To Tip or Not to Tip That’s the Question | Violence in Schools | TVJ Midday News – Apr 4 2022

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  1. I donโ€™t want nobody to go in my money I work too hard for my money if I get good service and I feel like giving a tip then I will but donโ€™t demand anything of me with my money yโ€™all should focus on giving good service cause sometimes u go to some places and the service is nothing near good and does not warrant a tip so u telling me I come to ur place and even though I was not satisfied with the service u still gonna charge me for a service that u r suppose to give in any case hell no

  2. Places like Island Grill don’t allow their workers to collect tips if offered by a customer. They don’t even allow workers to have pockets. If you allow places like those to include mandatory tipping, the money will only go to the owners of the business. I will never support mandatory tipping.

  3. Well l disagree that it should be mandatory because a gratuity is given upon appreciation of a service that was well done. It should be up to the patron to decide whether they want to give a tip or not. The better the service the more likely that the patron will show their appreciation by offering a tip. Even in other areas of service this is the unspoken norm. It must not be made mandatory though.

  4. Oh plz, they tip heavily in their home country, don’t let them fool you, these “tourist” know exactly what they are doing. They are tipping up to $300 that’s $40,000 JMB on a good night or day and the person serving them is doing bare minimum. Us Jamaicans we always go above and beyond because it is in our nature to be naturally different in everyway. These companies that are not allowing tip is just grabbalicious and only want to be the one profiting when they themselves are doing a crappy job at efficiently running these companies.

  5. I don’t believe in this service charge, I prefer to tip under the table etc a $500 or a $1,000.

  6. I donโ€™t think mandatory tipping is a good idea i was at a so-called high end restaurant in Kingston .the serve attitude was so bad I would not want to tip that kind of person

  7. it’s not a question; pay the employees well, let the tourists tip if they wish.

    Why do employers always want to dictate every bit of employees lives to them…

  8. I work in hospitality. The costumers are guest should not be forced to give tips. Its all up to them.

  9. Knowing us as jamaican employer would take the tips away.
    Knowing us jamaican employee would fight the employer.

  10. I tip for good Service the amount of my tip depends on the type of Service I receive here and when I vacation outside of my home country I make a practice of knowing before I eat there if tip is included in their bill…..f it is I eat else where.

  11. Mandatory service charge is a tax on the customer.
    Customer service in Jamaica is crappy to say the least.

  12. Tips should remain voluntary, in my opinion. But I believe in tipping, especially where customer service is great.

  13. Never knew service charge goes to the cooks and chefs. On topic,I always tip but that must be down to the individual. Let’s not Americanise tipping in Jamaica like that.

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