Tim O’Brien: Trump’s Brand Is ‘Associated With Violence & Insurrection & Hatred’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Tim O’Brien: Trump’s Brand Is ‘Associated With Violence & Insurrection & Hatred’ | Deadline | MSNBC


Senior Columnist for Bloomberg Opinion Tim O’Brien on how the riot at the Capitol will impact Trump’s businesses, and says that there’s “a real bottom line issue here” as to whether other businesses want to be associated with the Trump brand. Aired on 01/12/2021.
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Tim O’Brien: Trump’s Brand Is ‘Associated With Violence & Insurrection & Hatred’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @F You nice way to change the topic. BLM’s idiocy does excuse Trump’s idiocy. Why bother comparing the two?

      What Trump supporters did on 1/6 was wrong. Can you just admit that one simple fact?

    2. @Tim S absolutely! What they did is horrendous. Never supported that behavior. Doesn’t mean I can’t point out hypocrites. In case anyone feels I think what they did is ok, you are wrong. Completely unacceptable behavior. I just hope the people that distract from what the left is doing feel the same and acknowledge the unacceptable behavior. Just don’t see it.

  1. On Eve of House Vote, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, has told associates that he believes President Trump committed impeachable offenses and that he is pleased that Democrats are moving to impeach him, believing that it will make it easier to purge him from the party.

    1. They both need to go…how many bills has McConnell killed in the crib? He personally stopped aid to his fellow citizens to prevent hunger, sickness, death, eviction because his corporate overlords wanted legal protection for their antisocial business practices during covid…his tenure has brought government to a standstill for at least the past 8yrs…he pushed through a SCOTUS appointment 8 days prior to an election after precluding one from the previous administration months ahead of 2016…I could argue he has even more responsibility for this mess than Trump…and he was re-elected…so no, don’t wait for the people to decide…he needs to be ejected from the Senate now…and prosecution for crimes against humanity…he loves orange so no doubt he’ll look great in a prison jumpsuit too…just a thought…

  2. The same people will continue to throw their money at him because he is their king… no matter what!

    1. GOP don’t care about the base donations to trump —- They are terrified of losing the huge corporate payout to their own campaigns and funds. That’s the source of all their power. So now they feel real fear, not shame, regret, contrition, conscience, never, —– pure raw very cheap PANIC.

    2. @Marie O’Gara So that explains the attitude shift of the GOP I’ve been seeing today. All of those corporations halting their donations.

    3. @Talent Caldwell Yes. Trump’s scam, about 300 million “Fraud” donations, seems incredible, but it is chicken feed to GOP. All from deluded cult fans, which only goes to trump. It will be interesting to see how long the corporate Pause in funding lasts. Also, some have paused funding to all parties, meaning Democrats as well, keeping the low moral ground and status quo.

    4. Too bad he just got cut off from a lot of processors online. Even they want to give him money he will need to find a company online that will run transactions for funding for him. They all dumped him

    1. Banks are closing Trump’s accounts and some banks have made public statements they will no longer do business with him- engine search, Banks closing Trump’s accounts, Banks cutting ties doing business with Trump.

  3. Please take a few minutes to call your Senators support impeachment your voice matters especially if you live in purple or red states.

  4. Please take a few minutes to call your Senators support impeachment your voice matters especially if you live in purple or red states.

    1. I live in a red state and my senator sucks b@ll $! He is not gonna vote to impeach Trump, that soulless b@st@rd!

  5. They’re not going to purge trumpism from the Republican party. McConnell and his ilk will be swept away by the next generation of qanon, proud boys and clansmen. His party is doomed and what’s worse is they may have permanently damaged our country.

    1. @edward cunha Sometimes details meld together. It’s all part of CRS, begins after the age of 50. 😉 *CRS “Can’t Remember Stuff”.

  6. Pornography, Infidelity, Bankruptcy, Impeachment, Sedition, Coronavirus, Impeachment, Lying, Deception, Insurrection……

  7. Looks like any businesses associated with trump name is finished. Trump golf course, casino, hotel etc are all finished.

    1. Well, there’s still a bunch of corn-fed illiterates buying his hats and flags. The craziest of them will be in prisons soon.

    2. @Capt. Mike at least 35 million of them will stick with him until the very end, too bad they are the poorer ones with no money or sense, the ones who would never be allowed on his properties or into his businesses, so they can’t save him either

    3. @BILLY True. I’m surrounded by these people on some of the neighboring farms. They just can’t seem to “get” it. Eventually, they’ll drift away from their Trump Fetish.

  8. Wow! You don’t say. Trump calling for violence, stoking hatred & racism for four years & he is now associated to it? What next?

  9. That should be another charge against him: for feeling no remorse or guilt for allowing this to happen….

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