1. @Stan Wilson lmao boy please… what woman you see that don’t talk much lmao most of us do talk alot and most are bytches. I can talk alot and get bitchy when annoyed or mad lol its not blacks only… all races … difference is most white know not be diva in public lol we got a reputation to hold lol but quit throwing color in it. Problem with america liberals today.. always putting color in things or race in things.

    2. @c homme You went from Biden is a liberal to a Marxist, which only makes your ideology pool knowledge even less credible. Stop it dude, move on.

    3. @Kikeordaz Martinez right marxists are what the liberals really are; see you don’t even know what I’m talking about so you need to give it up….. it’s ok because critical race theory ALONE is going to change many voters minds next year.. sleepy Joe and his q cards and sniffing hair persona are going down

    1. @Mason Dill : Sure, kid. My wife’s still cleaning the jizz off of my iPad screen 🤷‍♂️😆

    2. @Justin Mashburn Hi Justin. I’m sorry but you are wrong on both assumptions. I did not believe Trump would be inaugurated in March and no, I don’t believe he will be back in office in August. Thinking? Glad someone on the Left still remembers the word while believing the crap on MSM and the leftist indoctrination in colleges. Thankfully I graduated in Law before the Marxists got their grips fully on higher education, although I had to frequent a bar named after a crazy woman implicated in political violence and child murder (Winnie Mandela). However, there was a Law professor who didn’t seem to approve of my dissertation on Marxist historical determinism 🙂

    3. Ahhhhh, I Wouldn’t be to sure about that…sorry to say, but it seemed like alot of pandering, to me…If DT Won, he’d probably be up there talking smack about Biden…I just Don’t trust so-called ”ex-Trump” fans…

    1. @Lynn Jacobs Tom Brady is a big President Trump fan. He was just trying to make old Joe Biden feel good for the day before he takes his nappy.. LOL !!!

    2. @Dicky Jones OUR/YOUR Pres. Joe Biden does NOT need Tom Brady to make him feel good! This is coming from a person who was born and raised in New England! I happen to also be a Big fan of Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots!!

    1. @Jerry Beloin Is it that why you call republicans who have a different opinion RINOs and cancel them and even threaten them? Remember that democrats accept opinions from Manchin to AOC without calling anybody DINO.

    2. @Dustin Mitchell Haha, is there still someone not feeling stupid citing Chinese sect „news“ Epoch Times/NTD?

    1. @Francis Peter the dems did create the KKK! They also created antifa, the organization that uses facist techniques to fight facism. BLM which praises drug dealers, rapists, muggers, people who hold women at gun point. The Dems were and still are pro slavery, pro taking my hard earned money to spend on marriage of mentally ill people. Funding militaries for other countries and so on.

    2. @Admiral General Aladeen I didn’t lie, I was talking about science. Things like foucis inbox, masks, climate change. Stuff like that. Gone within two minutes, love it when my first amendment rights are infringed. Thank You YouTube!

    3. Is it true that the majority of the people that comment on CNN on YouTube 80% are either from China Russia Canada and some parts of Europe because in the US they are the least watched New Station but they have a huge following on YouTube. Please no name-calling, I’m just asking.

  1. Biden and Brady, bringing a little CLASS back to the WhiteHouse, cracking jokes about what’s his name.

    1. @Mauricio Morro you’re right he is the president unfortunately….. it’s ok bc critical race theory ALONE is going to change many voters’ minds next year. Sleepy Joe and his Q cards are going down

  2. Trump’s gonna say he’s a loser, he never knew him, and he’ll never make the Hall of Fame!

    1. And Vince McMahon should have took Mick Foley’s advice removing Donald Chump from WWE’s Hall of Fame after 1/6. But, Vinnie Mac wouldn’t since his family is also sucking up to Chump.

    1. @fromchomleystreet Of all the things he could say.. he went with telling him he’s illegitimate and sleepy Joe.. spin it all you want.. I didn’t hear the praise.

  3. Trump is probably fuming mad swearing at the tv throwing his KFC across the room! Lmfao 😂🤣😂

    1. @ianb415 You’re right. Trump LOVES people making fun of him. It’s like his favourite thing.

    2. @Hello Goodbye You are either playing dumb, or impossibly confused, if you think Biden is the one being made fun of here.

    3. @Jerry Smith come on dude. You’re not actually this stupid. You know exactly who he was stomping on.

    1. @Bob Smith Who was he calling that? Himself forgetting it was 4th down! And who is known for using those words…the people who refuse to acknowledge the possibility of losing! He WAS a supporter…. but he declined to visit the white house in 2017… Look up his interview with Howard stern on the subject

    2. @Bob Smith The whole thing is a joke about Trump, from Sleepy Tom to the end lol. This joke is for only those can read.

    3. Even though making fun at someone else’s expense is not a nice thing to do, Donald Trump is the exception and so now he sees how it feels when the shoe is on the other foot.

    4. @Lion Heart #45 deserves the laughter at his expense for all that he put this country through for four years.

  4. It would be funny to see Trump destroy all of Tom Brady memorabilia. Brady be like, whatever. Regardless it’s good to see championship teams going back to the WH again.

    1. @Leo Peridot Actually one cop committed suicide the other died of a heart attack, the audacity you liberals have to mention January 6th what about the 2 billion dollars of damage this summer because of BLM and the actual cops that were killed and beaten to death. But I understand you’re indoctrinated since you were little just like Hitler indoctrinated his youth.

    2. @Jamtommy Sir, the world is not as black and white as you believe. Just because I am not a liberal does not mean I am a RINO. I know this is hard for you to understand but there are liberal minded Republicans as well as conservative minded Democrats. Try broadening your learning by stop getting your information from single-minded sources.

  5. Trump: “I could shoot somebody and get away with it.”
    Brady: “No, dummy, you couldn’t. But I could. At least in Tampa.”

    1. The difference here is that tRUMP is very capable of doing just that whereas Brady isn’t!!!!!

    2. Although Brady may not find “I could ridicule Trump and get away with it” correct. Insulting their anointed dear leader is blasphemy for the ever-trumper Florida men.

    1. Trump STILL living large and rent free😜.
      Maricopa is out there, come on down and me reality.

    2. @TOM Pastian have I written something about COVID or vaccine? I speak about decency and respect. Something 45 doesn’t know nothing about!

    3. @Jamtommy There you see how sick Americans were of Donnie. BTW, do you really believe a guy who had an average approval rate of 39% even in the conservative polls could get 10 million more votes than in his previous election?

    4. @Jamtommy For once I agree, but that’s what must hurt Trump most: many of the 81 millions didn’t vote for Biden but against Trump.

    5. @TOM Pastian Who told you that vaccinated can’t be infected and even infectious? They can but they get less sick and are infectious for less time. And do you know what it means when they say 90-92% protection? It means that 8-10 out of 100 vaccinated are not protected. This means 800‘000 to 1 million out of 10 million vaccinated. 3-5% of the infected need hospitalization, 1-2% die. That’s still a lot of people but much better than if also the 9 millions weren’t protected. Btw, we didn’t speak about the new mutations, were the protection drops to 65%. This whole thing is still far from being finished.

  6. I’m a Dolphins fan and everything so I automatically hate Tom Brady but those jokes were funny.

    1. @Борислав Димитров And when you hear, “Sanitation system” you say, “What’s that?”

    2. Jealousy, hate and vengeance is no a good for Trump, yes it is the perfect look for him.

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