Tim Kaine On Affordable Care Act, Infrastructure, And Voting Rights 1

Tim Kaine On Affordable Care Act, Infrastructure, And Voting Rights


Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) joins Ayman to remark on the Supreme Court upholding the Affordable Care Act, attempts to repeal the 2002 Iraq AUMF, infrastructure, and voting rights.

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  1. Too much talk not enough satisfaction.
    Ironic how some much time is used for Tv time instead of The Peoples Time.
    SideBar I see the A,
    Q-Anon Digital Warrior dares to comment.

  2. The Health insurance industry waste loads of money lobbying the GOP to end the ACA & put premiums up to pay for it.

    1. Really? Yet prior to the so called ACA premiums were LOWER. Then they went up 150% in some places and up in ALL states. Then you got fined for NOT taking that “ACA”.

  3. Yes. It isn’t about the money for Republicans. It’s money ‘for the greater good’ they object to. McConnell is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

    1. @JJ Strumr So Obamacare isn’t just Romneycare taken national? LOL okay then. Go snort your DNC kool-aid

    2. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson No doubt it’s similar. Not many could have taken it nationally … with Republicans and the Healthcare Industry pushing against it all the way. Obama did the first step in many that need to be taken on a national level. I’m glad Romney started a similar program. Thank you Mitch!

    3. @Roger Out How do you figure that. It was Republicans who forced a government shutdown to push
      It wasn’t Republicans who said your premiums wouldn’t go up and you can keep your insurance and physician.

    1. @Johnny English That’s a gross exaggeration and is mostly made up of geriatrics because they’re the only ones who still watch corporate media

    2. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson
      You’re a geriatric yourself gramps!
      Look up the viewing age of a Fox viewer!

    3. @B. T. LMAO you fools always pull the Fox viewer card LMAO , they are MSM also and have become worthless as well !

  4. Millions of people during the middle of a National health emergency are reliant on their health care plans. Republicans have been promising to Repeal and replace for 10 years and still no health care plan.

    1. Except the sad reality is that ACA barely covers anything and taxpayers have to pay for a service that doesn’t actually help people.

  5. Juneteenth is “a day in which we remember the moral stain and the terrible toll that slavery took on the country—and continues to take.”

    More emotional programming for black people that choose to opt in to the perpetual victim mentality.

    1. May you experience what ever it is you need to become wiser in your spiritual understanding. May you step into the light

  6. Look at what ACA covers and how much it costs.
    I’ve never met anyone that uses ACA and for a good reason.

  7. Has anyone noticed Joe Biden starting to look more and more like Reverend Kane from poltergeist 2

    1. TRUMP lost. get over it !!! And let’s get on to the business of putting the country back together again !!! morons tweet, tweet…tweet!!!

    2. @Richie Tattersall Does it oppose the expansion of Medicare like the inbred, de-evolved, anti-abortion-suicide-death-KKKult

  8. With tens of millions of Americans that cannot afford healthcare, especially during a pandemic, Republicans want top add more misery to them.

    1. @Roger Out
      “Rights” do NOT have to be defined within the United States Constitution care of the 9th Amendment.
      This is the ONLY major country in the world that does NOT have National Healthcare.

  9. This is the reason why the corrupt Joe Biden won the election, “ We put together I think the most exclusive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”. Joe Biden, 2020.

    1. @JJ Strumr it turned worst than was expected Vladimir Putin disrespected, mocked, chastised, and humiliated the pathetic coward Joe Biden and made a mockery of the United States,

  10. Those fools aren’t even ATTEMPTING to replace it, if they were, voting for them MIGHT make sense, they’re not, they’re commiting Political Suicide, AGAIN!!!

  11. “Buy a man eat fish, he day, teach fish man, to a lifetime.” .
    Joe Biden

    1. “You know, there’s a, uh — during World War II, you know, Roosevelt came up with a thing that uh, you know was totally different than a, than the, you know he called it you know the, World War II, he had the war… the war production board.” — Joe Biden

    2. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson SO WHO was telling us to gargle with bleach and use UV enema?

  12. Joe Biden’s jobs bill includes childcare also. College and healthcare should both be free already; like in civilized countries.

  13. If it cannot prove it is *NOT* insane and suicidal; then its comments are meaningless; QrumpliKKKlan.

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