Tolliver: 'Democrats Teaching A Masterclass In Self-Sabotage' 1

Tolliver: ‘Democrats Teaching A Masterclass In Self-Sabotage’


Democrats on the Hill are divided over how to proceed on Biden's economic agenda leading to some turmoil within the caucus. Progressive political strategist Juanita Tolliver and Tim Miller of The Bulwark join to discuss.

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  1. Self-sabotage? Well they learned that from people like Manchin and Sinema, who are actually Republicans in disguise.

    1. @Barry Guyer So you’ve fallen for the neoliberal and libertarian nonsense of the GOP… The USA would have been a better county without those ideas.

  2. Maybe dark money groups have made a deal with them also. The House is literally where the seditionists are; yet, these democrats choose to throw Nancy Pelosi under the bus. What’s wrong with them?! One thing for sure, McConnell NEVER has to worry about his party turning against him under any circumstance.

    1. _”McConnell NEVER has to worry about his party turning against him under any circumstance”_

      Excuse me? His party LEADER takes every opportunity to mock and demean him, his party ignored his instruction that the aim was to prevent the Democrats passing _anything_ and he didn’t have enough support to order his Senators to return the Impeachment vote he wanted so he had to change his own vote instead. He barely sticks his head above the parapet these day, so little is he regarded by anyone as the now Minority Senate Leader.

  3. Why do progressives need to fall in line? Maybe those moderates need to lose their comfy little lobs.

    1. They didn’t want them “falling in lines” when they were winning Georgia for Biden and the Democrats.

  4. When you start calling Manchin and Sinema’s BS nonsense, I’ll consider you’re characterizing progressives STICKING WITH THE DEAL as nonsense.

  5. Very poor reporting. Neither host nor guests represented why progressives and so called “moderates” are objecting to a deal made by Republicans and right wing Dems.
    Please do proper reporting.

    1. well, that’s Tim Miller.. he’s a former Republican adviser so of course he wants to pull things to the right..

    2. Please remember that this is only a five minute clip. I suspect they presented that information in another segment of the show.

    3. What country are you from and why are you bashing America?
      Why do so-called progressives promote transgender “girls” beating up on *real* girls in sports? The cannibal left is eating its own, obviously.

    4. I think part of the reason is that progressives refused to understand that a lot of our policies and procedures are economically and socially destructive. We saw this during the Obama administration when we had an economic malaise and jobs were disappearing. President Obama is on record of telling union leaders that the jobs will not return. President Obama mocked candidate Trump asking how Trump is going to improve the economic condition in the United States. “What’s he going to do,” Obama’s asked. “wave a magic wand?” What Trump did was to an act our iconic JFK tax plan that supercharge the economy.
      Joe was given an excellent foundation upon which to stand in order to revive our supercharged economy to the levels before COVID-19 ravage the world. Joe appears to be stumbling.
      Joe was given an excellent foundation upon which to stand in order to continue the success in vaccinating the American people for COVID-19. Joe appears to be stumbling.
      We could go on and on about international relations, Afghanistan, and other issues but it’s all too depressing because we are seeing the collapse of a presidential administration very early on.

  6. i never saw a great big fat political advantage handed free and clear to the democrats, that they couldn’t manage to somehow fumble completely away

  7. Well, its like Tim Miller said: It’ll pass.
    And thats probably what these defectors count on because they just want to brand themselves with whatever that is they are doing…

  8. Drama ! And then fast forward to the fall and both bills are signed into law and we are on to another “Dems in disarray” talking point .
    Can’t roll my eyes hard enough at this

  9. With this, Manchin, and the voter suppression laws, the minority Republican party will be beating the spineless Democrats for years to come.

  10. From the moment the infrastructure bill split it was known that progressives would not vote for one unless the other also passed. This is not new. GOP is looking for a small win while keep the bulk of Biden/Progressive agenda suppressed. Bad faith by fake democrats

  11. We can’t mess around, Democrats. The people want this; we gotta deliver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We gotta win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. We in Europe have a quit different view of moderate. This is far right and ignorant. The republicans are laughing their head off

    1. We also in Europe see the progressives as making the deal that was made. To trust the GOP will agree to the main part of the Deal is ridiculous. They call this their bill and are done. The main part of the infrastructure is about climate change meeting the UN standards at least and the ppls infrastructure that the GOP never votes for. You leave the needs of the ppl out we just have GOP agenda with no tax increase on the wealthy. This GOP bill is full of quiet extra tax on the ppl of course not the stinking rich who are sick with money they pay no taxes on.

    2. @T Lee many of these wealthy people have worked their @@@ off to be where they are today. Why are you entitled to thier EARNINGS. The part where you are wrong is that anyone with a W2 is working 4-6 months out of the year for free already especially if you are a high income earner. So if you were to become a high income earner…. Are you willing to give up 65% of your paycheck to taxes like many are already doing???? It’s hard to tax them more than what you are already bleeding them dry of. I think what you mean is taxing corporations…. Maybe be more specific next time.

    3. @T Lee what do you do for a living? When is the last time you gave up 65% of your paycheck? What is so special about you and why do you think you are entitled to others hard work earnings? Why should they take out of their pockets… away from their families, children and perhaps the parent they are supporting to hand to you? Why should they give to you instead of paying their student loans off? Are the same opportunities not available to you? Are you just not taking those opportunities because you’re scared to and instead trying to take away from those that did… the people who took a calculated risk to achieve more to have more for their families? Why are you so special to demand others to empty their pockets so you can have an 80inch flat screen tv?? Trucking companies are offering $20,000 sign on bonuses and high hourly wages… why are you blaming others? Demanding money from others? You my friend are not taking opportunites presented to you…. That is not anyone’s fault but your own. You could be rich from yoo-toob today… you could be in a better financial spot TODAY, but you are not taking the opportunities presented to you….. and that is YOUR FAULT.

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