TN Principal On ‘Struggle’ Of First In-Person Classes | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. *This is a bad idea. Cases are surging. It takes one child or adult to enter the school and it’s over.*

    1. @Lost Hero It’s not just Portland. Nearly all ‘looters’ that have been arrested in recent weeks, have all been found to have ties back to White Nationalist groups.

      What’s ironic, is the last few that have been arrested, were detained and dragged to police by the protestors.

    2. @Mario Lopez oh Mario you’ll never have a truly happy existence until you conquer your compulsive lying problem

    3. @frictionRx10
      Gramps, your YouTube history is available to anyone.
      I know you are definitely delusional and senile.
      I suppose you are going to deflect as always and say that your comments history on YouTube’s platform are incorrect.
      Good luck with your continued lying.

    4. We thought being made to scramble under our desks for an impending Nuke attack in the 60’s was fear training. That was nothing compared to this.

  2. Some parents with severe health conditions have been strictly self-isolating, as they know if they catch the virus they will almost certainly die.

    However, you can’t self-isolate from your own children!

    For some parents, sending their kids back to school is a death sentence!!

  3. Trump said it will get much worse before it gets better, opening schools will certainly do that.

    1. We thought being made to scramble under out desks for an impending Nuke attack in the 60’s was fear training. That was nothing compared to this.

    2. Covid has a death rate for healthy children and adults that approaches 0%. There are ways to protect the vulnerable without robbing an entire generation of schoolkids of another year of educational attainment.

    3. TN…oh boy…death becomes you.

      …not as in “it fits you well” but as in “it’s gonna pay you a visit” through COVID-19.

  4. Don’t worry you anti-maskers kids are only recommended to wear them 😔 from this video 3/4 of them was not wearing a mask

    1. We thought being made to scramble under our desks for an impending Nuke attack in the 60’s was fear training. That was nothing compared to this.

    2. @TheBase1aransas the Nukes were a potential threat. The corona virus is already here among us and killing us. So the two are not the same at all, are they?

    3. @Darrin Fry The propaganda has been here since Operation Mockingbird and has done more damage to American Lives than ANY pandemic in history. Just think, you and @MSNBC are a part of it. Aren’t you PROUD?

  5. Americans are funny people, they have not solved the problem on how to control the spread of COVID-19, now they are willing to send their young children to schools to test if Their children can get away from this pandemic. Those who accepted this kind of thinking will reap an adverse consequences.

    1. Oh we’ve solved how to do it alright. We just are seeing the results of Republicans striping the funding from schools for the last 40 years and we have a Fascist in the Oval office as a result. They are too stupid to implement what we know.

  6. Trump has no problem killing children . They had no problem ripping children from parents arms at the border and separating them . In many cases having no way to reunite the families . They had no problem throwing children into cages and giving them a sheet of Aluminum foil to keep warm.. They have had no problem being incompetent with adults on covid19 that has contributed to the deaths of over 140,000 people .. To them to have the loss of thousands of children is just part of doing business .. Is it okay for YOUR CHILD TO DIE for the benefit of Trumps economy ?

    1. The MSM and Democrats, controlled by the left and CCP, have turned American inside out and upside down. Open criminal activity goes completely ignored (lying to FISA courts, ANTIFA and BLM destroying national monuments, etc.). People that just want to go back to work are jailed and prosecuted to the full extent of the whims of the Democrat governors. Have the communists already taken over our country? Is America now full of cowards that cower in their homes hoping the democrats will eat them last? Who will stand up to the tyranny!

    2. R.I.P. to my daughter👰 Kim and over 1,000 collective daughter’s of The Twin Flame Union. Mr. President knows.

  7. That kid in the blue shirt (at 0:44) is touching his mouth after touching the desk and who knows what else. And I’m sure he washed his hands right after before touching and spreading his little germs to the adults and other children in the classroom.

    Even with 1 adult for every 5 children, did they catch this? Did they tell them the importance of not touching their face, especially the mouth, nose, and eyes, and if so, to go wash their hands immediately? This is why holding in person classes is STUPID!

    1. Agreed ….they are using our children as test subjects trying to act like everything is normal and it’s far from normal and going to take quite sometime before it does come back to being normal ! Nope….home school and online tutoring for now !

  8. This is actually how classrooms should run, smaller number of students get more personal time and behavior problems seem to disappear and kids keep engaged…

    1. This school looks like a private one, in a high end neighborhood! How many public schools in the country can afford that right now?

  9. She said they were teaching the kids to wear masks properly as most were without masks… nice try but no stars for you.

  10. Not all the kids are wearing mask what the heck????
    If they catch the virus they will take it back home to parents, grandparents and other family members!!!

  11. Why are the children not masked?

    I just watched that blonde child lick her fingers, and touch the table.

    These teachers are going to die. Good job, Tennessee.

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