TikTok's latest trend isn't a dance. It's financial advice 1

TikTok’s latest trend isn’t a dance. It’s financial advice


Financial planners are usually older men. But not on TikTok. Meet the young women using the app to change the narrative around financial literacy.

Produced by Sofia Barrett



    1. Hello there I’m connecting with business minded people with whom I can share a lucrative investment proposal that will earn you passive income without taking up your time if you decide to venture into it, can I share this with you?

  1. How about we teach these actual life lessons in school instead of hoping the kids stumble across a tiktok

  2. I love watching kids grow up. Every generation does and thinks the same things but eventually we all grow up. I thinks it’s amazing they’re doing this and helping each other.

  3. Then suddenly new legislation will be written to regulate tiktok and other social media sites or it will be shorten the amount of time you can give information like this.

  4. Nice! Thank you! I installed tiktok App once and felt useless, now, I think I have to download it again.

  5. This is what they should be teaching in school basic money management and how the stock market works to many low income kinds are staying low income adults because of bad money management not because they are not working hard

  6. Tiktok is not a good place to be nor is it a good source of info, BUT I am happy that these people want to help other people learn. Btw this is Haydee Ronnie’s daughter. (These are my words not hers).

  7. Stocks are crashing bitcoin investment right now will be at every wise individual’s list. In three two months you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

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