To Protect Bottom Line, Chevron Aims To Tie US Hands Against Military Junta In Burma | Rachel Maddow 1

To Protect Bottom Line, Chevron Aims To Tie US Hands Against Military Junta In Burma | Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow looks at the Democratic effort to end taxpayer subsidies for the oil and gas industry while at the same time Chevron is reportedly lobbying the U.S. to get in the way of potential sanctions on the oil revenue that funds the new military junta in Burma. Aired on 04/23/2021.
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To Protect Bottom Line, Chevron Aims To Tie US Hands Against Military Junta In Burma | Rachel Maddow


  1. The most profitable companies in the history of the planet DO NOT need or deserve US taxpayer funds.

    1. @Ronald King There are new designs that are viable and safe if people can be responsible with them, and not cut corners which is where we fail.

    2. @Friz True, because Hydrogen requires a water source to generate and oil or gas for the generators. There’s been more hydrogen dams close because they are not profitable and pollute the air. However fusion isn’t an idea source either as it can be very dangerous to contain.

    3. @Ronald King I agree with you 1000%. We have so much nuclear waste in our country now that we can’t take care of and it polluting several water sources. NO MORE nuclear plants. We need to develop wind and other natural resources to power our cities.

    1. Republicans are on the wrong side of every issue. Even democracy and protecting police. ….look what they did on Jan 6th.

    2. @Ken Albertsen
      It’s funny. When you start looking at them as the Confederate party, it all makes sense. Because that’s exactly who they are and have always been.

  2. If anyone wants to know more about dirty politicians and oil money read Daniel Yergin’s ”The Prize- The epic quest for oil, money and power”. I’m reading it now and its quite fascinating

    1. Similarly, mega million dollar churches should not be allowed to avoid taxes, incl. property taxes.

  3. The nation that doesn’t care about its own people is suddenly expected to care about people of a different nation. Funny.

    1. I’ve resided overseas for half of my 69 years. Some of my best friends are in Myanmar. This is a relatively small planet. No one country has the best people. There are many countries where the people are more content and kind, on average, than Americans.

    1. Eyeglasses made with metal frames and real glass or panty hose made of silk. Heck I’m sure people are trying to figure out how to replace plastics with Hemp.

    2. Similarly, mega million dollar churches should not be allowed to avoid taxes, incl. property taxes.

    3. @Jhon Shmit socialism would be us getting a check from oil companies that take the resources from under our feet.

  4. Pay for the gas . Pay HUGE tax on gas at the pump . Pay again for same gas , for what exactly ?
    So the rich get richer . FT

  5. Wait until they find who the GOP senators are that put chevron up to financing a coup

    1. What? That behavior is not exclusive to the GOP, they aren’t looking for that. That part is business as usual to democrats too buddy. Lol.

    2. Republicans, who generally oppose legislation to cut down on fossil fuel-driven pollution, have roughly twice as much money invested in fossil fuel interests as Democrats. GOP members of Congress own as much as $60.4 million in fossil fuel stocks, while Democrats and an independent who caucuses with the Democrats own up to $32.3 million.

    3. It won’t matter. Republicans can break the law, force themselves on young girls, lie, cheat,…whatever, ….and they’ll always avoid consequences. They’re rich, and can afford the craftiest lawyers.

  6. Two days ago will be the last time I use Chevron. That was the only gas my mom , spouse and I used. No more.

    1. @Jonathan Mol WOW! Its time and a half if you did not work 40 hours during the week, but double if you have 40 hours Monday- Friday. That’s really messed up if they are not paying double time for Sunday hours. We also get paid night differentials as well.

    2. I stopped using them and Shell a long time ago and will be thrilled when we never have to rely on any of them anymore!

    1. Good for you. All the clothing made of polyester, spandex, and other synthetics are made from OIL. Thank you !!!

    2. @Jean Griffith And so the company which makes my $30 bicycle shorts is going to go out of business if the government stops subsidizing big oil. I doubt the oil subsidy in those shorts is more than 10 cents.

    3. Not to mention if we had less reliance on petrol plastics, we would be more incentivized to make sustainable plastics. Petrol and byproducts are literally destroying the environment for BILLIONS to put money in the pockets of a few hundred

    1. One of the few she has successfully done. But then the GOP spin. So sad. People think republicans will be getting jailed for this. Don’t hold breath, so would democrats lol.

  7. If subsidies went away, I have a strange feeling that the oil and gas companies wouldn’t just pack their bags and close up shop.
    People need to regain their power. Remove all this big money from politics

  8. JFK wanted to end US gov’t subsidies to petroleum companies almost 60 years ago now; that’s one of the reasons he was taken out.

  9. Make those board members answer for this. The veil of silence is what cause this behavior. That, and the corruption of wealth concentration.

  10. We must stand together & demand from our Representatives change & to build the type of society we want instead of the garbage dump & thievery they gave us.

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