Tim Kaine: White House Impeachment Lawyers Avoid Making An Argument On Witnesses | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Tim Kaine: White House Impeachment Lawyers Avoid Making An Argument On Witnesses | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


  1. “Open to thinking about it”……..we know that’s a lie because Republicans are incapable of thinking.

  2. Why is the GOP leadership so intent on self-destruction? It’s a fascinating, psychological case study. It’s like a commodities trader who tries to make money by pyramiding a position trending against him or her — locked into an acute state of confirmation bias.

  3. Of course they don’t want to make that argument in public now, they see the polls and know American’s will be more outraged. That’s the least they can do because we all know Moscow Mitch is pushing the GOP to find Trump innocent anyway…regardless of what the witnesses say!

  4. Witnesses AND documents.
    ALL of them.
    This is a trial.
    (& no… i am NOT talking about putting Hunter Biden & Joe Biden in the mix. That is just stupid.)
    Mick Mulvaney, John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani & Mike Pompeo would be great.

    1. @Drake Fire I don’t read Blogs. Just Security ?? Never heard of it. $3.4 Million already transferred to the Bidens and Joe was the Obama Admin’s representative to Ukraine. When an article has 2 authors it’s normally a dodge .. a cutout ..because they are going to write false info they can blame on each other. Enjoy your echo chamber.. I won’t be joining you. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7592235/Hunter-Biden-paid-83-333-month-Ukrainian-gas-company-ceremonial-figure.html

    2. @Closeoutracer So, you don’t understand that Hunter Biden is an adult, nor want to understand that Shokin was fired due to his failure to investigate Burisma.

      It’s good to know the only thing you can do is attempt to deflect when confronted with a complete timeline of events, with evidence.

      Now, can you actually address what’s there, or are you going to deflect again?

    3. @Drake Fire Lol .. I linked to an article written by the Daily Mail which has been published since 1896. 124 years old. I’m aware of the Leftist Narrative .. An attempt to cover the bribery. The pretense that the prosecutor investigating Hunter was corrupt . Mr. Guiliani presented money laundering documents on Hunter 2 weeks ago. Guiliani who took down the 5 major NYC crime families… Sure Guiliani doen’t have better credentials than 2 no name Leftist blog writers? Hunter’s crack issues came out in 2015 ..https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/07/01/joe-bidens-son-opens-up-about-his-addiction-struggle-will-it-affect-his-fathers-campaign/

    4. @Closeoutracer So.

      Still can’t accept the fact that Shokin was fired for failing to investigate Burisma.

      Let me know when you have something that can be backed up by legal documentation.

      Something tells me you can’t.

    5. @Drake Fire Lol .. Ukraine’s corruption problems, like Mexico’s, are long and storied. Pretending a prosecutor couldn’t be fired to get a Billion dollar loan guarantee is comical. Schiff receives money from Ukrainian Arms dealer Igor Pasternak. Biden’s pulled $3.4 Million from Ukraine while Joe was supposed to be representing the Obama Admin in Ukraine. Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Jr. was working for Viscoil in Ukraine. John Kerry’s former Chief of Staff .. David Leiter worked for Burisma/Ukraine. See all the Dems pulling money out of Ukraine ? Hillary’s #1 foundation donor prior to the 2016 election was Ukraine. The documents Guiliani presented on TV 2 weeks ago on the money laundering/against Hunter were official state documents. Watch how this ages .. about like the 2 years of banging pots and pans about “russian collusion”.

    1. No, don’t believe the Christians on his team and the Jewish professors who teach law at Harvard. Instead believe the low lifes behind the illegal coup of President Trump. Traitors and seditionists on the left. Communists dressed up as democrats. The national American Patriots are itching for a fight and a chance to wipe the smirks off of every democrat face and the ugly wimpy faces of their voters.

    2. @Johnny Johnstone Yawn.

      The last time the South rose up, you lost. History tends to repeat itself when you fail to learn from it.

    3. @Drake Fire The South. I’ve never been a kkk democrat. You lost buckwheat. You.got it all reversed in that little thing you call a brain. As a matter of fact I bet that if it was possible to remove your brain. Then place it on the edge of a razor blade. It would look like a BB rolling down an eight-lane Highway. Quit playing with yourself and grow up punk.

  5. Lawyers for Trump think they are smart, the US pubic will not stand for not having witnesses in Trump’s Impeachment Trial! 🦨💩

  6. It all boils down to this, if you believe in talking Snakes but not Climate Change you belong to the GOP Cult. No evidence or logic will ever sway those minds. Trump has successfully committed to Overturning Roe vs Wade and Stacking the courts with federal judges that have the same goal. This trial is a sham like Kavanaugh only worse.

    1. *sigh*. Yup. What do you do with cultists, when there are so many and they are, in fact, incredibly well organized.

  7. The GOP have made their choice.
    They have chosen ”Party before Constitution.”
    Make sure your voter registration is up to date, and valid for 2020.

    1. I am registered Independent, but want to change my voter card for Democrat to vote for Warren in the primary. (My state is a closed primary state). How late do I have to do that?

  8. The entire Senate has lost sight of what the Constitution is about. It started out to protect us from tyranny. Another words a person who thinks that he alone holds all the power. If they don’t call witnesses they are condoning what Trump did and they are traitors.

  9. The evolution of t’rump’s “defense” in three simple steps:
    1. The call was PERFECT!
    2. But if it wasn’t, then it’s not impeachable.
    3. And if it is impeachable, so what? **pulls fire alarm**

  10. The president himself is a 1st hand witness who has yet to give sworn testimony under oath. So this is all a moot defense. The president, his counsel, and the Senate have things to hide. They can’t deny that the president should be sworn in and give testimony.

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