1. Not to mention the pipeline hack. The ransom is going to be repaid by the consumer, at the gas station. Get it passed.

  2. Republicans are dragging their feet on Infrastructure still. The Democrats just need to start using reconciliation wherever they can. Just take a 💺 Republicans and shut up so the Democrats can fix your mess AGAIN! Let the adults handle things Republicans, and you can keep discussing “important things” like Dr. Suess and Potato Head. 🙈🙉🙊

    1. @Luis Rosales Well numb nuts the republicans talked about this for 4 years and did nothing. Democrats were in power for just a few weeks and presented legislation to address and the republicans are blocking it. Get it now?

    2. @Luis Rosales: Counties rarely have enough money for this size of infrastructure. It is usually State and Federal funding that funds projects like this.

    1. Republicans have not invested in infrastructure since Eisenhower. Billionaires need tax cuts.

  3. I’ve never seen a girder sheer like that. Admittedly I don’t stare at broken steel all day…

    1. @Sheila Anne When Trump talked about infrastructure no one listened. The core of your Soul is being slowly drained.

  4. What the heck? Yep bridges falling apart in k.c. mo not to bad but when whole neighborhoods have to detour it’s a problem it’s been shut down for 3 yrs now. I have noticed a few streets are getting redone but my goodness why do they wait till the everything is so torn up?

  5. Well…, isn’t the solution simple.
    Provide the Republicans with a list of the road – and bridge works to be be done, as wished by the users/ communities.
    Let them choose, which should be done.
    As everyone else knows, estimates will go triple the estimated budget.
    Let the republicans pay for that extra, out of their own budget.
    Let the Republicans choose and see if they are willing to take that risk.

  6. Smart countries build a new bridge before the old one is useless. The important words are “smart countries “.

    1. James, James I get it but this is the “American South” why would you expect anything but absolute incompetence. Billy don’t need none “o’ ’em fancy bridges”.

  7. The last president was on top of it. He had a lot of infrastructure weeks! Oh yeah but he didn’t actually do any infrastructure

  8. Yup, but the GQP doesn’t think we need big money to fix this country !! That is how we got to this point !

  9. As a truck driver driving under and over bridges such as that 1 always terrify me and the one that they have to use the I 55 bridge is even older and more dangerous than that one

  10. You do maintenance & preventative care for your home but certain folks think the country should totally fall apart before doing something.

  11. Doesn’t this bridge serve 2 states where all their Republican Senators staunchly fighting it’s funding? 🤔

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