Tim Alberta: Biden ‘On Paper Is Tailor-Made For This Moment’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Tim Alberta: Biden ‘On Paper Is Tailor-Made For This Moment’ | Deadline | MSNBC


Chief political correspondent for POLITICO Tim Alberta, former Congresswoman Donna Edwards, and Washington Post national political reporter Matt Viser discuss how President-elect Joe Biden can govern a country that is so deeply divided. Aired on 12/15/2020.
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Tim Alberta: Biden ‘On Paper Is Tailor-Made For This Moment’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @grin chi Well, just to let you ALL know this is what “Dictator Trump” said: I’m not really worried about “The American People” because I have my Family and Lots of Money from my “Supporters and Followers” so Sad he only cares about you if you have money for his “Legal Claims and Campaigns/Fundraisers” if not “Trump” will eventually “Fire You All Too” he really don’t care about any of You “Republican Supporters Trump just needs your “Financial Support and when he is done you All will be “History he will Fire You” like he has done to SO many of his “Own Republican Parties and Aides” as well as his “Supporters” don’t get your “Life or Freedom taken away” it’s definitely not worth being away from your “Families and Loved Ones and Friends”

    2. @grin chi Calm down and take a deep breathe. Trump is yesterday news. Move on and don’t let his loss eat your whole life up. Trump is not worth it.

    3. @L H do you remember the russia hoax and # not my president.
      Get ready for the pendulum to swing back. Trumps supporters are more motivated than ever. This battle has just started. Trumpism is here to stay for a bit.
      Also before you say something stupid to me or about me. I am just the messenger. Just telling you what to expect.
      Im not part of your partisan game. Just watching with disgust as a propaganda war destroys the usa because a few rich people have locked horns in a power struggle.
      Best of luck to all of you out there.
      I think we are going to need it.

    1. @Jeremy Backup I disagree..and apparently so do a growing number of African Americans. I am not so much a Trump supporter. I am more interested in how the media shapes opinion. And they have constantly painted Trump and anyone who follows him as a racist. Trumps communication skills left much to be desired. But to say 78 million people are racist is miscarriage of journalistic integrity.

    2. @Asweatyhog I hope you are wrong, because if you are right, Biden isn’t much better than Trump and his children.

    3. @Jeremy Backup Biden has zero credibility. He’s been in politics over 40 years with nothing to show for it besides being known as the creepy Vice President. Now he is President. Everyone should be worried.

    1. Thanks to everyone posted here and in Georgia that has voted for Ossoff and Warnock. Americans truly deserve a government that will work for us, not against us.

    1. Character adjustment? This reporter encouraged physical violence against Trump because of “a response to a politicians wife”

    2. Democrats should have flipped Maine and Kentucky and South Carolina already. Georgia should also already have 2 Democrat Senators.

  1. The alternative facts people fear the unknown repercussions of their past actions, that’s it, deflect and project.

  2. I think we all need to drink the “kool-aid” of optimism as it were. We know what kind of America we all want to live in and we need to live like we’re already there. The Democrat/Republican thing won’t do anyone any good. The election is over, it’s time to move forward. Each American needs to take it upon themselves to do the the work of creating the country they wish to live in.
    One man didn’t get us to where we are right now, he had a lot of help. One man can’t fix it either, he’s going to need our help.

    1. It not that Blue, many of them has lost the factory jobs to China and Vietnam of all places. We didn’t do enough to protect them.

  3. Has anyone done a proper analysis of the ‘depth’ of Trump’s base? The media only interviews republicans in MAGA hats and Trump merchandise. I’m curious…

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