Tom Barrack Among Growing List Of Trump Associates In Legal Trouble 1

Tom Barrack Among Growing List Of Trump Associates In Legal Trouble


NBC News Investigations correspondent Tom Winter and former US Attorney Joyce Vance break down the “very serious” crimes Tom Barrack is charged with and explain why they believe the former President’s inner orbit is filled with criminals.
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    1. @LF313 Anyways, you’re not as enlightened as you think you are is essentially what I’m saying but your false reality and sense of security prevents you from seeing it. It’s a sad case when a man is blind and doesn’t even know it.

    2. @LF313 You’re not as smart or special or clever as you think you are, the justice department is one of the most corrupt in the world, and those 12 men have some of the most minor charges out there that the courts either drop them for being irrelevant to what they wanted to find or outright just dropped the case before even charging for lack of evidence that they were trying to acquire. I’m sure this is just “magical talk.” Though that you keep saying to validate your false reality. Little buddy, if you’re clever I’m the pope. Sit down now, I think I can hear mommy. It’s your bedtime.

    3. @LF313 You strike me as the kid who never had friends not because you were different but because no one wanted to hang around you and you horrible and senile attitude.

    4. @LF313 Lmfao I’m down the rabbit hole yet here you are. You may as well walk away we will never find a middle ground

  1. At this point maybe it’s time for America to consider which state will be evacuated in order to build a brand new supersize supermax for all of the cohorts of the unnecessary narcissist that are being locked up and will be locked up.

    1. @Doug Ohaver Gerald Ford. Now there’s a name from the past.
      Our only NON elected VEEP & POTUS. He put in his time serving our country as a Representative for years previous to his WH years.
      Seems like everyone liked his wife more than him.
      I have transplanted family in Corpus Christie, took her years to acclimate.
      Oh my…..
      The Republicans sure have had some rocky administrations.

    2. @A C Gilbert don’t forget who replaced him as vice president which was a millionaire many times over by the name of Nelson Rockefeller . The reason everyone liked Betty Ford is because there is a reason that she founded the Betty Ford center. She was quite the life of the party from what I remember as someone who’s been around since Eisenhower and his infamous VP of tricky dicky nixon. He’s probably somewhere celebrating while he keeps saying over and over, I’m not the worst anymore, I’m not the worst anymore

    3. @Doug Ohaver not sure if this is true but it’s a good story…Bush jr, who has been surprisingly critical of Trump said ‘Next to him, I come off not looking so bad’ Traditionally former Presidents try to NOT comment on present administrations….
      Just one more in a looong line of traditions Trump decided to ignore.

    4. @A C Gilbert I’ve heard the same thing but then again I remember railing against my brother over him voting for Bush Jr. To which he replied, I just wanted to get him out of Texas

  2. one of the best movie lines was in Wild at Heart…my uncle was a great detective…he once found an honest man in Whashington.

  3. In my opinion don’t know if I’m more aggravated about the inauguration fraud or that it took 4 plus years to indict. Obviously we need to tweak the system!

    1. Rachel Maddow has confirmed that trump PAID $50 to the ppk who stood in trump tower during his ride down the escalator. trump PAID ppl to Pretend they supported him to run for POTUS. From june 2015 to present has been a CON ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BY trumPUTIN.

    1. Tom another Russian in race see where this going people tell me that Putin isn’t trying to destroy the U S

  4. Justice Restored: and when this is done,give them that new headquarters they earned and deserve ,and look after them as they look after you we the people going back to ///STEALTH mode

  5. By the thumbnail, i thought it was an old bezos who somehow got himself caught in a time hole, during his trip to space.

  6. “I don’t know Tom very well but I’ve been told he’s just a wonderful man, a wonderful man and he’s being treated very, very unfairly. It’s a disgrace and it’s bad for our country. First it was Russia, Russia, Russia,” etc.

    1. Trump will say similar things about his kids, when they are indicted, “ I might be the father, but really, I barely know them “

  7. He’s also under investigation in Italy for tax evasion. Just more of Trumps very fine people.

    1. Careful, as Barrack is the child of Lebanese immigrants, your words could be interpreted as anti-arab sentiment.

  8. How many more of TRUMP’s cronies are going to get arrested & get jailed before the LAW catches up with the HEAD HONCHO? Not much longer I hope…

  9. The Feds are good at what they do, with a 97% conviction rate. With odds like that he’s done,..hahaha

    1. Trump is the greatest man who ever lived. Oh but even though it’s his vaccine, I won’t take it. Because I think for myself like all Trump loving individuals. You look at the democrats. They all take the vaccine because their cult leaders in the media and politics all tell them too. Sickos, freaks. Walking around with masks in and calling Trump people cultists. Hahahaha thats rich.

    2. @Crimdor You bombed the verbal part of the SATs eh?

      : documents (such as financial records) from which a person’s actions may be traced or opinions learned

  10. Maybe Trump was right about calling Barack a fraud. But we didn’t know he was actually talking about this Barrack.

  11. This guys is already very rich so I’m guessing money wasn’t the hook here. Be interesting to see how this plays out.

    1. Do you know anything! It doesn’t matter how much money a rich person’s has, they always want more!

  12. I love all the dislikes. “I’m a trumper and I will dislike this! That’ll show em.” This guy also looks like Epstein’s dad.

    1. No kid, not whatever. I saw the 4am spikes for Biden. Batch drops and it’s 200k votes for Biden and Trump loses 20k votes? Soon it’s time to pay the check. Media brainwashed freaks.

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