Time Announces Its Finalists For 2020 Person Of The Year | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Time Announces Its Finalists For 2020 Person Of The Year | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Time Magazine has announced its finalists for the 2020 Person of the Year, and editor Ben Goldberger joins Morning Joe to discuss the list. The winner will be announced Thursday evening. Aired on 12/10/2020.
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Time Announces Its Finalists For 2020 Person Of The Year | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Diego A Clinton and all the news agencies conceded the election to trump the day after the election. Being a trump supporter means having to lie. If you were to start telling the truth, you wouldn’t be able to be a trump supporter.

    1. @Big Smoke Guitar “Guess it’s time to sight in moving targets.”
      A fellow American would talk like that.
      I’ve shot at you commies before, you losers aren’t that fast.

    1. @Baby Teano The franchise is shown in many countries, most of them have one of their own businessmen to front the show. In the UK if anyone mentions The Apprentice it’s Alan Sugar people think of, not Trump.

    2. Unfortunately millions love him. On the other hand it looks more and more like Trump can’t read. It seems likely Trump supporters would not or could not read this magazine. Why put a killer on a cover?

    1. No Allyson, it is the most INFLUENTIAL person, not the most honorable or successful. That is why Adolf Hitler made it on the cover and most presidents turn “man of the year” at least once in their term… Still a president that refused to do 90% of his job, went more on rallies to get reelected and golfing than dealing with economic and health crises threatening the ruin of the USA and now playing the lamest duck known to any living person, should definitely not be named “influential” either.

      They should put the Healthcare workers on the cover (maybe a collage of a Nurse in PPE formed from all the pictures of doctors and nurses that died of Corona they can get??) and do an Interview spread with Fauci INSIDE.

  1. Who would take Time seriously after putting Trump in the running and saying it’s a tough choice. They’re barely afloat and pander to every base.

    1. I have a feeling they want to embarrassed him again, just like when they gave Greta person of year over him. He whine and cried for days. lol.. they know who they are selecting already either Biden or Dr Fauci.

    2. @Starkissed … I bet you Trump would all dressed up, looking cute and waiting for being called. …. BUT NO FREAKING CIGAR AGAIN !!!

    1. @The Truth Is Out 777 You’re part of the problem. Even Nazi sympathizers thought they were right, so good will triumph over you too.

    1. laurie…yep! and i would hardly think that locking children in cages then selling them would qualify for man of the year!

    1. I’M sure McInany will get an intern to photoshop a fake Time cover just for the four year old in the Oval Office. To avoid him starting a nuclear war in 2021 so he can definitely count on “most influential person of the year” then.

  2. If Time legitimizes TRUMP they will lose a lot of subscribers. Twitter use and narcissistic cruelty should not be rewarded. He has done immeasurable damage.

    1. I think it’s a troll. A chance for America to see Trump lose one more Time! Plus, it sells MAGAzines to MAGAs who can’t read. It’ll probably be Fauci.

  3. The only recognition the president deserves is that the president that has failed the US most miserably . Horrific

    1. they put people who have had the biggest influence. Trump has a big influence on the country, such as spreading conspiracy theories and false information

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