    4. @vgnvz I guess you are one of the many sheep. You probably think that the govt has your best interests in mind so I’ll leave you with this famous quote “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are I’m from the government and I’m here to help ~ Ronald Reagan

  2. Teachers need to get better quality pay sir you need to speak and that topic about teachers salary it is nothing teachers get at the end of the month teacher salary cannot buy two solid loaf of bread

  3. Are the teachers could stay away from the classroom I gave my full support to every teacher not Miss Williams


    1. No, he’s planting the seed of division for the ppl to turn against the un-jabbed just like everywhere in the world pushing these shots! They’re manipulating the sheep into following the govt & their media lies they use to lead your way of thinking, it’s psychological warfare. Those with common sense & critical thinking skills will see this those to lazy to bother thinking won’t. They want to Force these shots, which don’t have a very high protection rate & the # of adverse effects & deaths are being hidden, similar to how they created “covid +” deaths out of almost every death, stabbed=covid death, car accident=covid heart attack=covid Now those who die after the shots are being listed by medical cause ie: heart attack, pneumonia etc. If anyone tells you these shots are Safe ask them to prove how they know as there has been NO TESTING of them, WE ARE BEING USED AS GUINEA PIGS! There are NO long term studies! They have NO IDEA what will happen in the future & Dr’s with opposing voices are censored, but many think there will be massive amount of death in 2-5 yrs! You all need to Fight now & put a stop to Mandatory Vaccine talk! It’s YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE! They won’t stop creating “vaccines” once they become mandatory, they make hundreds of Billions off them! Increase your VITAMIN D! They won’t even tell you that! Most ppl don’t have enough D, even dark skin in sunny climates, which is what helps you fight off flu virus! Why won’t they tell you? Think about it! Build Back Better= NWO, Agenda2030, Bill Gates, Event201 in Oct 2019 where they planned this Scamdemic!

    2. @Jake Filmore Well said. I could feel the passion while I read your note. “My body, my choice.” I agree.


  5. Can someone say what’s happening with the voice of man a yard, his normal voice we know off is dead, my god!!!

  6. Give the vaccine to to those who want and forget about those who don’t want to. Why force or beg people to take the vaccine.

    1. And then remember now they all said that you cannot sue if anything is wrong with you while taking this vaccine so why forcing people to do so then if the vaccine is helping anyone those who are vaccinated should get better and stay better why paying attention to those who don’t want it Madness remember people have condition that damn themselves don’t know about

  7. This government think he is the only one can make decisions hell no. If we don’t send children to school teachers cant teach so we as parents need to stand with the teacher. Life is a choice that is what Jesus Christ gave us choice. Andrew the blood a Jesus is against you and your social system

    1. You already spike the covid 19 in Christmas and election yet you dont get charge but you want to charge you.

  8. Jamaican people old firm to your decision don’t let no job no nothing at all change or take away that from you there is a God that we serve fine another way of surviving We Will Survive God will provide don’t let because of these people you’ve been brainwashed to take something that you do not believe in

  9. An experimental drug nobody knows the long term side effects off, and you want to force people to take it. Humans are stupid. I wish I could isolate myself from these so-called bright people who have no sense. Or they are just evil.

    1. Bingo! You win the prize! They have NO COMMON SENSE! We are better off w/o them. Been trying to wake ppl up for yrs, most seem content to be manipulated, controlled & effectively are slaves. Everyone must tell govt NO MANDATORY MEDICAL TREATMENTS EVER! Increase your Vitamin D intake as this works yo help your working imkune sydtem to fight corona virus. Remind them of the Nueremberg Code & the penalty for breaking it, Death!

    2. Too much education lick out them senses. Most of them only listen to people who are up there in society. Sadly their lifespan will be cut short.

  10. Straight from foreign the pm derive this policy. Weak leadership.
    God bless any nation and leader who doesn’t bow to UK , USA, Israel, Germany and the likes.

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