Tim Kaine Tries to Block Hillary Corruption Talk by Mike Pence! 10/4/16

Tim Kaine tries to block Hillary Clinton corruption and the Clinton Foundation corruption talk by Mike Pence! 10/4/16

Mike Pence and Tim Kaine – Vice Presidential Debate – October 4, 2016



  1. Kaine’s strategy was literally to overtalk Pence to surpress his points
    about Clinton corruption anytime he tried to bring it up.

  2. Kaine, why don’t you quit scribbling on ur notepad, and pay attention!!!
    You might learn a little something, you freakin’ idiot!!! Ur acting like a
    2nd grader!!!

  3. Hillary does not have a history that shows that she cares about people. Her
    history shows that that she has used disasters as a tool to make money for
    her and her cronies. Hillary’s past shows that she is a liar and her future
    conduct will be no different. She will lie and deceive to get what she
    wants and nothing else.

    1. nobody wants the Syrian refugees in this country Hilary doesn’t care about
      what the American people want

  4. Kaine lost his train of thought and kept trying to go on, stumbling over
    his foot he kicked into his mouth!

  5. Answer the question scum bag!!! Of course you can’t. Hillary’s criminal,
    corrupt ways can’t be defended.

  6. I believe this moderator is the one that should be doing the Presidential

    🇺🇸 Trump/Pence 2016 🇺🇸 

  7. Kaine looks like a child molester! A evil Grinch. he’s a lying weasel
    snake. these are the leaders of this country? were in trouble. Kaine
    interrupted Pence 70 times during the debate. He belongs in front of a
    firing Squad.

  8. By the way, Kaine had some sort of device at his water shelf that he
    touched just before sitting down and if you look at the end of the debate
    the same guy that was hanging around Hillary’s podium removed something
    from Kaine’s sitting area. The Hillary and Kaine team are just fricking
    slimey. Can’t stand them!

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