Tim Miller: Republicans Have ‘Completely Thrown In With Autocratic Values’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Tim Miller: Republicans Have ‘Completely Thrown In With Autocratic Values’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1


  1. Well the good news is that Ted won’t win re-election after SCOTUS smashes him like a bug. Then, I can go punch him in the junk.

    1. ‘Based on the fraud committed by Senator Ted Cruz during the Iowa Caucus, either a new election should take place or Cruz results nullified’
      @realdonaldtrump 2/3/16
      This is what Atgolf Twitler does when votes go against him.
      Republicans like Cruz wouldn’t even defend his own Father and wife from Trump attacks. 😡

    1. @T Fox Corruption? You mean like trying to overturn a free and fair election by falsely claiming fraud because Trump didn’t like the outcome? Yep. All while providing absolutely no evidence of said fraud. But, but suit cases of ballots and dead people and Hunter Biden’s laptop and #PLANDEMIC and the reanimated corpse of Hugo Chavez and THE VIRUS CAME FROM CHINA!!!!!! AHHHHH!!! HILLARY’S EMAILS!!!!!!!!!!

    2. @T Fox Oh QED, right? Sounds like he didn’t take into account that Dems were 3 to 1 more likely vote absentee, because Trump actively discouraged mail-in ballots, and that in most places absentee ballots weren’t processed until AFTER in-person voting was finished. Yeah if you ignore those two little facts, his numbers make perfect sense.

  2. GOP wants only republican votes counted…..if they see 1 democratic vote, its an automatic fraud and should be invalid!!

    1. @MikeNKarie D What’s funny is that all Republicans got re-elected except your hero. It isn’t a question of what they would like to do it is the Constitution that must be obeyed. Like him you are in another world.

    2. @Jock Young The Associated Press doesnt give names for the total votes they record and publish. They just state who got what and from where. They stated Biden got more total votes.. and Trump got 11 mil more than any Sitting President ever got.

    3. @MikeNKarie D – Read my prior post to you. I’m not going to repeat myself. 49 states have ratified this election. The 50th tomorrow. The Dept. of Homeland Security & the Justice Dept. have stated there was no fraud. Over 45 times judges have thrown out his cases and rebuked the lawyers for embarrassing the system. This is not going to the Supreme Court. Traitor. And you are scared to put your facts here. Probably because you don’t want people knowing that you are a conspiracy theorist. Own it dude. If you are a whacko, be proud.

    1. Trump is the only president who fought Putin head on.. and he did it against everyone in Congress telling him to leave it alone… You’ve been reading someone’s untruth and you forgot what actually happened… or maybe you just weren’t there

    2. @Soren Ingram Its not belief.. its the data used to show that Biden got more votes.. its accessible to you as well..

    3. @Mae Gary You should go to jail for Slander… over 100 million people moved heaven and earth to keep trump in office.. 83% of the country asked to keep him there.. sounds like your in the wrong country there lady or whatever your name suggest gender you are

    1. Ruben Bunyi

      Looks like your curse is working ……day by day….👌🏽

      and So believing in Karma , more and more every day

  3. Republicans have always been long on hypocrisy and short of Integrity. They are now abandoning federalism and states rights in pursuit of Authoritarianism.

    1. Why not. They’ve already abandoned all their other principals to undying fealty to one man. In fact I would argue they have no principals at all anymore. They want what Putin and his allies have, unfettered greed and the ability to treat the population like their own personal piggy bank.

    2. A Beijing-based professor bragged about China’s ability to settle affairs with the United States in their favor. But it’s his admission that that’s only possible because the CCP has people placed he calls “old friends” in upper positions of power across the influence sectors in the country. He’s obviously talking about government inroads, but he also specifically mentions someone being the vice president at a major Wall Street firm.

      Things got more damning, though. The professor goes on to talk specifically about President Trump and how he’s blown up China’s ability to control American interests and bend them in their favor. The trade war is specifically mentioned here, with it being noted that Wall Street “tried to help” but couldn’t do much because Trump held an adversarial position against the financial institutions in question. Unsurprisingly, we hear about how easy Barack Obama’s administration was to manipulate in comparison. The professor even brags about having so many people near the levers of power during that time, but they couldn’t “fix Trump” in his words.

      One final clip in which the professor, obviously relieved, says that now democrat Joe Biden has been elected. That leads him to say that Trump has claimed Hunter Biden, democrat Joe Biden’s son, ran some kind of “global foundation.” He then makes a stunning admission that yes, the Chinese are the ones who funded that and that there are many “deals” in all of it.

      Now you know exactly why we the mainstream media and social media immediately sought to quash the Hunter Biden story with such force. The Chinese have compromised so many people at the top, including in our media structure, that the story simply couldn’t be allowed to live despite it being true. And keep in mind, if there was ever a video like this targeting Eric Trump or another Trump family member, for example, it would be the lead story on every network for months as proof of foreign interference.

      The segment ends with an assertion that democrat Joe Biden has been compromised, and that’s exactly correct. There hasn’t been a more China-friendly politician in the last 30 years than democrat Joe Biden. With his probable swearing-in on the horizon, the communists are rejoicing. That should tell you just how big a mistake it was to let him anywhere near the presidency.

    1. Then you’ll LOVE IT when BIDEN and HARRIS mandates the experimental vaccines for you and your family. Remember to report any deaths and injury from his vaccines to the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System ( VAERS ) to beg for compensation money. By the way the CDC website only lists a small numbers of vaccine side effects, you’ll need to see the vaccine ingredient list plus the death,y side effects on the paper vaccine insert that comes with the vaccines, you can get that from your doctor.

    2. @MikeNKarie D if 80% of the countryside’s Trump, why did Biden get 7 million more votes?! More votes than for any other presidential candidate! Fact-80% of the country DOESN’T love trump!

    3. @Wanda Garrett Biden got more than 50% of the population (well some of that population were dead, but he got it).. However Trump ot 80% of the country (this election was Farmers teamed with big Oil against Street Thugs teamed with Welfare) yes there are more than 50% of the population who can not survive on their own.. they need the government and that is now where that vote comes from, statistically speaking. Trump did get 11 million more than Any Sitting President… that is a president that is running for another term… He also got 7 million more than he got in 2016.

      The constitution and the presidency was only created to defend ourLAND.. The democratic party (aka the Federalists lead by James Madison who wrote the Federalist papers in the news paper) Alexander Hamilton and George Washington teamed up and placed the Bill of rights in front of it to slow the power roll because Federalists care about government and the people are it’s subjects. Thats what James Madison formed, the Democractic party… At the end of the civil war the Republians went around the country placing black men in political positions in all southern states because there were better served to care about the people than big government… the next president Andrew Johnson a democract immediately moved the federal military into the south and removed all black men from office placing them in jail saying they are not smart enough to hold public office and it must have been fraud.
      The Republican party was created and lead by George Washington only cares about people’s rights and prefers no government or at little government when at all possible. I think people need a history lesson to understand the current emotional battle we have today. everytime a democrat gets elected huge amounts of government bureaucracy (Obamacare, etc) is formed (the democrats think this is best for their subjects, to regulate and control everything makes people safe, which technically is impossible to control everything) .. Republicans don’t care if you want to shove cocaine up your nose.. your American and have rights to live or die the way you want.. but if your Democractic neighbor doesn’t like to see you snorting cocaine they will have you thrown in jail (and could very easily sell it by making up stories such as its effecting the children)… that’s the total division in a nutshell. Republicans believe if you restrict them they cannot be as successful in life.. less creative is a good example, creating and building things without regulation, for example take the artistic painter who wants to paint nude renditions of humans and was censors by the government… now he has a tough time creating great things.
      Ronald Regan one of the most popular presidents in our history stated on public TV “My philosophy tends more toward conservativism than liberalism, to me this means less government, get off my back, get out of my pocket, and let me have personal control over my own destiny.” This is the American Dream and we fight for it every day trying to keep big government, the Federalists out of office by electing an Anti Federalist (republican)…

    4. Rep’s offered $1.8T months ago… Pelosi didn’t accept, now accepts 918$B in 2 payments because if Rep’s get in Senate she will delay it again. Do you not see the common trend of the lady hustling herself/her party/ and you?

    5. @james madisonThere is no such thing as Fake News. However with that said, there is biased media. CNN on the left and fox on the right. I have learned to wade through it all. Everybody should do the same. But personalty myself, I believe more on the left than on the right.

    1. Oh my gosh…you’re right.
      That’s partly why the divide can’t be bridged.
      One side is about selfishness, the other wants to consider others. Pretty opposing.

      I’m independent, but i see that. I’m all about considering self, but also considering others, the whole, society.

    1. @Abraham Szekely Still the same party same agenda… i think you need to do the research. Federalist believe they keep their subjects safe and protected with regulation and control. Look at the hordes of regulation Obama put into practice including a federal law that requires you to purchase health care.. what if I don’t care about my health.. isn’t this America? .. and you think its changed? lol common dude..

    2. @first last True trump got 74 million… 11 million more than any sitting president ever… in fact Biden got 15 million more than Obama.. and you think he is that much better politician? wow that’s a trick.. even with dead people voting

    3. @c. j. macq Factual is a good name for 10 states suing those who had fraud because those states invalidated their own votes as well.. Good luck stating there was no fraud anymore..

    4. @MikeNKarie D again, you don’t address anything I say and deflect to something completely different. So dishonest of you. I agree the personal mandate sucked but it’s how the whole thing would be funded. Better that than to just say Mexico will pay, which of course was just another huge lie. Trump ran up the debt and fast as he could. Conservatives don’t care about that any more and we will never believe you when you say otherwise. But you are so dishonest you will just shift to something else anyway.

    5. @MikeNKarie D again, you lie and say most of the country voted for Trump??? Are you high? Biden won the popular vote and is going to win the electoral college. Do you hate the Constitution so much you can’t understand that?

  4. They spread Covid disinformation ,people die, out of work, going hungry, yet can’t figure out why Biden won. Now they yell fowl.

    1. Kamala is really quiet she’s cooking up some good stuff. He don’t get it she’s waiting for the moment he’s out of power 😂 that lady have a tough record of throwing punches that actually lands 🤦🏼‍♂️

    1. Mitch and his republican gang of thugs won’t lift a finger to help the Biden administration set the US back on an even footing. The Democrats must win the Georgia senate election if the common working stiff is to get any help at all to lift them out of the morass that Trump and his criminal organization have put them in. The republican party should be investigated as a criminal organization and charged under the RICO laws. For his part, Trump should be charged with negligent manslaughter. 285,000 people are dead and millions more will be left with life long health challenges which if left to the republicans, won’t have health insurance because they will be deemed as having a pre existing condition.

    2. AOC was right she stated from the start not to try to unite with those who has no interest in uniting. They will rather watch this country burn than allow a Democrat to succeed

    3. It’s for his independent AG to pursue, not the president. That’s been one of our 10,000 beefs with Trump interfering. But yeah, let’s nail them to the wall..

    4. I for one have absolutely no interest in “unity” with the Republicans. They have proven themselves to be no better than vicious, anti-American Nazis.

    1. @Jarry Sciligo The American people will not tolerate that. Why do you think so many citizens those up and voted the orange wanna be Hitler out?

    2. @Carla Costa Yet it’s exactly what they are, and they should be clear in calling them for what they are. The fact that they haven’t, yet, installed a dictatorship doesn’t make them any less fascist. Their goals, methods, and rhetoric are all blatantly fascist.

    3. It sure seems to fit Trump.
      a ruler who has absolute power.
      “like many autocrats, Trump found the exercise of absolute power addictive”
      absolute ruler
      someone who insists on complete obedience from others; an imperious or domineering person.
      “Trump was an autocrat—people didn’t argue unless they had a lot of courage”

    4. @argusone FASCISM is NOT a type of government, it is a movement.
      FASCISM is an ideology of far right ultra nationalism, that evokes a mythic past to justify the hierarchy of a dominant people within a nation. Said nation is reborn under this traditional hierarchy. A fascist movement seeks to establish, legitimize and codify this hierarchy by taking control of political power in the nation sometimes by force, other times THROUGH DEMOCRACY, and sometimes through both.
      FASCISM is an ideology or a movement, but it is not the form of government. A fascist movement is still a fascist movement even if it has not taken control of the government or influenced and or changed the structure of a government. For example, the NAZI fascist movement you infer, once it had taken control of the German government, had a TOTALITARIAN government.
      Fascist are still fascist regardless of their current grip on power.
      Fascist movements use different “mythic pasts”, different “escape goats”, but they share other traits, which include:
      Extreme forms of traditionalism,
      Rejection of modern values, modernity (egalitarianism, etc.)
      Hierarchical gender roles,
      hierarchical in-group, out-group roles (racial, religious, etc.)
      Obsession with an invented plot against the “in-group”, by the “out-group”.

    5. ​@Destroy Fascism Good explanation. I would also add that typically fascism also tends to consider loyalty and obedience over merit and competence, much more than in a democratic society. Something that we’ve certainly seen over and over during the Trump administration.
      Although it can be argued that this is a trait that shares with other dictatorial forms of government, even if not strictly fascist.

  5. those 17 should be tried – for treason!!!
    when the dust settles, they should be indicted for attempted treason – drain the swamp!!!

    1. @lindsay jennifer oh, pardon me. For some reason I read, “shot for treason”. You’re right. Albeit, the problem are the Retrumpican fascist.

    1. My first thought was no. Then I realized, the Nazis didn’t have a massive nuclear arsenal. This is no longer hyperbole. If we survive this the ring leaders HAVE to be put in prison or we’re doomed to become the Fourth Reich. The GOP will just wait for 2024 or 28, or 32. If they ever get power again, it will be for the LAST time and forever until the Empire is overthrown.

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