Tired Of Winning? Trump Loses Aide, Breaking Turnover Record | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Tired Of Winning? Trump Loses Aide, Breaking Turnover Record | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC 1


Ari Melber unpacks the chaotic week at Trump’s White House after John Bolton, was ousted as National Security Advisor. As Fox’s Lou Dobbs is saying the Trump admin ‘couldn’t be more positive,’ Ari highlights former senior aides, like John Kelly, contrasting view of the White House being a ‘crazytown.' Aired on 09/16/19.
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Tired Of Winning? Trump Loses Aide, Breaking Turnover Record | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

75 Comments on "Tired Of Winning? Trump Loses Aide, Breaking Turnover Record | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC"

  1. lou dobbs = joseph goebbels, enough said.

    • @Dave Waldon
      *America’s most and least educated states: a survey of all 50*
      If you match the 2016 presidential election results with this list, you will find the most-educated states almost all voted Democrat. The switchover point was Maine, at #21 most-educated. From 22nd down to 50th, only two states (#38=New Mexico, #45=Nevada) voted Democrat.

    • Dobbs is merely a cog in a “Group Force” of such yes-men (& women) at FOX. The Goebbels tactic however is very much one employed by Trump: to accuse the opposition of what you’re guilty of, disarming anticipated criticism. An early example was to demand HRC take a drug test after the debate where he was the one with the nasal-drainage problem. DT has done this repeatedly & so boldly, yet it goes on; it’s not just “the big lie” but this preemptive strike that renders further accusations at bay in a bad reversal of “I’m rubber, you’re glue.”

    • @JP51ism
      Reference “nasal drainage problem” …
      It is my understanding that Trump snorts Adderall when he needs to get all eight of his brain cells firing at the same time. It boosts his reading skills from fourth-grade to sixth-grade.
      (It’s only temporary)

      “… December 13, 2018 …
      _Actor and comedian Tom Arnold accused President Donald Trump of previously abusing Adderall on the set of NBC’s The Apprentice._

      _”Donald Trump abused Adderall on the set & it made him crazy. He even snorted Adderall. Mark Burnett knew it. It’s scary,” he wrote in a tweet, accusing The Apprentice creator of knowing that the president took the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder drug._

  2. Lou Dobbs is like Trump an Insane old man that shouldn’t speak

  3. Virginia Evelyn | September 16, 2019 at 3:17 PM | Reply

    Dobbs is almost as dumb as Trump. Blind deaf and senile. Fox news reminds me of the old films of Hitler supporters singing his praises all the way to the concentration camps and war.

    • Paul Belardo I believe what I can prove or fact check. do you. if you did when you watch fox news you would only believe shepherd Smith or Chris wallace on the network that calls themselves fair and balanced. they usually tell the truth but there are not enough guys on fox news that are truthful enough to call them fair or balanced.

    • @Gwendolyn Williams I’m here to annoy the left and the Clueless it seems like I hit Pay Dirt😁 why are you here gwennie?

  4. Poor Lou Dobbs. He can’t tell the time, let alone reality. He’d lose an argument with a paper towel.

  5. This total administration is a joke, a very sad joke on the entire nation. I pity America and am sad that we all have to put up with the corruption we all know is tRump !

  6. Must be great to be able to look past all the lies, misinformation, and greed put forth by Trump and his band of grifters. Dobbs is another loser.

    • I love it when the Right wing trolls pour out of the woodwork to troll their sad little hearts out whenever MSNBC drops a new video. It’s adorable. Yes, I’m referring to you Helga Butterball.

    • With the obvious exception of me, everyone that watches MSNBC is a loser.

    • Dobbs hires illegal immigrants for his daughters horsey lessons !! 😶

    • Why does Dobbs act like such a loser? Maybe … 1) He supported Trump from the beginning and has too much pride to admit he was fooled, keeps doubling down. 2) He hates what America has become and will say anything to make money. 3) Russians have kompromat on him. 4) He wants to be WH Press Sec (for revenge vs press peers) and Trump is his only chance. 5) Senility.

  7. Baghdad Dobbs and his bad dye job.

  8. Lou Dobbs is terrifying. Cult.

  9. they have to keep a HUGE supply of pancake makeup at FOX to cover up all the BROWN NOSES

    • Emperor Don-Nee Chump No chance in 2020 | September 17, 2019 at 6:16 AM | Reply

      @Dave Waldon
      Brown nosers aren’t a race bub,, just sub human.
      Peddle that race bait elsewhere.

    • @Paul Belardo so that wasnt trump being interviewed (talking drivel ).

    • Somebody better check Trump’s rectum. It can’t be healthy to have Lou Knobs blow that much smoke up that tunnel.

    • @Jude Jackson Jude will you be one of the little ones in the street screaming in the sky again come 2020 Look at that disaster of a clown car. You have seen the debates correct clear winner is President Trump

  10. Q: ‘Where do you get military advice from at the moment?’
    A: ‘Well, I watch shows…’
    Jesus Christ, I’d be so embarrassed if my head of state gave an answer like that…apparently half of Americans don’t even notice.

    • @InnerSilance he is not a master anything, just that Americans are so dumb and cowardly.

    • @Stephan Maurer
      Trump is not interested in being a real President. He just wants to do whatever Fox thinks is good for their ratings to say. He knows the producers at Fox have decades of experience manipulating “stupid”. Why would he bother trying to re-invent the wheel?

    • @Emran Hossain
      It wouldn’t go on like that for very long. We Canadians would be forced to intervene, with backing from NATO.

      We wouldn’t just stand idly by and watch the USA be overrun by a Russian-Saudi alliance.

      Oh, wait…

    • Most people don’t vote

    • Well I watch Sean Hannity and he tells me how to think..,,,

  11. The orange clown is the worse
    President ever !! 🤡🤡🤡

  12. I remember when Lou Dobbs was still human.
    Him and Stuart Varney.
    They all lie to themselves.
    Because they’re not fooling us.

  13. Who cares what lou dobbs thinks?? Hes just a tool!

  14. There’s a tough nuclear situation going on in the world. Do you talk to an expert in the field like a nuclear physicist or Lou Dobbs?
    Trump goes with Lou!!!

  15. for foreign policy advice ‘i watch the shows.’ Why isn’t he in an asylum?


  17. Nobody in their right mind wants to work for or with Trump.

  18. Trump – breaking records for all the wrong reasons… wonder if he’ll win the most hated man since Hitler award?

  19. Lou Dobbs is the same guy who said Trump has never lied.

  20. lou dobbs is a threat against the human race and the American people. Pure Evil.

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