Tom Mulcair on why the Liberals would want an election

Tom Mulcair on why the Liberals would want an election 1


Political commentator Tom Mulcair weighs in on why PM Trudeau would be willing to chance a federal election being called after a vote on the creation of a Conservative-proposed committee.
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43 Comments on "Tom Mulcair on why the Liberals would want an election"

  1. He’ll try and extend his reign of stupidity two extra years with this move. Mark my words lol.

  2. Government corruption will never stop until politicians start getting arrested.

  3. Politics is certainly not any longer governing for the benefit of the country!
    We are now officially a banana republic!! A government calling an election in order to hide its multiple cases of corruption!!! No other way to explain it!

  4. Yeah no, JS got it wrong…guy is a wealthy clown.

  5. justsayupyours | October 21, 2020 at 2:17 PM | Reply

    The truth is all documents presented to both the ethics and finance committees were given liberal bureaucrat redacted documents instead of by the rightly tasked law clerk. The liberals filibustered that vote to stop the law clerk from doing their job. The liberals are willing to go to an election so no one can see what’s really in the WE charity documents so it’s obviously very damaging.

  6. does anyone remember when it was that being a politician became about just grabbing as much money as you can versus actually serving the public?

  7. Horrible reporting.

  8. Everyone wanted trudeau to be voted out why the change in thinking 🙄

  9. Liberals will turn everything into a confidence vote from here on in depending on how the NDP votes. They will govern like they have a majority as a result of today.

    • Flavius Belisarius | October 21, 2020 at 3:36 PM | Reply

      Once the “second wave ” is over we should vote Trudeau out

    • @Flavius Belisarius there is no 2nd wave. They are making things up. They will quickly bring on a 3rd wave to really crunch down. Get rid of Trudeau.

    • @Flavius Belisarius The 2nd wave is still the 1st wave! Who are you kidding? So open up for the 3 wave, 4th, 5th………
      In BC we had it on the ropes; but we opened up too soon!

    • @Wayne Polk hey sir there was more deaths from the influenza virus than covid.. also why would Trudeau let planes fly in and out way after the fact of this virus being so dangerous? The liberals ARE the virus. Alberta is dying and when a.b dies, so does canada

  10. You know… When is enough ENOUGH ? Trudeau is clearly front and center in multiple scandals to which he has NEVER answered to, Heck he NEVER answers any question properly, it’s just continuous BS.

  11. NDP is the heavy price Canada will pay ! Tom get your facts . A party keep changing every week!

  12. When Trudeau said “the budget will balance itself”, he meant his family’s.

  13. Trudeau thinks his government is as family business family and friends get everything they need and more first

  14. When and if there is an election Trudeau will not be there he will quit being the Prime Minister and leader of the liberal party if he doesn’t his party is going to lose bad

  15. When can we start jailing politicians?

  16. So, for the NDP, is it not at ALL about investigating WE? It’s only about political positioning. Got it.

  17. Covid does not concern me as much as the liberal government. To the polls!

  18. Scott Davidson | October 21, 2020 at 3:16 PM | Reply

    If we can go to the grocery store we can go to the voting booth, I want an election

  19. Cynthia Murphy | October 21, 2020 at 3:27 PM | Reply

    I want mr. Trudeau to admit he was complicit in the WE scandal and step down now !

  20. I’m from the West, bring on an election, we are sick of Trudeau’s crap.

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