1. Newsweek—According to the a SHOCKING poll, which was released Sunday by ABC News and The Washington Post, ONLY 37 percent of Americans approve of the way Biden is handling his job as President , the lowest of any President.

      See Newsweek article today for full poll.

    2. This is what Biden said about Putin before he was elected:

      “Vladimir Putin doesn’t want me to be President. He doesn’t want me to be our nominee. If you’re wondering why – it’s because I’m the only person in this field who’s ever gone toe-to-toe with him,”

      -Biden’s Feb. 21, 2020

      Ok Boys and Girls can you say Midterm Elections ( of course with your mask on)?

      Let’s counts the ways:

      -7.5% Inflation rate , the highest rate since 1982

      -Disastrous Pull out of
      Afghanistan ,13 American Military Personnel Killed and 1000s of Americans and Afghan Allies left behind

      -Highest Gas Prices in decades

      -2 million illegal migrants crossed the Southern Border, 30% refused vaccine and 16% positive for COVID 19 ( according to the US Border Patrol) , all occurring in Biden’s first year as President

      -The highest homicide rate in our 16 largest cities run by Democrats for decades

      This is Jimmy Carter 2.0-DISASTER!


    1. So you’re good with Ukraine beating black women and children to drag them out of buses, trains and shelters, using them as human shields? It’s not very free minded to be a racist, and not at all brave to fear people of a different skin tone.

  1. Well said. I hope those in the USA who have been singing Putin’s phrases r reminded Russia is not our friend. Exactly “time to pick sides”.


      *CBS News senior correspondent in Kyiv Charlie D’Agata said on Friday: “This isn’t a place, with all due respect, like Iraq or Afghanistan that has seen conflict raging for decades. This is a relatively civilised, relatively European – I have to choose those words carefully, too – city where you wouldn’t expect that, or hope that it’s going to happen.”*

      Africans and Asians fleeing Ukraine subjected to racial discrimination by border guards
      Videos showing Africans being pushed back from trains and border crossings have gone viral on social media, causing an uproar and sparking statements of concern by African politicians and officials


      Millions are fleeing Ukraine amid Russia’s deadly invasion. Now, reports indicate that African people are being turned away from the Ukraine-Poland border or told to get to the back of the line so that “real Ukrainians” can escape first.

      *Videos and first-hand accounts at the border from over the several days show African people claiming to be denied entry on trains and other types of transportation, they say, because of the color of their skin.*

      Thousands of Africans fleeing Ukraine, especially students, have lamented alleged maltreatment and passport seizure by Ukrainians at the borders.

      They accused officials of racial discrimination in Ukraine, alleging that they were not allowed to cross the borders.

      The Nation reports the Federal Government had directed Nigerians fleeing Ukraine to four Polish borders for their safety.

    2. For republicans to cheer Putin is a betrayal to democracy around the world, only a true scumbag traitor would listen to MTG. We cannot let them normalize this travesty.

    1. @Rusty Mustard American law enforcement murder African Americans for the apparent crime of breathing while black. You don’t say anything about that happening.

      You didn’t aay anything when Trump called Nazis very fine people.

      I know your goal is to not spread disinformation it’s also to get a reaction. Well it isn’t working you need to sit down and think before saying another word.


      All you are doing is reenforcing Maga Culters are Anti American Pro Russia. That Maga Culters do NOT Belong in the US need to be deported ASAP.

    2. Newsweek—According to the a SHOCKING poll, which was released Sunday by ABC News and The Washington Post, ONLY 37 percent of Americans approve of the way Biden is handling his job as President , the lowest of any President.

      See Newsweek article today for full poll.

  2. This touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes
    Prayers to the Ukrainian people may god keep you safe 💔💔💔

    1. @Larry Stephenson So as Donald Trump is twisting himself into a pretzel trying not to praise his murderous Russian boyfriend all you can contribute to the conversation is this? Pathetic.

    2. @Larry Stephenson Larry after that last utterance from the ex President, he has a better shot at being hung for Treason than being elected.

    3. @Barr Stool the UK is Russia so Putin is the president the guy in the UK is a criminal and justice is coming

  3. Praying for a swift end ……more power to the Russian people and more and swifter aid to Ukraine 🇺🇦

    Well said Jim. Thx

    1. When are you,Jim and your fellow Marxist leaving to fight for Ukraine representing your Marxist war monger president Joe biden

  4. So proud of the people of Ukraine and their President! May God bless and protect them all, and may courage in the face of adversity ring strong in their hearts and minds.

    1. @Anti elfimation League emigrate to Canada where it’s legal all over and in all forms. Under T we were taking in American asylum seekers, but I don’t think asylum can be sought since T is not in the WH. 😊

    2. @Challenger 50 The Freedom Truckers movement in Canada was a self-styled authoritarian movement whose motive was to overthrow the duly elected government of Canada. I don’t think so.

    3. @Jen Vicinity I’d rather fight for it in America with all due respect to you Canadians. Your T is just as much of a cancerous growth as our T.

  5. No matter how this ends, Ukraine and its people will stand as testament to how the best of humanity can come from from unexpected sources and how we all can stand up for what is right, no matter the odds

    1. @swagedelic thats why a doctors salary in ukraine is lower than some of the teachers in EU and I´m not talking about western countries. but thats ok, you don´t know about that, you hear only what the media wants you to hear. of course if you woulnd´t be lazy and checked it for yourself maybe you would know. lets be honest nobody really cares they just say what others say. sad

  6. We live vicariously through Ukraine. Make no mistake, these are freedom loving people, and they are the embodiment of fighting spirit. Ukraine, you have made the entire world incredibly proud of you. Keep going. SLAVA UKRAINE.

  7. “The fight is here, I need ammunition, not a ride.” These are brave words that should go down in history. I stand with Zelinskyy and Ukraine. “Give me liberty or give me death.” Patrick Henry.

    1. @Tim Noyes laffs … been a long time since I’ve heard that sentiment … updating it, I’d rather be dead than redhat. 😊

  8. My heart just shattered hearing about the “game” taught to the Ukrainian children. Basically, it’s about mental health and a coping tool to withstand the horror of war and, hopefully, reduce the effects of PTSD. God bless Ukraine, its people, its children, its future 🇺🇦🙏🏼❤🙏🏼🇺🇦

    1. @Ruddagah Wallace Then he should’ve prevented the insurrection on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Based on that alone, it makes your arguement as empty as Trump’s head. No need to reply.

    2. @GemZoey I will give you a break. The fact stands. No wars or invasions under the Peace President Trump. Blame your own selfishness for the murders in Ukraine for voting for an unstable dementia sufferer just because CNN Fake News told you “orange man bad.”

  9. As an American, this is a reminder we can’t take our freedoms for granted. Ukrainian showing love and loyalty to their country and willing to die for their country is inspirational.

    1. @Wake up what fake News? . Dont remember that well, but it must have been some of the fake ones, you know : Oan, Fox. And absolute the RUtv&plattform – you know those who have developed lying & fake News into grotecs art.
      By the way. My Russian friends say the Russian children/youth no loger have English lessons. All their teachers have left teaching Got new far better payed jobs . Working now in the propaganda sector.
      Do you know anything about this situation?
      I think prostitution is än sad issue. Espesially intelectual prostitution.

    2. Newsweek—According to the a SHOCKING poll, which was released Sunday by ABC News and The Washington Post, ONLY 37 percent of Americans approve of the way Biden is handling his job as President , the lowest of any President.

      See Newsweek article today for full poll.

  10. President Zelensky is the modern Leonidis of Sparta. What an inspiration! NO TO WAR! PUTIN, GET OUT OF UKRAINE!

    1. @Douglas Reagan They’ll certainly have an asterisk next to the wannabe authoritarian dictator wannabe T and his enablers. Long live democracy!

    2. @Douglas Reagan Dead right Douglas but your talking to a bunch of American hating Marxists that if Russia came here would be on the there knees surrendering to Putin lead by Joe Brandon Biden. Bill Clinton, Obama and little Joe caused this and I hope they go to hell for it! You American hating Marxists that can read look up the Budapest Memorandum pushed by Billy.

  11. Great segment, Jim! Yes, let’s give Putin a one way ticket off the planet! Elon Musk assisted Ukraine with internet service. Maybe next he can strap Putin to the next rocket into space.

  12. “I need ammunition! Not a ride!” Respect to President Zelensky and his government officials. Glory to Ukraine! God save Ukrainians.

    1. Yet you voted for this!!! Voting to make America great was hated by Democrats. You voted for weakness and this is the result. Hope people like you can’t sleep,buy I’m sure you sleep just fine.

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