1. I blame country music. The high twang of the guitar sets off anxiety. The meaningless lyrics triggers a sense of helplessness and conformity. The feeling of needing to do something without having the purpose to do anything leads to alcoholism and depravity.

    1. Not necessarily. He should have listened to classic country’s Johnny Paycheck’s: “Take This Job and Shove It”.

    1. @Nerz his actions are dumb ( example getting drunk and tossing the trophy boat to boat…says its ok to party till your stupid)

    2. @Dale Hartley 💀 unbelievable your reason as to why hes a bad role model is because he got drunk one time after achieving something excellent with his team

    3. @Gabe G you said:Gabe G replied: “Dale Hartley …I feel sorry and your family especially the one you took in for foster money.”: Yeah cept bud. again I backed up my opinion with facts, and YOUR actions… You have nothing except responding with a mirror comment. Do you also want to include “i’m made of rubber and you are made of glue, what you say bounces off and sticks to you. nah nah nah” LOL bud, grow up

  2. It was always going to be either the league dragging him off the field at 55 kicking and screaming because he wants to still play or everyone walking away.

  3. This is something beyond football guys, something that’s been going on for years now and now it’s just at a break point. In my opinion they both are wealthy they both have careers the kids are at an age that mom and dad are not going to be a focus part in there lives. Yall both follow yall passion and do what yall gon do.

  4. I would surmise that had he actually retired when he said he was going to, things would have been fine. But he got selfish and expected her to keep on stifling her own needs. If that’s how this shook out then I can’t blame her.

    1. @Chrissie Xmas only falls on a Sunday 1 out of every 7 years and half of the games are played at Home. So Benjamin and Viv might’ve miss a couple Xmas if Giselle didn’t take the kids to Dad’s games.

    2. Goes both ways tho bro. I mean she was a supermodel she gave 13 years of her life to be with kids. I mean what is there left to achieve? Never ask someone give up their passion but at the sametime everyone makes concessions.

    3. @0Shane13
      That is pure BS.
      She has let him do his thing for many years and he even promised her that he would retire now and then walked back on it.
      He is just a selfish and self centered guy that cares much more about himself than his family.
      Just expecting his wife to sacrifice everything for him all the time.
      Hopefully she will find a new man that really loves her and treat her how she deserves and that selfish idiot breaks his knee and gets his career ended once and for all when it is to late for him to get her back.

    4. @Sun well I hope all that playing and championship rings will have been worth and they comfort. him after she leaves hopefully he find someone that doesn’t care about his brain and future after football which Giselle was and is smh I don’t see how people don’t get that

  5. I bet his dad is part of the issue. I remember his dad announced Tom wasn’t retiring before he came out and said he changed his mind about retirement.

  6. Tom, like many TB fans, I’ve been rooting for you since day one. You have had an incredible career, your well respected and you own nearly every record (if not all). But if your about to lose an incredibly beautiful women over football then you are beyond foolish. Save your marriage and go to the booth (if that’s even an option).

    1. Depends on if he wants to save it. There are other beautiful women. Maybe the one he was with was unbearable and that’s why he chose to be on the field?

  7. So sad. Especially to have it make “world news.” I wish them both the best, but I completely understand women not wanting to continue to stay at home and “play second fiddle” for all their lives. I had to do the same thing. How to find “equality” is beyond me but I hope they can do it.

    1. Sadly way to many of my fellow men are like this.
      Specially in countries where many men are the main/only breadwinner.

  8. When you don’t have to worry about food, shelter, clothing, and money, I guess you need to invent your own problems.

    1. That’s because those things are NOT the MOST important things in life!!! Those things don’t equate to happiness! If they did, you wouldn’t see so many unhappy, famous people!!!

    2. @Joe Banks You need to work on strengthening your argument so you won’t have to resort to deflection tactics 🙄

  9. best quote at the end, which sums it up nicely, “you can never have enough.”
    a beautiful couple, both super famous, both super rich, three wonderful children … and yet, it is still not enough.
    I don’t feel so bad about my divorce.

  10. I’m hurt to hear this. To me Tom Brady and Gisele were such a happy couple. I thought they were gonna live a happy long life together.

  11. This was a surprise for me. I wasn’t expecting it. I guess you never know. Hope it’s a peaceful divorce. Bless their family. Wishing them only well. 💌💌

    1. With this much money involved and with lawyers desperate to get a good slice of the money, I doubt this will be peaceful.

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