Tom Barrack, Trump's Inaugural Chair, Charged With Acting As Agent Of UAE 1

Tom Barrack, Trump’s Inaugural Chair, Charged With Acting As Agent Of UAE


Tom Barrack, who chaired former President Donald Trump’s 2017 inaugural committee, was arrested Tuesday on charges that he unlawfully influenced the foreign policy positions of the campaign and administration to advance the interests of the UAE, the Department of Justice said.

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Tom Barrack, Trump's Inaugural Chair, Charged With Acting As Agent Of UAE


  1. Correction, he was arrested for acting as an unregistered foreign agent under FARA. Likewise, Giuliani can also be indicted under FARA.

    1. I love the sound of dominoes falling in the afternoon…or are those the sounds of handcuffs closing? It’s hard to tell anymore.

  2. FBI – ‘Tommy, we can make all this go away … just tell us where the $75,000,000 from the Inaugural Fund went.’ You really have to ask ‘What was Trump’s take?’ There is no way Trump would not smell the money.

    1. Tr**p yelled at Chris Christie ” that’s all my effin money”. I remember the orange A hole wanted all that cash back in 2016.

  3. This man made 1.5 billion from the Emirates and the Saudi government’s in the trump years. Greed and grift trump America in these people’s book .

  4. 😂 my heart goes out to history professors who have to explain to their students how all of this was allowed to happen 🧐

  5. Another one with an encrypted phone ? Hmm, so who runs/ran a company specialising in Green Zone phone technology and was pardoned by you know who ? Oh & wasn’t there some connection with Jared, this guy, 666 Fifth Avenue, Qatar and Saudi Arabia ? So much went on over the last five years, my brain is on overload.

  6. Stop giving these white collar grifters slaps on the wrist. Give them real prison time. Not fed med time

  7. Don Jr. must be shaking in his boots! He had a lot of interaction with the Emiraties as well! Dumb chickens coming home to roost! LOL!


    2. @Desiree RL hundreds of Trump’s circle is locked up, from his committee, lawyers, to his supporters that rioted the capital

    1. @MAGAtards are fake patriots Apparently a President can only pardon federal offenses, and they couldn’t interfere with the NY indictments. They fought long and only got Trumps tax returns early this year which is probably why they only filed this year.

  8. Please! Have Katie Hobbs On!
    I’m wondering! What has happened to all
    “THE BIG LIE” Reporting?
    Remember Everyone!
    1. Biden won the Cleanest most Secure Election in Presidential History!
    2. Biden got the most Votes in Presidential Election History!
    3. Biden is The Most Popular President Of All Time!

  9. Was there anyone on Trump’s campaign that WASN’T getting money from a foreign country to influence the former president? Manafort, Flynn, Barrack (and you know Trump’s kids were too).

  10. It feels like I am living in one of those scripted TV “reality shows”. Where tens of millions of Americans are told to believe the BIG LIE, without a shred of evidence to back it up….and they do.

  11. Wow, how many more for foreign agents homie enlisted in his crew!! Trump worked for UAE, Ukraine, North Korea, and of course mother Russia…….homie spat at Americans!!

  12. He hires the BEST criminals that YOUR money can buy! Remember to keep sending him your money, he really needs it now.

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